Men do 6 things well, and they are still full of energy in middle age!

The quality of sperm is a prerequisite for a good pregnancy, but there are many sperm killers in life. Once you don’t pay attention, you may experience infertility. Men who are over 40 years old and want to improve sperm quality must do the following. 1. Keep in shape. Studies have shown that obese men generally have barriers in sexual performance. Obesity can also lead to excessive temperature in the male groin and affect the growth of sperm. Therefore, middle-aged men can’t ignore body management. They don’t have to be thin, but they must not be too fat. 2. Less sauna High temperature is the most feared enemy of sperm, high temperature steam bath will directly damage sperm and inhibit sperm production. 3. Moderate drinking and heavy drinking can cause the quality of sperm to decrease. According to reports, male livers can only withstand 40g of alcohol per day. 40g of alcohol is approximately equal to 1000ml of beer with a degree of 6, 500ml of red wine with a degree of 12, and 100ml of white wine with a degree of 50. 4. Get rid of cigarettes The harmful substances in tobacco can directly enter the reproductive system through blood circulation, produce toxins, endanger sperm health, and may cause sperm distortion. 5. Not wearing tights and tights will increase the temperature of the environment where the testis is located, which will affect the differentiation of spermatogenic cells. At the same time, tight pants will affect the blood circulation of the scrotum, which may reduce male fertility in the long term. 6. Relaxed mentality If men are under long-term stress, their body will be in a state of emergency. The resulting hormones will affect the hypothalamus, pituitary gland and testicular gonad axis, which may significantly reduce sperm. Therefore, it is particularly important for middle-aged men to adjust their mentality and change their attitude towards life. Two kinds of foods help middle-aged men “sex” 1. Tomato Many people know that lycopene is a nutrient element that is very good for men. Tomatoes are not only rich in vitamin C, but the lycopene in it can also “unblock” the glands and prevent male prostate diseases. 2. Spinach Spinach contains the trace element magnesium, which can convert carbohydrates in muscles into energy, thereby increasing male muscles. For the majority of male friends, the most useful spinach for them is folic acid and iron. These two elements can promote the synthesis of red blood cells, speed up blood circulation, and increase blood oxygen content, which can make office men get rid of the lack of exercise. The coming “failure goods” are called.