It is said that gout is not fatal, but this time you may be wrong!

In modern times when gout and high uric acid are more and more frequent, many people still have a one-sided understanding of gout. They simply think that the disease is not serious, so they are not active in treatment. Although high uric acid and gout, which are gradually becoming the fourth highest, are chronic diseases, they are also very harmful to the body. Continuous treatment is necessary to stabilize uric acid within the normal range to avoid complications. Gout is potentially fatal, and the main reasons are as follows: 1. Kidney damage and death: Gout causes kidney disease, renal function is damaged, and eventually develops into renal failure and uremia; this situation accounts for about the cause of death from gout. About 20%-30% of A very small number of patients with gout have a significant increase in blood uric acid during an acute attack of gout, and acute renal failure can occur in a short period of time and cause death. 2. Fatal skin infection: The tophi of the skin is ruptured without prompt treatment and care is not taken to clean and hygienic. As a result, it causes serious bacterial infection, which spreads to the blood and causes bacteremia and sepsis to death. This situation is very rare. 3. Death from urinary tract infection: gouty kidney stones, hydronephrosis, bladder stones, etc. are likely to cause intractable urinary tract infections, especially pyelonephritis; sometimes if not treated thoroughly in time, it can cause pus kidney or necrotizing papillitis, sepsis And lethal. 4. Death due to complications: some diseases complicated by gout, such as hypertension, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular accident, myocardial infarction, heart failure, fatal arrhythmia, and some acute and chronic complications caused by diabetes, etc., these concurrent diseases It is an important cause of death of gout patients, and it accounts for a certain proportion of deaths. In older gout patients (especially those over 55), the main cause of death is cardiovascular disease, not kidney disease.

How long can the elderly with bedsores live? What to do if the old man has bedsores

Bed sores are a kind of chronic wound that can be recovered. Bed sores in the elderly do not mean death. As long as they actively respond to and improve the situation, the wound environment can gradually improve and return to normal. The possibility of direct death from bedsores is relatively low. Illness leads to excessive consumption of the body, which worsens the situation and leads to critical illness. “The old people get bedsores not long after they die.” This is actually a misconception. Bedsores are also wounds in nature, because the continuous stress condition has a relatively long recovery period, but the overall recovery rate is relatively high. External use of Shangdi bedsore cream to care for the wound to control the wound, continuous care to promote the stable recovery of wound muscle growth, so as to completely get rid of the pain of bedsore. Bed sores are not directly fatal, and only if the complications caused by bedsores are serious can cause death. Bed sores are delayed for a long time or treated improperly. They can deeply involve the periosteum or bone, and are accompanied by various complications, such as wound infection, osteomyelitis, sepsis, hypoproteinemia, etc., which can damage the patient’s body and mind. In severe cases, it can cause death. As long as they are actively and correctly handled, these complications can be completely avoided. The recovery rate of bedsores is higher. Bed sore is essentially a chronic wound. As long as the pressure problem and wound are handled properly, the overall success rate is relatively high. First of all, family members should regularly turn over and take care of the patient; secondly, the treatment of wounds should also be correct and properly, including three key points: debridement and rot, antibacterial disinfection, and skin growth. Bed sore air mattress, gradually repair the wound. In the daily care of bedsores, we should also pay attention to the following tasks to help the wound recover: 1. First of all, we must prevent secondary pressure on the wound surface. For the care of patients with bedsores, measures to prevent pressure and reduce pressure must be taken. Turn over and change positions every 1-3 hours, keeping the wound position empty. 2. Bedsore wounds are easy to deepen and rot. Powders and sprays are wrong care methods, which can form black scabs. You can clean the ulcer surface first, apply the bedsore cream and then gauze bandage treatment, change twice a day Promote skin growth. 3. Keep the living environment clean and sanitary. Keep the skin clean and the bedclothes should also be kept clean to avoid re-infection of the wound. The care of bedsores cannot be solved in one day. Maintaining good physical condition and nutritional support will help to recover faster; bedsore wounds cannot heal on their own, and should be treated early and scientifically and effectively treated. It will be difficult if the wounds expand and deepen. As long as the method is correct, you can gradually recover and get better. I hope everyone can get rid of the troubles caused by bedsores as soon as possible.

Preliminary research suggests that the new coronavirus may be chimeric with the MERS virus

On June 8, a well-known scientific research website published a message. The research team of the international centers in the United States, Japan, Canada, etc. did a study and found that the new coronavirus that was circulating this time was likely to be the same as the MERS virus that was circulating ten years ago. Mosaic occurred. That is to say, the two viruses may be hybridized together, so it has both the pathogenicity and infectivity of the two viruses. In fact, the pathogenicity and lethality of the new coronavirus is not strong, and the mortality rate caused by it is not high, but its infectivity is very strong, and it is easy to cause rapid transmission in the population, but the MERS virus occurs in the Middle East. The coronavirus is very lethal, and half of the infected people die, but its infectivity is not strong. The lethality and infectivity of viral infections are opposite. But if these two viruses are chimeric together, part of them have the characteristics of new coronavirus and part of them have the characteristics of MERS virus, which will lead to strong infectivity and lethality. So this is why the epidemic of the new coronavirus has caused infections of 6-7 million people, and hundreds of thousands of people have died from the new coronavirus. From the perspective of this research, it can explain why the virus has such results, but this research is very preliminary and needs further confirmation.