The best time to treat acne

The best time to treat acne The incidence of acne among young people is relatively high, and there is a relatively fixed incidence. Therefore, the treatment of acne is also a long-term thing. Generally speaking, the sooner the treatment, the better the control. Some people don’t care. They think it’s just an adolescent disease. If you don’t treat it, let it develop, and don’t pay attention to care, it may develop from acne and inflammatory papules. A series of serious rashes such as nodules, cysts, etc. The most serious is the uneven scars left. By this time, it is more headache. There is a slogan saying: As long as you are young, don’t get acne But the real situation is often: when we welcome youth, we also have acne. When we say goodbye to acne, there is not much left in youth. Which one do you prefer? Here, I solemnly inform all teenagers and their parents: If you have acne, you must treat it in time, don’t let it develop, and don’t pick or squeeze with your hands. This will become more and more serious. Acne increases or is accompanied by local infection. Of course, some inflammation will gradually subside after puberty. However, because there is no timely and effective treatment, there will be more acne marks and acne pits. These youth “traces” are difficult to disappear in a short time, especially Some serious acne will leave acne pits and will not repair itself, just like orange peel or the surface of the moon. Therefore, parents and teenagers still have to deal with acne correctly, and it is a good idea to go to the regular dermatology for timely and effective treatment. Especially in the difficult road of preparing for the mid-term exam and the college entrance exam, which is like “learning from the west”, the children have a heavy learning burden, and the diet and work schedule are not regular. Many children will be in a sub-healthy state, and the troubles of acne are added to it. Having a burden in your heart will also affect the formation of your child’s character. &nbsp.