How to test your balance

&nbsp.&nbsp.Methods to test balance:&nbsp.&nbsp.1, stand at half-foot. Stand up straight, join your feet together, move your left foot forward, and make a half step backward with your right foot to see if you can stand firmly without shaking your body. People under the age of 65 are required to persist for more than 60 seconds; those over the age of 65 can persist for 30 seconds to reach the standard. &nbsp.&nbsp.2, stand at full distance. Put the left foot in front, the right foot behind, the right toe against the front left heel, and the two feet in a straight line. Similarly, see if people under 65 can hold for more than 60 seconds; people over 65 can Whether to persist for 30 seconds without shaking the body. &nbsp.&nbsp.If you can’t stand steady, it means that your body’s balance ability is worse. Such old people must walk carefully. &nbsp.&nbsp. If you can’t complete the half-foot standing posture, you can try standing with one foot for 10 seconds. Some elderly friends can’t even stand with one foot, indicating that your balance ability is a little bit worse.

Classical moment-Doctor Haishu rereading the internal scripture-Yin and Yang Department of Sun and Moon

[Original] Huang Di said: What is the rule of governance?   Qi Bo said: The first month, February and March, the popularity is on the left, and there is no thorn on the left foot. In April, May, and June, the popularity is on the right, and there is no thorn in the right foot. In July, August, and September, the popularity is on the right, without the shadow of the right foot. In October, November, and December, the popularity is on the left without the shadow of the left foot.  Yellow Emperor said: The five elements take the east as A and B wood, the main spring, the spring is pale, the main liver, and the liver is also foot Jueyin. This is Shaoyang with Jia as his left hand.   Qi Bo said: The yin and yang of this world are not the same as the four times and five lines. And the husband and wife are famous and invisible, so the number can be ten, the distance can be one hundred, the dispersion can be thousands, and the promotion can be ten thousand. This is also true. [Translation] Huang Di asked: How to apply the regularity of meridian and twelve months of Yin and Yang to the treatment? Qi Bo replied: The first month, February, and March are divided into the Shaoyang, Sun, and Yangming scriptures of the left foot, indicating that at this time, the person’s yang is focused on the left, so it is not appropriate to acupuncture the Sanyang scriptures of the left foot; April, May In the month and June, the Yangming, Sun, and Shaoyang Meridians of the right foot are divided, indicating that the person’s yang is focused on the right at this time, so it is not appropriate to acupuncture the Sanyang Meridian of the right foot. In July, August, and September, the Shaoyin, Taiyin, and Jueyin Meridians of the right foot are divided, indicating that the yin qi of the person is concentrated on the right at this time, so it is not appropriate to acupuncture the Sanyin Meridian of the right foot; October, November, In December, the Jueyin, Taiyin, and Shaoyin Meridian of the left foot are divided, indicating that the yin qi of the person is focused on the left at this time, so it is not appropriate to acupuncture the Sanyin Meridian of the left foot. Huang Di asked: In the five-element classification, the A and B in the Eastern and Tiangan areas are both wood, and the wood is strong in spring. The color is mainly cyan in the five colors, and the liver is the main in the five organs. The Jing, but now the Shaoyang Sanjiao Sutra, the hand on the left upper limb of the A-part, does not conform to the law of the five elements in the Tiangan. Why?   Qi Bo replied: What we are talking about here is based on the law of yin and yang changes in nature to match with the Tiangandizhi, which is used to explain the yin and yang attributes of the twelve meridians, not according to the order of the four seasons and the five elements. In addition, yin and yang are famous and intangible, that is, yin and yang are abstract concepts, and can not be limited to a specific thing. It can be used to summarize the opposing attributes of all things, so it is very widely used. Yin and yang can refer to a thing, It can also be deduced to ten, one hundred, one thousand, ten thousand or even countless things, and it cannot be limited to one thing, that is the meaning. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Haishu press: Yin and Yang, the right and left are biased, sensitive people have their own perception. Good morning [rose]

Thrombocytosis is not treated in time, and ischemic necrosis of the toes occurs! Shi Shurong Lecture Hall

