Why do gynecological diseases love the remaining women the most

 The “leftover women” are not living normally and are susceptible to gynecological diseases. You should be careful and perform regular gynecological examinations. Depression during long working hours, depression, long-term absence of gynecological examination, many “leftover women” due to high work pressure, irregular work schedule, emotional nowhere to vent, and many other reasons lead to endocrine disorders, which are more likely to be a “pink killer” such as gynecological diseases, breast disease. aims.   33-year-old Xiaoyu (pseudonym) is a senior executive of a foreign company. Her long-term “flying trapeze” life and narrow communication circle make her have no time for her emotions. Her girlfriends walked into the marriage hall one by one, and she was full of loneliness and frustration in her heart. In the past six months, the body has also frequently shown red lights: breast tenderness, irregular menstruation, and frequent itching of the vagina. Xiaoyu was wondering: she has always cleans herself and herself, why is she entangled in gynecological diseases?    Misconceptions lead to neglect of gynecological examinations. Many “leftover women” mistakenly think that gynecological examination is a matter of married women. Working overtime and staying up late for a long time also makes them have no time to take care of their health. There are few unmarried women who take the initiative to go to the hospital for regular check-ups, and gynecological check-ups are rare. Explanation: “Excessive stress, poor sleep, irregular life, and disturbances in work and rest all lead to endocrine disorders, making them a high-risk group of breast diseases and gynecological diseases. Ignoring physical examination hinders the early detection and treatment of the disease, undoubtedly buried A time bomb.”  ”vaginal atrophy of the vagina” is easy to get sick. Because the “leftover women” lack normal and regular sex life, not only the endocrine is easy to be disordered, but also leads to the atrophy of the vagina, the secretions are reduced, and the resistance The disease ability is reduced, causing inflammation of the urogenital system. Being in a state of sexual depression for a long time, repeated pelvic congestion ~ suppression ~ blood stasis, easily lead to irregular menstruation, breast nodules, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts and other diseases, and even endometrial cancer and ovarian cancer. Some “leftover women” have long been in a state of depression because of emotional support and catharsis, which is also a high-risk factor for breast cancer.  Lifestyle provides disease “base fluid”  A considerable part of the “leftover women” are “three high” women-high education, high income, high age. Most of them have a high quality of life. They love to drink coffee, addicted to peppers, like to drink bars, and even practiced a drink for workplace reasons…the so-called “modern” lifestyle has caused their physique to decline. High-protein diets make hormones in the body It is always at a high level. Eating spicy alcohol keeps the pelvis congested for a long time, which provides nutrient-rich “base fluid” for the occurrence of breast disease and gynecological diseases. “Remaining women” health tips “Normal and regular sex life can normalize hormone levels, which can help relieve dysmenorrhea and reduce the occurrence of gynecological diseases.” It is recommended that if there is no lover, you may wish to take the method of masturbation to release Sexual depression. The blood in the pelvis is cleared, and the symptoms of the gastrointestinal tract and urinary system are naturally resolved. Of course, masturbation must be moderate, to the extent that you do not feel tired and blame afterwards.  Remind that as long as there is sexual contact, even if there are no obvious symptoms, regular gynecological examination and breast self-examination are also required.