Left pulse weakness, right pulse floating string slip, how to treat

The left pulse is weak, and the right pulse floats. When it comes to how to treat a doctor, the main thing is to listen to the questions. Among these four consultations, pulse diagnosis is very important. I have always advocated the determination of the pulse and the prescription of the pulse. This is The key to clinical effectiveness. The modern Chinese medicine circle is very prosperous on the surface, but in practice, very few people can use traditional pulse diagnosis to see a doctor. Therefore, one disease, ten prescriptions of Chinese medicine, but only one or two can hit the target directly. Therefore, the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is not good, so do n’t blame Western medicine colleagues for not approving our traditional Chinese medicine. The road to success of Chinese medicine is very long. Most of them are late. It takes at least 20 years to train a qualified Chinese medicine. There are still several conditions in it: 1. Work hard and learn classics. Second, follow the famous teacher, learn pulse diagnosis, do clinical. 3. Be sensible. For pulse diagnosis, “the heart is in my heart, it is difficult to understand”, this is the feeling of most Chinese medicine. Therefore, to learn pulse diagnosis, you must follow the teacher, at the same time, you must have no distractions, carefully figure out, and understand the pulse of the body’s qi, blood, yin and yang, so as to master the core pathogenesis of each disease. It is difficult to deal with difficult and serious diseases. Let me share a case below for your reference: Xu Mou, from Suzhou, has been fatigued and sleepless for the past six months, and lack of energy. There have been no obvious abnormalities in many Western medical examinations, but it has seriously affected daily life. Diagnosis: fatigue, drowsiness, blurred eyes, history of psoriasis, dry mouth, sticky stools, dark purple tongue, and greasy moss. On the 14th of the last menstrual period, the doctor advised the contraceptive pulse: the pulse left thin and weak, and the right floated thinly. Roughly speaking, it seems that there is insufficient Yang Qi. Most Chinese medicine considers Buzhong Yiqi Decoction, and from the analysis of pulse, the main blood of the left pulse, the left pulse is not strong, and the disease is determined to be liver-yang deficiency, the main pulse of the right pulse, the right pulse The number of floats is thin, considering the air float on the top. From the perspective of the tongue, it is accompanied by stagnation of dampness, heat and blood stasis, so the disease is located in Juyin and it is flavored with Wumei pills. In the future, our country ’s development strategy will focus on Chinese medicine to serve the people and the world. This requires young Chinese medicine to seize opportunities and make good use of Chinese medicine. The core of using traditional Chinese medicine to see a doctor is to work hard on pulse diagnosis. After ten years of hard work, Xinglin Tangjingxiang.