How to prevent acne scars from acne scars?

# 诊 间 故事 # & nbsp. Condition description: Hello doctor, my sophomore started to have acne, and my senior acne gradually improved, but now I have been working for nearly half a year, and the acne has started to recur. I have not seen the doctor. Professional medication treatment. & nbsp. Picture 1 is my right face now, there are a lot of acne, but before the right face did not grow acne, and did not leave any acne marks. & nbsp. Picture 2 is my left face. The cheeks on the left face often have acne, and it is recurrent, leaving a pimple mark. The thing has been on the face. I want to know how to treat it. & nbsp. Picture 3 is my case. It is the internal medicine prescribed to me by the doctor. The compound Muniziqi granules and Qingre Xiaoyanning tablets have been taken for about two weeks. & nbsp. I hope to get help: I ​​do n’t like spicy food, but I like to eat sweets and drink milk tea, but now my face is so ugly, I have consciously controlled myself, eat and drink regularly, avoid sugar, spicy, and fried. According to Figure 1 and Figure 2, what corresponding drugs can help me treat, how to deal with red swelling and acne marks, thank you doctor! ❤️ & nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. & Nbsp. @ 老高 皮科 & nbsp. The medical history and facial pictures show moderate acne. Moderate acne requires oral antibiotics to kill acne bacilli and inflammatory reactions, such as minocycline. 50 mg twice a day. At the same time, oral detoxification drugs, such as Xinhuang tablets or tanshinone, are required. The site of the pustule requires topical antibiotic ointment. Such as mupirocin ointment; adapalene gel is needed at the site of pimples at night. Blackhead acne and whitehead acne and acne scars are recommended to use Scutellaria Acne Clearing Gel. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Clean the face with a degreased facial cleanser. Topical skin barrier repair agent, moisturizes and restores skin barrier function, and does not block the hair follicle mouth such as hematoxylin repair cream and bibliographic comfortable sleeping mask. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Regular life, rest on time and ensure sleep. In the diet, pay attention to spicy, fried, chocolate, and wine. Long acne do not squeeze and squeeze through puberty safely. # 春 健康 大战 ## 健康 中国 2030 ## 科普 大战 #