These 4 pains on your body indicate that your blood vessels are blocked! Do 3 things well, keep blood vessels open and healthy

As the old saying goes, “Generally speaking, there is no pain, and pain is not clear.” The same is true for blood vessels. When the blood vessels are unblocked and the blood flow is smooth, the body will not feel pain. When the blood vessels are not unblocked and the blood flow is blocked, pain may occur at the position where the blood vessels are blocked. When these 4 parts of the body are painful, it may be blocked by blood vessels, and you need to go to the hospital immediately. 1. When chest pain is in the chest, it is likely that the blood vessels in the heart are blocked. Especially after fatigue, the pain is obvious. If it is severe, you cannot continue to work. Pain is relieved by stopping and resting for a while, and generally the pain will not last long. Chest pain caused by some heart diseases is most likely to occur during fatigue and sleep. If chest pain is frequent, check it out in time. For those with severe pain, immediately keep the place to rest, call 120 to go to the nearby hospital for treatment immediately, and do not delay the precious rescue time! 2. The blood vessels of the headache brain are basically small blood vessels, and the most easily blocked position of the blood vessels is in the basal ganglia area, which will cause pain in the back of the head. At the same time, if it is accompanied by dizziness, lethargy, lack of concentration, memory loss, etc., and you still cannot get better after adequate rest, you should seek medical examination in time. 3. If leg pain occurs without strenuous labor and frequent leg pain, numbness and pain, it is necessary to consider whether the blood vessels of the lower limbs are blocked. When the blood vessels of the lower limbs are blocked, people will feel that the temperature of the legs and feet is very low when sleeping, and the legs and feet are prone to cramps. In severe cases, there will be pain when walking. At this time, you must go to the hospital for examination. 4. Shoulder pain. Many people don’t know that shoulder pain is also related to blood vessel blockage. Especially in patients with heart disease, some people often feel pain in the left shoulder, which is caused by blood vessel blockage. For the pain caused by the above-mentioned blood vessel blockage, don’t take it hard. The most important thing is to go to the hospital the first time! When blood vessels are blocked, in addition to these 4 places, there will be abnormalities in these 2 parts of the body. 1. Tongue hemiplegia and stiff tongue belong to the language center controlled by the brain. When the blood vessels in the brain are blocked, it affects the language center. At times, symptoms such as the tongue tilted to one side, the root of the tongue hard, and difficulty in uttering words will appear. 2. Numbness and weakness on one side of the fingers When the fingers are inexplicably numb or weakness on one side, pay attention. When the blood vessels in the brain are blocked and the brain tissue is injured, when the ability of brain cells to dominate the fingers decreases, the fingers become stiff and difficult to control. After a person is 30 years old, blood vessels begin to age gradually. When a person reaches 40 years old, due to various bad habits, the blood vessels may have become old and hardened. If you do not start to maintain the blood vessels, it is likely to cause blood vessel blockage. It can cause various vascular diseases, and good details of life can delay the aging speed of blood vessels and even help the blood vessels to restore youth. So doing these 4 things daily can delay vascular aging and help the blood vessels to restore youth. 1. A reasonable diet, a low-salt, low-fat and low-sugar diet like a diet with more oil, salt, and polysaccharides will accelerate the aging and hardening of blood vessels, so daily life During this period, we must develop a good habit of reasonable diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, maintain a balanced nutrition, and eat less greasy and spicy foods to ensure healthy blood vessels. 2. Keep exercising and keep a happy mood. When people are in a bad mood, they will affect the normal circulation of blood and blood, which is not conducive to the health of blood vessels. Often laughter can not only relieve physical and mental stress, but also expand blood vessels and make blood circulation more smooth. A happy mood also helps to stabilize blood pressure, so maintaining a happy mood is also an important factor in maintaining blood vessels. Consistent exercise can control weight and at the same time make people feel happy. 3. Regular physical examinations After 30 years of age, blood vessels begin to become old and clogged. Therefore, it is necessary to develop a good habit of regular physical examinations, and observe your blood lipids, blood sugar, blood pressure, weight and other health indicators in time, and compare these indicators Control within the normal range, discover problems, and treat them in time to reduce the incidence of various diseases and ensure health. (Some of the pictures in the article originate from the network, and the copyright belongs to the original author. I would like to express my gratitude to the author of the picture. If you find any infringement of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Soothing muscles, removing dampness and removing paralysis-Xuan papaya

I do n’t know if you have heard an interesting story written by Xu Shuwei, a famous doctor in the Song Dynasty, in “The Party”: Anhui Guangde Gu Anzhong suddenly went swollen and sore that he could not walk, so he had to go home by boat. On the boat, he put his feet on a bag of packed goods. When he got out of the boat, he found that his legs and feet were swollen and pain was much better. He was surprised, so he asked the boatman what was in the bag? The boatman replied papaya. After Gu Anzhong came home, he bought some papaya slices, put them in bags, and put his feet on it every day. Soon he was cured of leg and foot disease. Does papaya have beauty effects? How can he cure the disease? Indeed, papaya is delicious and nutritious, and has a unique beauty effect, but the “papaya” in the above story is not “papaya”, but “Xuan papaya”. Xuan papaya is also one of the most popular wild fruit trees in China. “Compendium of Materia Medica” records: “Papaya is everywhere, and Xuancheng is the best”, so it is called Xuan papaya. Xuan papaya tastes sour and warm, enters the liver and spleen, has the functions of relaxing muscles and collaterals, dampening the stomach and stomach. It is suitable for rheumatism, pain in the veins and muscles, contusion of the athlete’s feet, swollen and beriberi, vomiting and diarrhea. The main functions of Xuan papaya are as follows: 1. Shibi constriction, soreness and pain in the waist and knee joints. This product tastes sour in the liver, is good at relaxing muscles and vitalizing the body, and can remove dampness and dispel paralysis. It is especially the main medicine for damping muscles and veins. It is also commonly used in the waist. Knee joints are sore and painful. 2, athlete’s foot edema This product is warm and easy to get rid of dampness and muscles. It is a commonly used medicine for athlete’s foot edema. It can treat rheumatism and athlete’s foot pain. 3. Summer wetness, vomiting and diarrhea, turning tendons and cramps. This product warms the spleen into the spleen, which can dampen the stomach and damp. When it is wet, it is scorched, and the diarrhea can be stopped. In addition, Xuan papaya is a very good ingredient for daily conditioning of rheumatic patients, but the taste of Xuan papaya is sour and astringent. How to use Xuan papaya to treat it happily and easily? Xuan papaya porridge material: Xuan papaya 30 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar amount. Method: Select Xuan papaya, put it in a pot, add proper amount of water, soak for 5 to 10 minutes, decoction and juice, increase rice to cook porridge, wait until the porridge is cooked with sugar, and then boil. Xuan papaya honey material: 4 xuan papaya, 1000 g of white sand honey Practice: steamed and peeled xuan papaya into mud, mix with 1000 g of white sand honey, mix well and put it in a porcelain jar for use. Can be boiled at any time. In fact, rheumatism is not terrible, as long as you persist in conditioning, understand the ins and outs, and treat the symptoms and symptoms, it is not so difficult.