What are the precautions in the treatment of leg vitiligo?

   Precautions in the treatment of leg vitiligo? In fact, our legs suffering from vitiligo have a great impact on our lives. Clinically, it has been shown that vitiligo will intensively erupt in summer and autumn, causing great harm to patients. There is also a big reason that the patient does not pay more attention in life, which leads to the deterioration of the condition. So, what matters should be paid attention to in the treatment of leg vitiligo? Let’s see the advice of professional doctors. 1. Know the condition of leg vitiligo. Leg vitiligo often occurs on the toes and knees. Generally, white patches of different sizes appear on the leukoplakia on the legs. The color of the patches is pale white, which is blurred with normal skin. Pain without itching. At the first onset, there are fewer leukoplakia, and with time, the number of leukoplakia increases and erodes toward normal skin.   Second, pay attention to the choice of drugs.    In the early days of vitiligo, we can use some drugs to treat leg vitiligo. Only medication is divided into internal and external medication. Do not use hormones and anti-tumor drugs in the choice of topical drugs. Although these drugs can cure vitiligo temporarily, they cannot cure it completely. Once it recurs, it will aggravate the condition and cause huge damage to the body. Oral medicines are mainly Chinese medicines, which have been used in the treatment of vitiligo in ancient times and have obvious therapeutic effects. The preparation of Chinese medicine must be carried out under the guidance of a doctor, and do not prepare it by yourself.  3. Comprehensive detection of the condition of the legs  The early symptoms of vitiligo in the legs are not very obvious, and patients often cannot find it in time, and only when the disease has spread. Therefore, for the treatment of leg vitiligo, patients need a comprehensive examination of the condition, so as to better choose the treatment method and the condition can be recovered.  Four. Pay attention to professional treatment   After suffering from vitiligo, you must go to a regular hospital for treatment. During treatment, patients should not blindly administer medicines before determining the cause of vitiligo. Improper medication will not only aggravate the condition of vitiligo, make the lesions resistant and drug-resistant, but also affect the therapeutic effect in the future systemic treatment. When you find unusual white spots on your body, don’t panic or fear, and keep your mind at ease. Vitiligo is no longer an incurable disease. As long as patients with vitiligo actively cooperate with doctors, they can be easily cured.   Warm reminder: Vitiligo on the legs is covered by pants, which can reduce the psychological pressure of patients with vitiligo to a certain extent. However, in the development of vitiligo, the better period for treating vitiligo is the early onset of vitiligo. Early vitiligo has a small white spot area, low treatment difficulty and short recovery time. With good living habits, vitiligo can be cured easily.

Do legs look good if they are thin? No, thin, long and straight legs are the standard for Victoria’s Secret legs!

