[Breast training] vs [leg training] Which one is better?

I believe that everyone who likes to exercise desires to have a good physical appearance. In this era of national fitness, many people regard fitness as their second hobby. but! At the end of the training, someone will always give you a fatal blow-brother, you have no trace of training~ Take a step back and think more and more angry, and for a while, the more you think, the more you lose. At this time, it is particularly important to be able to visualize the body quickly, and [chest training] can meet this need. So you work hard and turn your grief and anger into strength. Dumbbell bench press, barbell bench press, dumbbell flying bird, gantry clamp chest… one set is pulled down directly, the muscle pump feels full, and the sexy value of the chest muscles instantly bursts, the man fell silent when he saw it, and the woman wept. So the question is, why do men like to practice chest! ——■&nbsp. Xiaokuihua’s classroom time, as the large muscle group on the front of the upper body, the pectoralis has always been one of the symbols of strength and perfect body. Developed pectoral muscles and having a perfect chest shape is the goal of countless fitness enthusiasts (not). From another point of view, the pectoral muscles are also involved in the force of most movements during exercise, and it is easy to find the sense of force, which can better train the target muscle group of pectoral muscles, and achieve a good performance in a short time. The congestion and even the shaping effect of the body, in terms of muscle gain, is favored by the majority of straight men. The operation is as fierce as a tiger, and the damage is also overwhelming! ——■&nbsp. Incarnate as a young man with a shocked head, only practice without stretching&nbsp. Many people tend to pay too much attention to the exercise of the pectoral muscles. It is a good thing that the pectoral muscles are developed, but many people lack pectoralis major after exercise. And the pulling of the pectoralis minor muscles, even incarnate as a young man with a shocked head, practicing only the pectoralis muscle. The front is strong like a cow, but the shoulder and back muscles are weak and can be broken. To tell the truth, this wave of operation is indeed a meal… ■&nbsp. I only want to practice one side, and I can’t bear to look straight&nbsp. Exercises on one side will not only cause an imbalance of muscle strength, the lack of relaxation is also the circle that many people have after practicing their chest muscles. One of the reasons for the hunchback is that the final posture will become more and more unbearable to look directly at it. It is quite unfriendly to the majority of single men who dream of fitness and marrying Bai Fumei, and may even affect their daily life. At this time someone will ask: Teacher teacher! What do I do if I don’t practice chest muscles? It’s difficult to practice my back, my shoulders are prone to injury, and my arm circumference grows so slowly… Then I practice legs, little boss! The editor estimates that a large group of people will be persuaded at this time…Why are so many people discouraged from training legs? ——■&nbsp. I don’t want to, I don’t want to practice legs&nbsp. There is an old saying in the fitness circle: “Novices practice breasts, great gods practice legs”. Leg training literally seems to have only “legs”, but it includes gluteal muscle training, thigh quadriceps training, hamstring training, adductor training and calf triceps training. During training, muscle groups participate more, consume a lot of energy, require high cardiopulmonary function, have a strong sense of muscle pumping, and have obvious muscle soreness after exercise. After many people exercise their legs, the muscles are relaxed and insufficiently stretched, which can easily cause some muscle pain and damage, and even joint problems. Then maybe someone will say at this time: I have so many injuries, I don’t want to practice. Can you not practice legs? Sao Rui~No~After all, Lu Xun said: “You will regret it sooner or later if you train your chest but not your legs.” The importance of leg training you must know-■&nbsp. Do not train your chest or legs, you will regret it sooner or later. You must know that the buttocks and legs together form the human body’s lower extremity muscular system, maintaining the body upright, walking and exercising In the middle, running, jumping, kicking, squatting, changing direction, explosive speed movements, etc., the coordination of the hips and legs is the key to completing these movements. If the strength of the lower limbs is insufficient and the strength of the hips and legs is weak, not only the muscles are easy to be tense, the exercise state will be greatly reduced, but also the wrong exercise pattern is prone to change, which will cause the correct force line of the muscle to be changed, thereby inducing greater injuries. Speaking of the last, although leg training is actually hard, there are many benefits. 1 When our hips and legs are well-developed, our physical performance will be very good. Strong leg muscles will make the whole person look more well-proportioned, not just the upper body has a great effect, but the lower body is weak. 2 When our gluteal and leg muscles are well developed, the increase in metabolism that the large muscle groups brings to our body can be said to be a great improvement, and the fat burning efficiency is no less than that of Besunyen Slimming Tea. 3 Leg exercises have a more testy-promoting effect on the male group, for muscle growth, fat reduction effect and sexual performance improvement