How can men with oligospermia assist pregnancy?

In recent years, the number of people with infertility has increased, and people in many places feel that women’s problems are serious in the face of infertility problems. As male infertility has gradually become known to many people, more Infertility families can understand the cause of infertility as soon as possible for treatment. The key to male infertility lies in sperm, and the quality of semen determines the probability of pregnancy. Therefore, once there is a lack of sperm, it is necessary to take corresponding measures. Of treatment. So, how should men with oligospermia assist conception?    In the process of conception, sperm is the key to conception. No matter in quantity, vitality or morphology, there are certain requirements for sperm. If this requirement is not met , Then it may cause infertility.   and oligoasthenospermia means that the density and vitality of sperm are lower than those in the semen of healthy men, so the ability to fertilize is lower if you conceive naturally. At present, the main way to treat this disease is through artificial insemination and IVF. If the quality of sperm is good, you can try artificial insemination to assist pregnancy, but if the condition of low and weak sperm is more serious, only a few sperm with better motility can be found. The second-generation IVF technology can be used to assist pregnancy.