Let me ask everyone a question first, do your legs look good if you lose weight? The standard good-looking legs must be thin, long and straight. So, what types of leg types are generally required to be corrected? What is an X-leg? Simply put, the knees can be brought together, but the legs cannot be brought together. This is the X-shaped leg; what is the 0-shaped leg? O-shaped leg is also called knee varus, which refers to a leg type in which the knee joints on both sides are separated when the inner malleolus are brought together when standing; then, what is an X0-shaped leg? XO-shaped legs refer to: Both legs and knees can be close together, but the calves are separated. This is the XO-shaped leg; what is the cause of these leg shapes? So what causes the bad leg shape? Mainly divided into the following categories: ①&nbsp. Vitamin d deficiency in early childhood; ②&nbsp. Congenital heredity; ③&nbsp. Acquired poor living habits, exercise habits, muscle compensation and changes in normal force; the most common is actually bad People’s living habits include walking, standing, running, cross-legged, kneeling on one leg, and two legs. As the saying goes: Beauty is not beautiful, it all depends on the legs. A pair of straight beautiful legs can not only lengthen the height, but also beautify the body line. Then, is there any way to make the legs straight? Some friends may have said that the correct exercise method can be used to straighten the legs! Yes, this method is valid, but the fact is that it is difficult for adults to change the shape of their legs through exercise in a short period of time. Does that make the legs look ugly? Of course, this problem can be solved perfectly without our “Vision’s Secret Leg Carving Technique”. How do you do it? Look: Victoria’s Secret Leg Sculpture Victoria’s Secret Leg Sculpture is a doctor from Henan Plastic Surgery Hospital. According to the aesthetic standards of Asian women’s legs, it redistributes leg fat through liposuction, corrects poor leg shapes, and achieves maintenance. Densely thin, long and straight legs. When it comes to liposuction, many friends may ask questions. Will it be uneven if liposuction is involved? Please relax, there will be no unevenness. Victoria’s Secret Leg Sculpture uses our hospital’s patented liposuction device-liposuction flat needle for suction, so that the damage of liposuction is reduced. This patented technology also realizes the orthotopic fat transplantation, which makes the operation more Flat and smooth, achieving straight legs. Fat in situ transplantation, a flat and smooth patented device to flatten the fat in the liposuction area, through the fat homogenization technology, the fat is transplanted in situ, so that the residual fat in the liposuction area is evenly spread, avoiding unevenness. Layered body sculpting, firming and high-efficiency Victoria’s Secret Leg Sculpture By processing the deep and shallow fat of the legs at the same time, the treatment of deep fat can make liposuction no longer rebound, and the treatment of superficial fat can promote skin recovery. Shrink to achieve the effect of slimming and firming. Not much, let’s take a look at the group case and feel the effect intuitively: the model Yue’er’s legs are not thick, but they are a bit XO, so they don’t look good. That’s why in life, many people’s legs are not thick, but they still don’t. You can take a look at the reason: we can’t change the direction of the bones, but we can use fat to change the shape of the legs. Through the way of leg fat management, the fat in the legs is sucked and the fat is redistributed to correct the bad leg shape. Let’s take a look at the pre- and post-operative comparison: 10 days after the operation of Victoria’s Secret Leg Sculpture, 10 days after the operation, the legs became straight, and the legs became longer visually. The original flat buttocks also turned up, envy . 15 days after the operation, Yue’er said that before every time I took pictures, I had to avoid my legs, which was too ugly. Now I can take pictures that are thin and straight without beautifying, and I don’t need P pictures at all. 25 days after the operation, from the XO-shaped leg to the straight and thin Victoria’s Secret leg. 25 days after the operation, it has completely recovered. The little fairies enlarge the picture by themselves: how? Do MMs who want long legs also want the same legs? It is recommended to go to the hospital for detailed consultation and face-to-face consultation, or you can directly send a private message to me on the Weibo background.

How to cure leg vitiligo and recover quickly?

Vitiligo is a globally recognized stubborn disease. Due to the inconsistency in the location of the disease, the treatment is mostly classified. In addition, it is not painful or itchy at the initial stage, and it is difficult to find out in time. Some patients have vitiligo on their legs. Although the vitiligo on the legs can be covered by trousers, the easy spreading characteristics of vitiligo does not allow patients to ignore it, and spreading to exposed parts will only cause greater harm to the patient. So, how to cure vitiligo on the legs and recover quickly?    Vitiligo on the legs should be treated in time. In the early stage of vitiligo, because the patient’s own melanocyte damage is not very serious, that is, it loses 10 to 20% of its normal function, so the repair will not take a long time. In addition, the physique of early vitiligo patients is relatively strong, and early treatment will have good results. Therefore, patients must be treated early and promptly.   Vitiligo in the legs must adhere to the correct treatment. It is hoped that the patient can persist during the treatment. This disease will not be effective immediately, so the patient should not give up treatment when it feels that it is not effective. The key to the treatment of vitiligo is to persevere, not to be affected by factors such as work and study and forget to take or apply medicine. Patients must adhere to the correct treatment.   Vitiligo on the legs should be treated effectively. There are many treatment methods for vitiligo, but they all have certain indications, which may not be suitable for every patient. When choosing a treatment method, a patient must consider his or her specific situation and target treatment. Unilateral treatment of vitiligo has slow results, a long course of treatment, and recurrence is prone to occur. Therefore, the patient must listen to the doctor’s advice when choosing the treatment method, and the effective treatment must be targeted.   For patients with leg vitiligo, the most important thing is to prevent skin trauma. Because skin trauma is easy to cause isomorphic reactions, causing the spread of leukoplakia, and the condition aggravated. If a patient with leg vitiligo accidentally suffers a trauma, he should also be treated in time to prevent secondary infection from occurring, which will aggravate leukoplakia on the leg.   Warm reminder: When we find that there are leukoplakia on the legs, we must go to a regular professional hospital for examination in time. After the diagnosis of vitiligo, we should treat it in time to avoid missing the best time for treatment, and achieve early detection and early treatment.

