What are the common Chinese herbal medicines for black hair and black hair?

What are the common Chinese herbal medicines for black hair and black hair? 1. Black sesame seeds: sweet, flat, non-toxic, returned to the liver, kidney, and large intestine. Efficacy: Tonic liver and kidney, nourish the five internal organs. Indications of physical weakness due to liver and kidney deficiencies, dry and dry stools, early hair whitening, premature aging, etc. Modern scientific research, black sesame has the effect of beauty black hair, nourishing hair and other effects. For dry hair, easy to be torn off, split ends, whitening, etc., can be improved by eating black sesame seeds properly. Black sesame contains a lot of nutrients required for hair care, such as oleic acid, folic acid, protein, palmitic acid, vitamin E and calcium. While nourishing the hair, it can also prevent dry skin and moisturize the skin. How to eat: Take black sesame 25 to crush, add appropriate amount of rice to cook porridge, eat it once a day, it has a good effect on the black hair of “less white head”. 2, Polygonum multiflorum: bitter, astringent, lukewarm. When cooked, it tastes sweet. Into the liver and kidney channels. [Efficacy] Tonic liver and kidney, benefit essence and blood, relax bowel, detoxify and cut malaria. The temperature of this substance can nourish the liver and kidney, converge the essence of Qi, can nourish the blood and benefit the liver, solidify the kidney, strengthen the hair, strengthen the bones and muscles. 3. Ligustrum lucidum: Ligustrum lucidum has the function of nourishing the liver and kidney and improving eyesight and hair. Ligustrum lucidum is characterized by its relatively mild medicinal properties and its slow action. It is used for liver and kidney yin deficiency, sperm and blood can not be inherited and must be early white or dark vision. Wufa can be used equally with Eclipta prostrata, Scrophulariaceae, and black sesame. Modern medicine believes that the occurrence of oligocephaly is mostly related to mental factors, malnutrition, endocrine disorders and chronic wasting diseases of the whole body. In modern medicine, lack of protein and malnutrition is one of the causes of premature gray hair; lack of trace elements in the diet such as copper, cobalt and iron can also cause young gray hair. In recent years, scientists have found that the pigment particles of the hair contain a mixture of copper and iron. When the black hair contains more nickel, the hair will turn gray. This shows that trace elements are closely related to hair color. In order to prevent premature appearance of less whiteheads, attention should be paid to the intake of foods containing iron and copper. Foods rich in iron include animal liver, eggs, black fungus, kelp, soybeans, sesame paste, etc. Foods rich in copper include animal liver, kidney, shrimps and crabs, hard fruit, dried apricots and dried beans. Pay attention to the intake of B vitamins. Modern medicine believes that the lack of vitamin B1, B2, B6 is also an important reason for the lack of whiteheads. To this end, the intake of such foods should be increased, such as cereals, beans, dried fruits, animal liver, heart, kidney, milk, eggs and green leafy vegetables. Also pay attention to more foods rich in tyrosine, because the formation of melanin is based on tyrosine. If the lack of tyrosine will also cause less whiteheads. Therefore, you should eat more foods rich in tyrosine, such as chicken, lean beef, lean pork, lean lamb, rabbit, fish and hard fruit food. However, congenital oligocephaly is more related to heredity and is not easy to treat. Author: Fan Song, born in 1970, was born in family medicine, Chinese medicine ancestral Fan fourth generation descendant, to study medicine at an early age with his grandfather, my father grew up learning to follow along with doctors practicing medicine for nearly 20 years. The ancestral famous prescription “Yangyin Huaxian Decoction” is dialectically added and subtracted, specializing in the treatment of interstitial lung fibrosis and difficult diseases, with unique curative effect, and some can be cured clinically. His father was Fan Shuqing (1977-1982), a well-known Chinese medicine expert, who studied in the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Hebei Medical College. & nbsp. Statement: Please indicate the source of the reprinted friends! Recently, I found that some websites or individuals have stolen my articles, and I reserve the right to blame!