Rumor: 4 months old baby will not kick the leg is calcium deficiency? Be careful of spinal muscular atrophy, which is harmful

Xinxin’s mother has always felt very strange, the baby is 4 months old, but always seems to be weak. Put the baby on the body, but the baby will not kick, and he didn’t take it seriously at first, thinking it was a calcium deficiency problem. But after the supplement, there is no obvious effect, but it is getting more and more serious, not only does not kick, but also does not turn over. Thinking about it, the uneasy mother took her baby to the hospital. Unexpectedly, this test can scare Xinxin’s mother. The doctor said that the child is suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, and if not treated, it may even threaten life! So what is spinal muscular atrophy? What are the symptoms of the baby, and how to treat and prevent this disease? 1. What is spinal muscular dystrophy? When it comes to what is spinal muscular dystrophy, most parents may not understand it. In fact, it is also known as SMA in clinical practice. It is a rare genetic disease. Generally, one in 50 ordinary people is a carrier. The incidence of neonates is about /6000~1/10000. At present, there are about 30,000 50,000 patients with spinal muscular atrophy in China. Although this disease is rare, its harm is extremely great, even threatening life! 1 The harm of spinal muscular atrophy is an important genetic factor leading to infant death. At the same time, according to the age of onset and the motor function obtained, from heavy to light, it is divided into five types: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 . Although the disease is very harmful, it is easy to be delayed in treatment. Why? 2 Symptoms of spinal muscular dystrophy This has to mention the clinical manifestations of spinal muscular dystrophy, which mainly manifests as muscle atrophy, severely restricted motor function and so on. For example, if your baby suffers from this disease, it may not be possible to complete ordinary turning, kicking, and crawling. If the disease is allowed to continue to develop, it will eventually affect swallowing, breathing, and finally life-threatening! Speaking of which, you may still be in the clouds, there is a cartoon, I don’t know if you have watched it, that is “Zac’s Game Day”, it mainly talks about Zac, a child with spinal muscular dystrophy. The ingenuity helps the little friends to solve the difficulties and finally win the friendship story. Above we understand what is the harm of spinal muscular atrophy and the various manifestations of children, then the question is coming, how to treat these sick children? Why is it going to the dangerous point of life? Second, how to treat spinal muscular dystrophy. In the treatment of spinal muscular dystrophy, unfortunately, there is currently no drug for this disease in China. For children, doctors may pay more attention to nursing , Such as early joint and breath training. If there is no drug for spinal muscular atrophy, can this disease be prevented? The answer is yes. 3. How to prevent spinal muscular dystrophy For how to prevent spinal muscular dystrophy, we can deal with it in two ways: Wen | Yuan crystal1 prenatal examination Because the gene carrying rate of spinal muscular dystrophy is high, so prenatal Genetic testing is an effective way to prevent this disease. 2 Baby’s performance The second kind, we can judge by the baby’s performance. For example, if a baby is 3 or 4 months old, if the foot rests on an adult’s hand, it will not kick. A 1-year-old baby can easily fall over without moving, and one foot can still turn out. As another example, the baby is weak when standing and can only stand by leaning on things. If the baby has the above symptoms, then parents should be vigilant, it may be spinal muscular atrophy, need to be investigated. Fourth, the summary Yuanyuan teacher reminds you: 1 spinal muscular atrophy will threaten the baby’s life, so parents must be alert to this disease. 2 Spinal muscular atrophy can be detected by prenatal genetic testing. 3 If the baby can’t kick the leg and fall easily, then parents should be vigilant, it may be spinal muscular atrophy, need to go to the hospital for timely treatment. Do you know about spinal muscular atrophy? Do you have any other troubles or confusions about parenting, please leave a message in the comment area and we will discuss together. Pictures from the Internet are not easy to write. Thank you for your attention, likes, collections or recommendations to friends. If you have any questions about health and childcare, please leave a message. Author: health management division Yuan crystal (a food goods) has three hospitals in Shanghai for seven years pharmacists, now a senior health management division, writing good nutrition guidance, reduced fat camp healthy parenting science text