Which fruits are good for people with acne and which fruits can relieve them

In our daily life, I believe that many people have experienced acne. If there is acne on the face, who can eat what can be effective to relieve it? Do you know what to eat for acne on your face? If you have acne on your face, what should you avoid? Let’s find out with a Chongqing dermatologist. Pears contain a lot of malic acid, citric acid, glucose and a variety of vitamins, as well as trace elements calcium, phosphorus, iron and other important nutrients for the human body. Often eating pears can not only clear away heat and relieve cough, but also relieve intestines. It can also detoxify and remove acne. In summer, people often use pears, add snow fungus, rock sugar and other ingredients to boil rock sugar and Sydney pear syrup. Therefore, eating pears is a good choice for detoxification of acne. Grapes In real life, many people prefer to eat grapes. If you have acne on your face, you may wish to eat grapes at this time, because grapes are rich in citric acid, grape polyphenols, multivitamins and rich minerals. Ingredients, regular consumption of grapes can effectively detoxify and remove acne, keep skin soft and smooth, promote skin cell proliferation, and delay skin aging. Tomatoes Most people know that tomatoes are also called tomatoes. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, carotene and lycopene. After these nutrients enter the body, they can inhibit skin cell tyrosinase activity and reduce skin sebum secretion. , It has a good effect on acne, so you might as well eat yoke tomatoes when you have acne. Many friends of lemons are still a little bit resistant to lemons, because they can’t stand the acid of lemons, but if you eat some lemons for acne-prone people, it will have a good effect. This is because lemons contain a lot of citric acid. Malic acid, a variety of vitamins and a variety of trace elements, vitamin C can maintain the normal physiological functions of skin cells, and citric acid can inhibit the precipitation of melanin in the human body. It is very effective for removing acne. What to eat if you have acne on your face 1. Take 100 grams of rice, 300 grams of fresh cucumber, 2 grams of refined salt, and 10 grams of ginger. Wash the cucumber, peel and cut the heart into thin slices. Rinse the rice, wash the ginger, and crush it. Add about 1000ml of water to the pot, set the fire to a boil, add the rice and ginger, turn to a simmer until the rice is rotten, add cucumber slices, and then cook until the soup thickens, add salt to season. 2. Black fungus and red dates soup Take 30 grams of black fungus and 20 red dates. Wash the black fungus, remove the pits of the red dates, add water and cook for about half an hour. Every morning and after dinner. 3. Fried lotus root slices with tomato 300 grams of fresh lotus root, 100 grams of tomato juice. First slice the lotus root, stir-fry with vegetable oil, then add seasonings, and add tomato juice when it is ripe. 4. Fresh amaranth, fresh winter amaranth, and fresh horse red amaranth each 100 grams. The above three flavors are blanched in boiling water and matured. After removing them, immerse them in cold water for 5-10 minutes. Remove and drain the water, cut into sections, add the seasonings and mix well. 5. 200 grams of jellyfish, two vegetable jellyfish, 15 grams of seaweed, and 50 grams of celery. Wash the jellyfish, shred, and shred the seaweed. Shred the celery and blanch it with boiling water, then immerse it in cold boiling water, remove and control dry, mix well together, and season with seasoning. 6. Mung bean kelp soup 15 grams each of mung beans and kelp, 9 grams of sweet almonds, and a little brown sugar. Wrap 7 grams of roses with gauze, put them in a pot and cook with mung bean kelp, remove the rose wraps, and add brown sugar to eat. One bowl per day is enough for 30 days. 7. Celery and Sydney juice 100 grams of fresh celery, 150 grams of fresh Sydney, one tomato and half a lemon. After washing it, put it in a blender and stir it into a juice. You can take it once a day. Its effects clear away heat and detoxify, moisturize the skin, and improve bowel movements. 8. 60 grams of japonica rice with peach kernel and hawthorn porridge, 9 grams of peach kernel, 9 grams of hawthorn, half of fresh lotus leaf. First, peach kernels, hawthorn and lotus leaves are boiled in the soup. Take one bowl a day for 30 consecutive days. 9. Coix seed seaweed porridge, 30 grams of coix seed, 9 grams each of kelp, seaweed, and sweet almonds. Decoct kelp, seaweed, and sweet almonds with a little cold water. After cooking, remove the residue and extract the juice. Eat it together with the coix seed porridge, once a day, and a course of treatment is three weeks. 10. Celery carrot juice One medium-sized carrot, 150g celery, and one onion. After washing it, put it into a blender and stir it into juice, then take it directly once a day. To clear away heat and detoxify, fight fire If you have acne on your face, what can you not eat? 1. Fatty and thick taste. Chinese medicine believes that acne originates from overeating.

Why do intestinal polyps eat more alkaline food?

