Do girls with long legs have hair removal?

It is another question with gender. It seems that in addition to hair, other parts of the hair, women need to deal with it, they must be questioned. As with armpit hair, girls have the right to choose their own hair. Moreover, girls with long legs can also be cool. ↓↓↓MorganMikenas has face value, body shape and… thick leg hair As a “super peach buttocks” female fitness blogger, the face value body is very perfect, she also said about the leg hair, Long hair is the normal growth of the body, do not want to waste time to shave, but should be a real self. And his boyfriend doesn’t mind at all. Long leg hair is indeed a normal thing. Not only leg hair, armpit hair, body hair, etc., but also genetic or hormone effects. In general, there are more males in the people with developed leg hairs, and the leg hairs will grow rapidly during puberty, which is related to androgens in the body. Girls are no exception. Some girls have high male hormones, which can lead to strong body hair. If you want to remove excess hair, it is also possible. Many friends have asked me about hair removal, and here I also deliberately read some documents. Traditional hair removal methods-temporary hair removal mainly uses hair removal, shaving, bleaching, wax removal, chemical hair removal, electrolytic method, pyrolysis method, etc. Shaving: Shaving is an ancient and most used hair removal technique. Shaving does not make the hair thicker or grow faster [1] Advantages: simple, low cost; disadvantages: easy to scratch the skin, residual broken column, resulting in skin infections. Paraffin hair removal: a more classic way of hair removal. The melted paraffin is applied to the surface of hairy skin, and after solidification, it is quickly peeled off in the opposite direction of hair follicle growth. Advantages: It can maintain the skin surface without hair for six weeks [2], and the maintenance time is longer than shaving or chemical bleaching. Disadvantages: The operation process is easy to burn the skin with high temperature; it can also cause folliculitis, skin irritation and keloids [3][4]. Chemical hair removal agent: It is the hair removal cream that is often seen in life. This type of sulfide chemical hair removal agent dissolves the hair shaft to achieve the purpose of hair removal. Commonly used for small areas of hair removal, and needs to be removed weekly. Advantages: To a great extent, the pain of hair removal is reduced, even painless; disadvantages: there may be adverse reactions, irritant contact dermatitis and allergic contact dermatitis. And during use, the hydrogen sulfide released by the sulfide during the reaction will make people feel uncomfortable. In addition, friends should pay special attention when choosing hair removal cream products. Those who claim to be safe, easy to use in any part, and suitable for sensitive skin, should pay more attention, because national regulations clearly stipulate that such products cannot promote efficacy. Optical hair removal-long-lasting hair removal laser hair removal devices based on the “selective photothermal action principle” and “extended selective photothermal action principle” are widely used in clinics, replacing traditional hair removal methods as the main method of hair removal. The principle is to use the melanin in the hair shaft and the sheath as the target chromophore, to selectively absorb the red light and some near infrared wavelengths in the electromagnetic spectrum, and convert this light energy into heat energy, thereby destroying the surrounding hair follicle tissue and achieving removal The purpose of the hair. In layman’s terms, it is aimed at the hair follicles, with the goal of destroying the growing hair follicles so that they cannot regenerate hair. Evidence shows that [5] hair follicle stem cells are located near the bulge of the outer hair root sheath and the attachment point of the piloerection muscle, so that the bulb and bulge of the hair follicle become important target sites for permanent hair follicle destruction. Normal hair follicle laser treatment shows damage to the hair follicle after 3 weeks. Some hair follicle medulla atrophy and thinning are currently common in the clinical laser hair removal system are as follows: long pulse width ruby ​​laser (wavelength 694nm), long pulse width emerald laser (wavelength 755nm), semiconductor laser (wavelength 800nm ​​or 810nm), long pulse width rubidium-doped yttrium aluminum garnet laser (Nd: YAG laser, wavelength 1064nm), strong pulse light (wavelength 400~1200nm), etc. The key is coming, you can take a small book to remember, of course, the collection is more direct. Laser hair removal requires multiple times, depending on the specific number of times, the laser removes hair by destroying the hair follicles, and the hair growth cycle includes the growth phase, the regression phase and the resting phase. According to the extended selective photothermal action theory, only The hair follicles in the growing period are larger and contain a lot of melanin, and the laser only plays a role in this period. There are literature studies, the effective rate of hair removal treatment in the growing phase is 75%, and the hair in the degenerative period is effective