Long legs sucked into comics, no longer thick legs by diss

The beauty seeker said: Because of long-term sedentary exercise, I often eat some foods that are prone to obesity. Over time, she became a fat girl with thick thighs. Not only did the thighs accumulate fat, but the calves were also strong, and tried many ways to lose weight but to no avail, decided to get liposuction. Analysis of preoperative problems: There is a lot of excess fat accumulation in the legs, and the shape of the legs is extremely unsightly; Surgical plan: Liposuction of the legs·3D progressive fat carving&nbsp. Postoperative recovery: 01 The legs are almost thin immediately after the operation A large circle restores the smoothness and softness of the legs, and the thighs on both sides are well-proportioned and beautiful. One month after the 02 operation, I put on a smaller size body pants. From the side view, not only the legs are smoother, The legs are getting straighter and straighter; it has become a habit to wear shorts for 4 months after the 03 operation. With slender, tight jade legs, the walk is a lot lighter, and she becomes slender and beautiful; 04 surgery In the next 10 months, they became thin and straight comic big long legs. Not only the thighs but also the calves were thin and flat, and the whole leg was very coordinated and beautiful. One year after the operation of 05, the whole leg immediately became thinner by 5cm, and the legs of more than 20 years were gone. It looked like he had lost more than 20 kilograms and his personal temperament has also improved.

Understanding the hazards and treatment of vascular malformations from the movie “I am not a medicine god”

“I am not a god of medicine” once attracted attention. The actor Cheng Yong is a drug dealer who sells “imported from India”. His father is bedridden due to hemangioma, and his wife is divorced by domestic violence. The eight-year-old son will soon follow his mother. Immigrated with stepfather. The poverty of life makes Cheng Yong’s life miserable. In the film, we learned that Cheng Yong’s father was bedridden with a hemangioma, so is the hemangioma really so serious?   Hemangioma?   Hemangioma is the most common type of vascular malformations. It is a benign tumor. Originated from remnant embryonic angioblasts. It is more common when babies are born or shortly after birth. Most of them occur in facial skin, subcutaneous tissue and oral mucosa, such as tongue, lips, and limbs at the bottom of mouth. Such as hemangioma occurs in limbs or deep parts, which may cause bed rest It can cause disability or endanger life, so early intervention is needed for hemangioma. If you intervene in a timely manner, you can also embark on a different life path like a little red.  Case analysis  Background introduction: At the age of nine, Xiaofahong suffered from a huge hemangioma of the right lower limb since childhood, resulting in muscle atrophy and deformity of the right knee and right ankle joints and unable to walk.   Condition description: There are blood packs from the calf to the sole of the foot. Parents mistakenly believe that the birthmark is not paid attention to. As the child grows, the small red legs have obviously changed. After spreading to the knee, the leg meridians are obviously raised, the erythema is distributed in purple, the affected leg has obvious pain, and the length of the patient’s leg is different from the normal size of the limb!    Xiaofahong’s legs can be seen from the film, The knee and ankle joints are obviously deformed, and the muscles have also shrunk. The culprit of all this is the “red marks” on the red legs! The real face of the “red marks” in the eyes of parents is—— Vascular malformation is a major malaise hidden inside the child’s body. Having said that, many people are beginning to wonder what kind of disease is a vascular malformation?   Normal and deformed leg blood vessels are contrasted. In layman’s terms, this malformation is abnormal development! Vascular malformation is a disease caused by blood vessels that have not been developed normally. Vascular malformation is a congenital disease. It is the abnormal development of blood vessels in the mother’s body by the fetus, resulting in increased or decreased blood vessels in certain parts. Legs with small redness is a condition of increased blood vessels, which is also the cause of pain in the legs with small redness. After    small redness surgery, after   , we can clearly see from the pictures that the small redness of the legs has become smooth, and the original raised meridians have been improved. Only some blood streaks in the legs need to be improved in the later period. For this reason, the hospital also prescribed Chinese medicine for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis to Xiaofahong. After a period of conditioning, the “red envelopes” on the legs of Xiaofahong have disappeared. The children who went to school in the mother’s basket were finally able to walk on their own. Hemangiomas can grow everywhere in the body, and its harm depends on the growth site, size and tissue composition. If hemangioma grows in functional parts, such as limbs, fingers, toes and joints, it can affect the function of these parts. Therefore, early detection and early intervention are necessary for hemangioma.