 Treatment of intestinal polyps must start with improving one’s own physique, and curing intestinal polyps from the source.   Eat more alkaline foods, improve your own acidic constitution, and at the same time supplement the necessary organic nutrients to restore your own immunity.   1. Strong acidic food: pastry made of white sugar or persimmon, cheese, egg yolk, mullet roe and bonito.   2. Medium-acid foods: ham, bacon, chicken, tuna, pork, eel, beef, bread, wheat, cream, horse meat, etc.   3. Weak acid foods: white rice, groundnuts, beer, wine, fried tofu, seaweed, clams, octopus, loach.   4. Weak alkaline food: radish, tofu, red beans, apples, cabbage, onions, etc.   5. Medium alkaline foods: tomatoes, egg whites, oranges, bananas, dried radishes, strawberries, spinach, dried prunes, lemons, carrots, soybeans and papayas.   6. Strong alkaline food: Chamagu, grapes, tea, kelp buds, kelp, lemon, etc.

Rumors 丨 drinking lemonade can whiten

“One white covers all ugliness”, “dark complexion shows aging”, this is the current mainstream aesthetic consensus in China, and now in summer, the sun’s ultraviolet rays are too strong, most women will be tanned, so whitening becomes not a girl The persistent pursuit of sex friends. Everyone believes that drinking lemonade can be whitened because lemon is rich in vitamin C, and vitamin C has a certain relationship with the inhibition of tyrosinase activity and the influence of melanin synthesis, so lemon is generally considered to have “whitening” skin care “Effect. & nbsp. The picture comes from the Internet. In fact, vitamin C is very important for human health, and it is indeed involved in the synthesis of melanin. However, ignoring the dosage to talk about the whitening effect is a hooligan. How much vitamin C is in the lemonade we drink? Can vitamin C have any effect on skin whitening? It can be seen through the nutritional meal query system: 22mg of vitamin C per 100g of food. Picture source https://www.foodwake.com/ Look at the vitamin C content ranking of common fruits and vegetables, lemons are not even squeezed into the top 20, but they are higher in peppers, cabbage, broccoli, let alone bubbles Vitamin C content after lemonade. Picture source https://www.foodwake.com/ Therefore, people who wish to drink lemonade to whiten might as well eat Chinese cabbage and chew chili. And the oral vitamin C goes through oral → digestion → blood circulation → skin, the consumption of this way, and finally the vitamin C that acts on the skin is little left. & nbsp.Picture Source https://www.foodwake.com/ Vitamin C whitening effect is mainly achieved by external application or injection. Compared to oral administration, topical application of vitamin C has a faster whitening effect and lower systemic risk. However, if you apply vitamin C locally, its absorption will be affected by the cuticle barrier of the skin, and the individual differences in the content of vitamin C in the skin are more obvious, but the vitamin C consumption in the process of oral administration with vitamin C → digestion → blood circulation → skin Compared with local application, the application is undoubtedly more direct, higher utilization rate, faster effect, and injection is more efficient. The picture originated from the Internet. Some people may ask at this time. Can I whiten my face with lemon juice or wash it with lemonade? If you want to use lemonade to wash your face or apply lemon slices directly, all doctors do not recommend you to do so, which is too irritating. If you really want to wash, it is recommended that you do a small skin test to prevent allergies. Also, if the amount of lemon juice is not well grasped, it is easy to cause irritation and damage to the skin. After all, lemon juice is relatively acidic. In addition, avoid using it during the day, because the lemon contains the photosensitive component-furan coumarin. Under the irradiation of ultraviolet light, especially UVA, furan coumarin will absorb light energy, stimulate the production of melanin, and prevent DNA synthesis of protein. Cell death. The rumor that “drinking lemonade will turn black” is precisely the reason. Topical vitamin C also has some side effects. These include yellowing and discoloration of the skin, tingling, dryness, and redness. If irritation persists, start or stop using it at a lower concentration and avoid applying vitamin C around the eyes. So the conclusion is: the whitening effect of lemonade is almost no vitamin C content in lemonade is very small, the whitening effect of vitamin C is mainly for external application and injection. The whitening effect of oral vitamin C in a small amount is very low. Moreover, the vitamin c content of lemons is not high. The vitamin c content in 100g lemons is not as high as that of Chinese cabbage. Let ’s eat more Chinese cabbage. The picture comes from the Internet, invading and deleting skin care without blind obedience, learn scientific skin care with Professor Haiping! END “Knowledge is the best skin care product” Share & nbsp. For those in need I am Professor Liu Haiping want to talk to you about scientific skin care Follow me for more practical skin care cheats Good-looking people have clicked to watch

Still trying to drink lemonade to whiten?

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. # 美白 #lemonade whitening & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. It can be said that lemon has almost no whitening effect. In fact, the content of vitamin C in lemonade is very small. The whitening effect of vitamin C is mainly for external application and injection. The whitening effect of oral vitamin C in a small amount is very low. Moreover, the vitamin c content of lemon is not high. The content of vitamin c in lemon (without skin) is only 53 mg / 100 g, and the content of vitamin c in cabbage is 187 mg / 100 g. It is really not as good as drinking lemonade to whiten Eat Chinese cabbage.