Depression = hypocritical, thinking too much? ! We don’t understand too much about depression

I often think, why do people commit suicide? Last year, a girl from a university in Guangzhou lost contact. After the police conducted various investigations, it was finally confirmed that she was killed. In her memo, there is a passage, “If you die in such a good day, you should be born in a bright weather in the next life.” &nbsp. In her words, she revealed severe depression and the tendency to commit suicide, but her family did not know it. &nbsp.17 years ago, his brother Leslie Cheung also chose to leave in this way. According to media reports, the first word in the suicide note left by my brother is “Depression”. In 2012, a netizen named “Zoufan” posted a Weibo, which became a tree hole for countless people with depression: “I have depression, so I just die. There is no important reason. You don’t need to care about me. Leave, goodbye.” Up to now, there have been 1.6 million comments on this Weibo, and it is increasing every day. Among them, many people have expressed the idea of ​​committing suicide. &nbsp. According to data from the World Health Organization, the number of people who die by suicide due to depression is as high as 1 million each year. &nbsp. Depression, is it far from us? &nbsp. Last year’s World Mental Health Day, KantarHealth released the “Global Health Survey”, the report showed that 28.4% of people in the United States were found to have symptoms of depression after self-test. &nbsp. According to the data from The Lancet, the number of depressed people in China has reached 90 million. On average, one in 11 people has a tendency to be depressed. This person may be your colleagues, friends, family, or yourself. Many people may wonder: Okay, why do you suffer from depression? &nbsp. Leslie Cheung was unacceptable when he was first diagnosed. He once said to his sister: “How can I be depressed? I am rich, and so many people love me, and I am so happy. I don’t recognize it (depression).” He even asked when he left: “I haven’t done bad things in my whole life, why did this happen?” In fact, before deep depression, we will more or less have some depressive emotions, such as depression, anxiety and irritability, and our brains are full of negative thoughts. These emotions It is reminding us that we should stop and look at ourselves. &nbsp. Depressive emotions are also known as “heart-inspired colds”. There are many causes, including life stress, genetic inheritance, seasonal changes, brain hormone imbalance and so on. Like a cold and fever, when depression occurs, as long as the right medicine can be prescribed in time, it will not cause much impact. However, our society today advocates positive energy too much, and “mourning” is almost not allowed. Therefore, when depression strikes, we often choose to suppress or escape. If things go on like this, we will fall into a deeper depression vortex and become unable to extricate ourselves. Finally, we will become depression. &nbsp. Psychiatric medicine stipulates that general depression should not exceed two weeks; if it exceeds one month, or even lasts for several months or more than half a year, it can definitely be a pathological depression. &nbsp.Identify the “hidden signs” of depression&nbsp.Do you have these common signs of depression? &nbsp.&nbsp.▷&nbsp.Mutations in sleep and eating habits&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-Insomnia/drowsiness, sleep disturbance is an important precursor of depression&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-Appetite surge/loss, weight loss within a month More than 5% change&nbsp.▷&nbsp. Fatigue, lack of energy&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-I feel my body is hollowed out, and I have no energy to do small things&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-Begin to avoid social interaction and lose interest in things around me &nbsp.▷Emotional, feeling empty and worthless&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-I often feel unhappy, full of negative energy&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.-Slow thinking, feeling like working overtime for three days and three nights, unable to concentrate &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.- Doubt about the meaning of life, even self-harm, suicidal thoughts, American Psychoanalytic Society has a reminder, if you appear: mood is low every day, emptiness, sense of worthlessness, fatigue, slow thinking, you are susceptible to everything around you Lost