Quick and effective method of stovepipe-liposuction stovepipe

&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Quick and effective method of stovepipe-liposuction stovepipe. The structure of productivity has changed, and more and more women have become mental workers. Enjoying a comfortable working environment, but also getting bloated due to lack of exercise. The original slender figure is affected by the thick calf which affects the overall beauty, so many people are troubled by the fat of the calf that they can’t lose. The thick calf is very unsightly for women, so we need to lose it. Flesh on the leg.   Fast and effective method of stovepipe-liposuction stovepipe. Looking at the top, the beauty is still a beauty, but below, the shadow of the aunt gradually appears. Quick and effective method of stovepipe-liposuction to lose weight skinny legs! Leg liposuction to lose weight, in fact, is usually thigh and knee liposuction, the eyes are very small and will not leave scars. Coupled with the time three-dimensional hierarchical liposuction weight loss system to accurately act on the target tissue, selectively separate fat cells, will not cause damage to blood vessels and nerves, and easily solve the problem of fat on the legs.   Leg liposuction to lose weight is divided into thigh and calf areas. Surgical incisions are made in the hidden areas to suck out the excess fat cells under the skin to achieve the effect of effective slimming. The postoperative effect is very obvious. During liposuction, only the excess fat cells under the cortex are extracted, which automatically avoids the neurovascular cell tissue of the human body, so the safety is high and there is no harm.   Warm reminder: To be beautiful, but also to protect your health, you should consult and compare before surgery and choose a formal and authoritative professional medical institution! The key is to choose a professional doctor, seek medical care carefully, avoid risks, and eliminate bad worries.   If you dare to pursue beauty, you can comment or send me a private message if you want to know more about it.

Does not exercise cause cancer? Studies have shown that obesity not only causes cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, but may also cause cancer

