Classical Moments-Dr. Haishu repeats the internal classics-ban 0808

[Original] Lei Gong worshiped again and started to say: Please hear your fate. Nai Zhai stayed for three days and asked: Dare to ask today’s Zhengyang, Xizi is willing to accept the alliance.   The Yellow Emperor entered the room with his arms, cut off his blood, and the Yellow Emperor pro-blessed and said: Today is Zhengyang, the blood is passed on, and those who dare to recite this statement will suffer from it.  Lei Gong worshipped again and said: Xiaozi accept it.   The Yellow Emperor holds his hand on the left, and teaches the book on the right, saying: Shen is careful, I am the son of words. The meridian is the beginning of the principle of thorns, and what it does is know its measurement. Internal thorns (don’t do this) five internal organs, external stabs (don’t do this as another) six fu-organs, examine and guard the qi, are the mother of all diseases, adjust the deficiency and excess, and the deficiency and excess are the only ones. The blood is purged, and the blood is not exhausted. [Translation] Huangdi and Lei Gong entered the room together and held a blood-cutting ceremony. The Huangdi personally blessed and said: Today at noon, we pledged the blood pledge and taught the essentials of the nine needles. If anyone violates today’s oath, he will definitely suffer disaster.  Lei Gong said: Disciple I accept the vow.   Huang Di held Lei Gong’s hand with his left hand, and handed a book to Lei Gong with his right hand, and said: Be cautious and then cautious. I will tell you the truth. In general acupuncture, one must first understand the meridian, figure out its circulation law, understand its length and the amount of blood. During acupuncture, one should know the order of the five internal organs and the functions of the six internal organs. At the same time, it is necessary to examine the condition of qi. Because it is the root cause of all diseases, the disease will stop when the disease is adjusted. The disease lies in the blood collaterals. The bloodletting method is used to exhaust the malignant blood and evil qi, and the disease will be eliminated. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: The application of meridian to treat diseases requires mastering its characteristics, whether the size of the blood is strong or not, and combining the patient’s symptoms, the effect is better. Good morning [玫瑰][玫瑰][玫瑰]