Autologous fat addition and subtraction — the magical magic of changing facial contours

The beautification of the face is a systematic project. It is more like a sculpture when shaping the face. The face is a three-dimensional structure, which not only has a relationship between length and width, but also a relationship between depth (protrusion). ↓↓↓★In short, in the use of autologous fat, the flexible use of the ratio of length to width and depth can play a subtraction effect on the facial contour. (⊙o⊙)↓↓↓❉In the aspect ratio of face width, when the face width is constant, increasing the face length can increase the aspect ratio, relatively reducing the face width, and vice versa. (For example, lengthening the chin by fat filling has a face-lift effect, and the hairline moves backwards to make the face thin, and the hair planting is the opposite.) ❉ Increasing the face width when the face is unchanged can reduce the ratio of length to width, and relatively reduce the length of the face. Make the face look shorter. (For example: the filling of the temporal area and cheeks can weaken the shortcomings of the thin and long face.) ❉So how to adjust the ratio of the protrusion width, first of all, let’s look at the characteristics of the face of the Oriental: ☆Face shape is flat and round—-more than the width, the protrusion is not enough ☆ The width ratio of the upper, middle and lower parts is more uncommon. ☆ The facial protrusion (three-dimensional sense) is more than insufficient: ① flat, short and wide nose; chin is short and more common; ② low forehead and eyebrow arch, apple muscle is not flat Xian et al. ↓↓↓❉ For the above characteristics, to increase the sharpness and three-dimensional sense, we can pass: abundance forehead, brow area, nasal forehead triangle area, reconstruction of the laughter (reclining cicada), paranasal area filling (rich surgery), Nose augmentation, lip augmentation, nasal column base (cat surgery), fengrenzhong, chin augmentation (jiaqiao), etc. In the process of beautifying the appearance, we should pay attention to the length, width, and protrusion echoing and coordinating with each other to form a three-dimensional facial contour, because changing any one dimension will affect the other two (proportion changes)-harmony can produce beauty . o(* ̄▽ ̄*)o↓↓↓ The following figure is the case after adjusting the face length, width and protrusion. (^0^)