Today, in the streets, supermarkets, and shopping malls, we can see potbellied men everywhere. The majority of Chinese men’s body management after marriage is extensive, or even completely unmanaged. People with abdominal obesity have a common hobby-they don’t like sports. Sitting for a long time, these bad habits of “Ge You Lie” also affect the next generation. The disadvantage of not exercising is not just that it causes obesity. The final study showed that inactivity is more harmful to the body than smoking and drinking. In July 2020, a Cambridge University research team published a study in the well-known medical journal The Lancet Global Health: Globally, moderate exercise saves 3.9 million people from premature death each year, and exercise prevents 15% of the Die prematurely. In China, moderate exercise kills more than 1 million people prematurely every year, preventing 18.3% of premature deaths. Among the causes of premature death, drinking accounted for 5.3%, and not exercising accounted for 6.4%. 1. Non-exercise increases cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Long-term non-exercise will naturally reduce calorie consumption. The human body’s demand for cardiac workload will decrease, blood circulation will slow down, heart function will decline, and the inability to metabolize lipids in the arterial wall It is easy to cause deposition and atherosclerosis, which increases the incidence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases such as hypertension, coronary heart disease, and stroke. Long-term exercise can not only reduce weight, but also help to stay away from the three highs. It can also help lower blood pressure for patients with hypertension, and can help control blood sugar for patients with diabetes. 2. Non-exercise reduces lung function. Research shows that some excellent marathon runners have reduced their maximum oxygen uptake by 17% after stopping for only 15 days. The maximum oxygen uptake reflects the level of our heart and lung function. Long-term non-exercise, low lung reserve capacity, small lung capacity, when there is lung infection and other diseases, it is easy to develop hypoxemia and increase the power consumption of breathing. 3. Sitting for a long time increases the risk of cancer. Not exercising will increase the incidence of many types of cancer. The National Cancer Institute found that compared with an adult who exercises the least, an adult who exercises the most has an average cancer risk reduction of 7%. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of myeloma, colon cancer, head and neck cancer, rectal cancer, liver cancer, kidney cancer, gallbladder cancer and breast cancer by one to two percent. 4. Non-exercise will lead to loss of muscle strength. All people who exercise are powerful, while those who do not like exercise feel weaker and lack energy. In 2015, researchers from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark published a study in the Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. They bound a participant’s leg with a leg fixator and held it still for 2 weeks. The test found that the average leg muscles of young people A reduction of 485 grams, an average of 250 grams in the elderly’s leg muscles According to the researcher, this means that the muscle strength of young people is reduced by 1/3, and the decline in muscle strength of their legs is equivalent to 40-50 years of aging. The muscle strength of the elderly is reduced by about 1/4. This situation can also be found in patients with lower limb fractures, who have been in bed for a period of time, and muscle atrophy and muscle strength have decreased. Life lies in exercise. There are too many benefits of exercise. It can reduce weight, stay away from the “three highs” and improve cardiopulmonary function; it can reduce the risk of some cancers; exercise can promote brain function, thinking, learning, and memory; exercise can also promote digestion , Improve sleep, treat depression.

What should I pay attention to when doing leg liposuction?

Everyone knows that the fat in the legs is the most difficult to lose, so many girls choose to perform liposuction on the legs in order to have beautiful legs. What should I pay attention to in the liposuction operation? Let’s take a look at it below. Notes on leg liposuction: 1. Preoperative preparation: choose a regular medical institution, an experienced and qualified doctor. Check your health. Women avoid menstrual periods. 2. Choice of anesthesia method: take local anesthesia to ensure painless and safe operation throughout the procedure. 3. Surgical method: the incision of the thigh is generally selected at the inner back of the thigh and the location of the large trochanter, and the lower leg is generally selected at the inner, middle and outer points of the popliteal fossa. The upper arm incision is generally selected inside or outside the anterior fold and the elbow fossa. Choose a more hidden part of the forearm. Post-operative nursing of leg liposuction: 1. Avoid post-surgical incision site water / surgical site cleaning. 2. To prevent infection, apply antibiotics for 3-5 days to prevent infection. 3. Fasting spicy and irritating food.

How would you score such a leg liposuction?

Yuan Yuan’s thigh liposuction experience record: 1. Record it after waking up from anesthesia on the day of surgery. After waking up from anesthesia, I feel that my legs are tied, the residual effect of anesthesia is still attached, and I don’t feel much pain. When you are fully awake, you can walk slowly along the bed. This can facilitate the discharge of swelling fluid, the more the swelling fluid is discharged, the more favorable it is for later swelling. Since it is forbidden to eat before the operation, some digestible foods (rice porridge, noodles) were added only 4 hours after the operation. Because there are more fluids and fats lost during the operation, a slight movement should be slower to prevent hypoglycemia and dizziness. 2. On the second day after the operation, the second day after the operation, there is a slight insomnia at night. Maybe it is too much during the operation. The first time to change the dressing after the operation, the process is painful and happy. After unpacking the bandage, I saw my legs after sucking. Because the edema was not obvious, I could hardly recognize it when I looked at my too thin legs. The pressure bandage will cause temporary concave and convex indentation on the skin surface. Don’t worry, it will be smooth as the swelling recovers. You can leave the hospital by car after dressing change. 3. Three days and one to two weeks after the operation This is the most painful period. The legs begin to feel pain, the exudate stops within 3-5 days, and the swelling reaches the peak in 4-5 days. The knees, calves, and even ankles are all There may be edema, swelling and pain, the degree varies from person to person, and some people may extend it to 2 weeks. Explain the reasons for the formation of edema here, on the one hand is the retention of swelling fluid, on the other hand is the normal disease physiological process of tissue fluid exudation after liposuction, forcibly blocking or shortening the cycle is not a natural process. For the sake of beauty and patience, there is an end. What you can do during this period are: 1) Make sure to wear body shaping pants for 20 hours a day, wear it during normal activities during the day, and relax and massage your legs during offline hours at night when you rest. 2) Raise the calves as much as possible during the day, and raise the calves when lying down at night. 3) In the evening, warm water can be used to soak the feet, massage the lower limbs, and light exercise to promote the return of tissue fluid. 4) Avoid shopping, runaway, standing for a long time, fitness. 5) You can take some anti-tumor medicines or dietary treatments such as Caomuxi and Hongdouhuimi water. WeChat doctors ask for comfort. 6) 5-7 days after the needle eyes are closed, you can take a bath, and dry your body quickly after taking a bath. Some individual stitches need to be bathed the next day after the stitches are removed after 7 days. 4. 30-60 days after surgery, I will share with you several sets of recovery photos ~ Let’s see how my skinny legs look? How much can you liposuction for such legs?

