How do you look at the male semen examination report?

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Male friends will suggest that they do a routine semen inspection before preparing to have a baby to ensure the quality of sperm, so as to successfully conceive the baby. And some male friends don’t know how to look after getting the semen examination report or how to judge whether they need treatment. Let’s take a closer look at how to look at the male semen examination report?    First, let’s take a look at the normal semen standard data. Childbirth requires not only quantity but also quality. Sperm is divided into four grades ABCD. Grade A means that the sperm moves straight forward quickly, grade B means that the sperm moves forward slowly, grade C means that the sperm moves in situ, and grade D means that the sperm cannot move. Mild oligospermia: Class A + B sperm is between 30-50 or A sperm is between 10-25.    Moderate oligospermia: A + B sperm is between Between 30-50, A-grade sperm &lt.10. “severe oligospermia: B-grade + C-grade sperm count &lt. 30, A-grade sperm is zero.   Sperm color, quantity, deformity rate, liquefaction time, viscosity and vitality are all related to each other, and abnormality of each index may affect fertility.   To judge whether one is suffering from infertility, from the routine semen examination data, it can be judged according to the following conditions:   1, sperm density. This is a criterion for evaluating sperm count. The sperm density required for normal conception is between 20 million and 200 million per milliliter. If it is lower than this value, it can be diagnosed as oligospermia. The reason for education.  2. Survival rate of sperm. Normal sperm is observed one hour after ejaculation with no less than 70% of motile sperm, less than 60% can be diagnosed as weak sperm, but if the death rate is too high, it is dead sperm syndrome.   3. The shape of sperm. A normal sperm head has a flat oval shape with a long and curved tail, similar to the shape of a tadpole. If it is found under the microscope that the sperm has double-headed, double-tailed, or abnormal head development, which exceeds 30% of the normal sperm, it is called teratospermia.   4. Sperm motility. After entering the uterine cavity, the sperm must swim forward quickly to fertilize the egg before it can be fertilized with the egg. If the sperm motility is low and cannot move forward to combine with the egg, it can also cause male infertility, so it is called weak sperm disease.   Under normal circumstances, it is recommended to listen to the advice of a doctor, because the doctor can accurately determine whether you are suffering from infertility, whether you need to use artificial insemination or IVF treatment.

Can oligoasthenospermia be cured?

Can oligospermia and asthenospermia be cured? It is a relatively common disease that induces male infertility. After the occurrence of this disease, many men are worried that this disease cannot be cured. Can’t be cured, the following will answer you in detail.   Can the disease of less and less essence be cured?    The early treatment of less and less essence has a higher chance of cure.   Fewer and weak sperm, which is a kind of abnormal sperm. Sperm abnormalities make it difficult for fertilized eggs to form and cause infertility. Can oligospermia and asthenospermia be cured? Most patients, with early treatment, the chance of cure is relatively high.   Can it be cured if there is less and weak essence? It has a certain relationship with the patient’s own condition. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key. The most important thing to treat less and weak sperm is to improve the environmental conditions for sperm survival and eliminate various external factors that affect sperm production, production, and maturity. On the basis of the treatment of various primary diseases, or after the primary disease is cured, drugs are needed to increase the number of sperm. It is necessary to nourish the sperm, promote its development, supplement sperm movement, and the energy required to make it mature. Healthy qualified sperm. Recommended by Beijing Huabo Hospital-Strengthening essence activation treatment Strengthening essence activation treatment is based on the principles of histology, embryology, biophysics, histology, cell immunology, and on the basis of removing the cause of the disease, it adopts personalized treatment with integrated Chinese and Western medicine. Evidence from evidence-based medicine proves to achieve satisfactory results. First of all, the strong essence activation treatment is to inject the specially processed Chinese medicine preparations into acupoints. Then use the male reproductive function rehabilitation therapy instrument to treat the points. Then intravenously inject immune preparations and strong essence preparations. Through a set of “combined boxing” type of treatment methods to repair damaged spermatogenesis, reshape the microenvironment, activate self-healing, promote spermatogenesis in the testes and increase sperm motility, so as to achieve the effect of strong spermatogenesis and achieve the treatment of low sperm, The purpose of asthenospermia.