Talking about 30 years old

When it comes to 30 years old, most people who haven’t arrived before will look forward to 30 years old, what a successful career, luxury cars and mansions, beautiful cars and beautiful women, wealth and freedom. . . But often at the age of 30, you suddenly realize that most of those are just dreams, but at this time anxiety quietly descends: romance, marriage, house, car, ticket child. . . There is nothing that should be there, and there may even be a new generation of replacement. I used to talk about standing at 30 and standing at 40, but when you are 30, you suddenly find that you may be eliminated before standing! This is the problem brought about by the development of today’s society. By the age of 30, there are fewer and fewer hair, more and more problems, and less and less sleep. Happy as if it is a distant thing! This is the hardest life of the 30-year-old. What should I do? We can only move forward, use experience to make up for the lack of academic qualifications, use the eyes of wisdom, keenly aware of the changes in the new era, and seize opportunities. Still need to work hard, believe in yourself! Give yourself a 10-year plan, work hard, young man!