Why do patients with Parkinson’s disease suffer from joint and muscle pain?

Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients often have severe leg pain symptoms. However, sometimes the doctor hears that the patient has leg pain and rarely thinks that it is caused by PD. Patients with PD often feel pain in the deep calves and can appear before tremor symptoms. This article briefly summarizes the four common leg pains and treatments for PD. One of the common early symptoms of leg pain type PD patients is severe leg pain, which is more severe in the morning and night, and the pain worsens into persistent burning pain over time. This pain will penetrate into All aspects of the patient’s life. Central pain This pain is described as a persistent burning sensation and occasional intense pain, often exacerbated by cold and light touch. The patient could not bear to touch the skin with the bed sheet, or in a cold room, feeling the pain came from the roof. This pain is usually bilateral, but may also appear on the side where other symptoms of Parkinson’s disease begin. For some patients, it will appear on a trembling leg at rest. Leg pain caused by dystonia When it is related to levodopa, it usually occurs at the end of the dose, or it may occur at the peak dose. In most cases, this leg pain is unilateral and directly related to drug intake. When dystonia causes pain, it is more common in the early morning. This leg pain is usually accompanied by toe bending and abnormal posture of the foot. Musculoskeletal pain Musculoskeletal pain occurs due to stiffness, abnormal posture, and lack of activity resulting in leg pain. It may also affect joints, such as the hip or knee. This pain is usually more pronounced on the more affected side. It can be partial, extensive, or sudden. Nerve root pain In this case, the pain is caused by nerve compression in the lumbar area, which can cause weakness, numbness, and tingling, as well as loss of reflex in one nerve from the hip to the foot. It can be acute or chronic, and may be more severe when standing and sitting, and will be relieved when lying down. It is worth noting that some patients experience these symptoms, not because of herniated discs, but because of motor muscle stretching caused by severe musculoskeletal rigidity and abnormal posture. Treatment Bilateral pain in the legs is usually considered to be central pain. If the pain is caused by PD, rasagiline is very suitable for this pain. Other drugs can also be used to treat this pain. Massage therapy is suitable for all types of leg pain-patients also like this treatment, but the cost is more expensive. In addition to central pain, hydrotherapy is also suitable for all types of leg pain. Physical therapy (PT) can relieve dystonia pain, as well as musculoskeletal and nerve root pain. If the pain is caused by dystonia associated with levodopa intake, you need to determine when it occurs-the end of the dose or the peak dose. Usually need to be resolved by adjusting the drug dose. However, if dystonia is the initial symptom of PD, treatment with levodopa can be initiated. If medication adjustment does not work for levodopa-induced dystonia, another treatment option is deep brain stimulation (DBS). Pain not caused by dystonia can also be injected with botulinum and muscular relaxants with central effects. In order to avoid and reduce the pain caused by muscle stiffness, a good treatment option is to perform activities in the form of stretching exercises, such as Tai Chi or yoga. If a patient with PD has leg pain, be sure to consult a doctor.