Comprehensive minimally invasive interventional treatment of lung cancer

Comprehensive interventional treatment of lung cancer. This is a patient with lung cancer who was seen in the outpatient clinic three months ago, male, 74 years old, smoking history for 50 years, outpatient CT found “left lung occupying space, consider malignant”, the size is about 7-8 cm. The family’s opinion is that because the elderly are older, surgical treatment is not considered, and they hope that minimally invasive interventional treatment will prolong the patient’s survival and improve the quality of life of the patient. After admission, a needle biopsy was performed first. Because the lesion was blocked by the scapula, ribs, etc., the tumor tissue could not be obtained from the routine supine position. Therefore, the puncture in a special position was performed, and the tissue was successfully obtained, and the pathological result was “(left lung) adenocarcinoma”. The next step is treatment. First, conventional “interventional chemotherapy”, which is bronchial arterial chemotherapy perfusion, was performed. The advantage is that a relatively small amount of chemotherapeutic drugs are directly infused into the tumor. The effect is good, and there are no side effects such as severe vomiting and leukopenia. He was discharged three days after surgery. The patient accepts this not uncomfortable treatment. Re-examination 21 days later, the tumor progression was successfully controlled. According to the chemotherapy course, interventional chemotherapy perfusion was performed again. Family members expressed their willingness to cooperate with other treatment methods. Therefore, the tumor radiofrequency ablation treatment was performed, and when the re-examination was performed again, 125 iodine radioactive seeds were implanted, as shown in the figure below. The selected examination found that the tumor has been significantly reduced and the treatment was very successful! The patient’s condition is getting better and better, and his weight has increased significantly. Expect the patient to get better and better! Come on (ง•̀_•́)ง!