Thrombocytosis is a disease characterized by an increase in platelet count. The common clinical symptoms are: bleeding, thrombosis and embolism, fatigue, and fatigue. Because the early symptoms of thrombocytopenia are not obvious, it is easy to be ignored by patients and delay treatment . Director Shi Shurong’s micro-signal xueyeke999 thrombocytosis patients with mild thirst, only dizziness, fatigue symptoms; severe patients may have bleeding and thrombosis. Hemorrhage is often spontaneous and can be repeated. It is about 2/3 of the cases. It is common in gastrointestinal bleeding. It can also have epistaxis, bleeding gums, hematuria, and ecchymosis of the skin and mucous membranes, but purpura is rare. Thrombosis is easy to see in elderly patients and less common in young patients. Cerebral blood vessels, splenic blood vessels, mesenteric blood vessels, and finger and toe blood vessels are the predominant sites. A 51-year-old male patient was admitted to the hospital for a month with pain in the fourth toe of the left foot and bruising for 2 months. [Current History] The patient had no obvious cause of paroxysmal burning pain in the fourth toe of the left foot 2 months ago, the symptoms persisted, and there was no obvious relief from the rest. The black toe and pus of the fourth toe of the left foot appeared 1 month ago. The clinic performed anti-inflammatory, physiotherapy and other treatments, and the results were not good. [Physical Examination] The left toe of the fourth toe of the left foot is black, part of the skin is necrotic, and there is a clear boundary between the necrotic part and the surrounding area. There is purulent fluid exudation (figure 1), obvious tenderness, and impaired movement. Feel OK. The superficial lymph nodes are not large, the sternum is not tender, and the liver and spleen are not large. On the second day of admission, the blood routine showed: white blood cell count (WBC) 10.5 × 109 / L, platelet count (PLT) 802 × 109 / L. Further bone marrow puncture, the result of myeloid appearance: bone marrow hyperplasia is active, especially with megakaryocyte proliferation; primitive and immature megakaryocytes increase. Blood picture: megakaryocytes can be seen in the whole film, and platelets are distributed in large pieces. The JAK2 gene is positive. BCR-ABL (P20) fusion gene test was negative. [Auxiliary examination] Abdominal B-ultrasound: liver and spleen are not large. There was no abnormality in CTA of both lower extremities. [Diagnosis] According to the diagnostic standards at home and abroad, combined with clinical diagnosis of primary thrombocytosis. 【Treatment】 Improve the relevant examinations after admission, and give them dressings, anti-infection and other treatments. After the diagnosis is confirmed, the above treatments will be given at the same time with hydroxyurea to inhibit myeloproliferation and aspirin antiplatelet therapy. After treatment, the pain in the fourth toe of the left foot was significantly relieved, the pus and exudation were significantly reduced, and the bruising subsided. The non-surgical treatment was effective, and no amputation was performed. After discharge, the patient continued to take oral hydroxyurea treatment, while assisting with Chinese herbal conditioning, consolidating the treatment effect, alleviating side effects, and reviewing the blood routine every week, and follow up with the medical doctor. Experts reminded that although the disease progresses slowly, it is after all a myeloproliferative tumor. The risk of thrombosis and bleeding in patients is increased, and severe cases can threaten life safety. Therefore, those who have the above symptoms should go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible so that the condition can be alleviated as soon as possible. Welcome to pay attention to WeChat public account of thrombocythemia patients: xxbzd999

Pain Doctor Diary

20.04.22 Trouble with foot pain & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. There has been no rest since the epidemic. There was no public transportation in the early days and the hospital was inconvenient to park. They all walked to work. More than 10,000 steps per day. At the beginning, I felt particularly good. Every day the sunset, running water, puppies, flowers, fatigue disappeared, and I walked home with sweat, refreshed, and my body was very comfortable. More than a month ago, occasionally, my left foot hurt a little. It’s the kind of walking faster and suddenly the ankle is a little soft and the instep is a little awkward, stop the footsteps, shake the ankle just fine, continue to walk without problems. At night, washing the left side of the left big toe a little pain, and did not care. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. This lasted for two weeks, and the sudden anxiety of ankles increased while walking, not the kind of the foot. It may be due to shoes. During that time, I wore a pair of particularly soft shoes with uppers. When I walked, my ankles changed their angles with the height of the ground, and the walking posture changed. Therefore, it is concluded that shoes are the culprit. Change your shoes decisively! This time I wore a pair of hard leather shoes that could hold my feet on both sides. I felt much better immediately, and I didn’t feel much pain in walking. My ankles softened much less, and I continued walking 10,000 steps every day. Although insisting on walking down, the pain has not been completely relieved, but it can be ignored. It didn’t take long for the instep to start to hurt. I thought the leather shoes were too hard and quickly changed to a pair of soft shoes. The first two days were still comfortable. Slowly the foot pain gradually increased, and the feet and soles began to feel uncomfortable. The calf is sometimes tense. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Keep dumping shoes! Sneakers should be worn when walking, the previous shoes are not right. Change now. Everyone who walked into Corey every day saw: “Director, how do you walk?” “Foot pain.” At this time, the pain doctors began to study the pain of the pain doctor. First rule out gout-uric acid is fine. No pain in sleeping at night, no redness or swelling in the area, blood is okay, immune immune pain is not considered. There are many tenderness in the instep, tarsal sinus, and sole of the foot, but soft tissue pain is still considered. Press and hold my foot to directly shock wave treatment, the process of shock is really painful! Dr. Li said with a smile: “Director, the power for you is very small.” “Well,” I endured sadly. Walking the next day was even more painful. Generally, there is a response the next day after shock wave treatment, and aggravation is normal. I had to take the bus to work. The number of steps per day is reduced to about 3,000. After a few days, the pain did not ease, and the right calf felt a little stiff and the waist felt awkward. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. I feel a little annoyed and can’t walk to worry about my health. What is the condition that the foot pain continues to increase? When I met doctors from other departments at work to see me, I asked with concern: “Yo, what’s wrong with my feet?” “Wait for a moment.” I said in my heart. How to recall, there is no foot. On the way to work yesterday, I carefully experienced the feeling of walking, the right foot (good foot) stepping, landing the whole process. There is a time when the forefoot is on the ground, and the big female toe is hard. Then, comparing my left foot (painful foot) to the feeling of my right foot, I found that the big toe did not dare to touch the ground when the forefoot stepped on the ground, but the small toe touched the ground. I tried to walk the left foot with the experience of the right foot, and the big toe hurts, but the pain and discomfort of the face, ankle and calf immediately relieved, even disappeared, and the person did not appear to walk on crutches. I insisted on the big female toe of the left foot Walking with pain, experiencing a normal walking posture, and slowly adapting to it, the pain and discomfort are obviously tolerable. It seems that the main cause of foot pain is “big foot bones”! & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Looking back, the outside of the big toe has always been painful, so when walking, I unconsciously reduced the load on the big toe and landed with the outside of the sole. The tendon in the back of the foot is compensated, and the tarsal sinus is squeezed (the important proprioception center of the ankle). There is no symptom in the early stage. After decompensation, the back of the foot and the sole of the foot are extensively pained. There are pictures and truth, this foot is really “transformed”. Dr. Li said: “Director, the skin is very good. Last time a patient posted it a few times, it was good.