Isn’t the farsightedness reserve the better? Why is hyperopia corrected?

Today, I shared a question and answer for the patient’s question. In order to protect privacy, I did not include the patient’s picture and report, but I also hope to help you! Condition description: Dr. Wang Hello, the child is seven years old this year, the first grade of elementary school. In May last year, he was examined at the local ophthalmology hospital. He said that it was hyperopia and he always took glasses to correct it. Last month for an examination, the doctor recommended covering the left eye and training the right eye. Recently, your Weibo said that you want to protect your farsightedness reserves. I wonder if wearing glasses will consume farsightedness reserves? I hope your help: Ask the doctor to see if you need to continue wearing glasses and cover your left eye? Answer: The corrected visual acuity of the right eye at the end of last month is indeed a few letters worse than that of the left eye, but this difference is very small. Because the children are older (over 6 years old), covering is a more active treatment. I also It is recommended that you can cover 1-2 hours per day according to your attending doctor, but be careful: don’t do close-up fine eye for a long time, our hyperopia is only 100 degrees higher than the same age, so this hyperopia is that we hope to slowly consume 18 Year-old. So even if you do some training, try to control it within 20 minutes at a time to reduce the consumption of hyperopia. &nbsp.Q: In addition to wearing glasses every day to cover 1-2 hours, do you need to wear glasses for school and outdoor activities during the day? Answer: The eyes must be worn frequently. The astigmatism in the right eye is higher than that in the left eye. The visual acuity development in the right eye lags slightly behind the left eye, mainly because of astigmatism. Only when the astigmatism is corrected by wearing glasses most of the time, can the vision development be stable. The ground is getting better. &nbsp.Follow up: Okay, thank you Dr. Wang. In other words, the child needs to wear glasses normally during the day and cover his right eye for 1-2 hours at night. This corrects astigmatism and does not consume farsighted reserves? Answer: Yes, the consumption of farsightedness is related to less outdoor activities and a large number of close-up eyes. It is okay to control the eye time. In addition, I have to confirm again that the data you uploaded is the data of mydriasis optometry (checked after the pupil dilation), right? &nbsp.Question: No, my pupils were dilated when I was wearing glasses a year ago. The test results sent to you were measured with the naked eye at the end of last month. Answer: Is there any previous data for mydriasis? Myopic myopia will be higher, such as 400-500 degrees hyperopia, then this hyperopia is also one of the factors that cause insufficient visual development, then the close-up eye can be increased until farsightedness drops to close to 200 degrees, we can be appropriate Be cautious. &nbsp.Follow-up: The previous mydriatic list is fading and can’t be seen clearly. Remember that it is like two or three hundred. Do you need to do a mydriatic optometry next time? A: If it is around 200-300 degrees, then we still need to be cautious to avoid overcorrection of “hyperopia”. Next time, you can use the fast dilated pupil to check the change of hyperopia next time. &nbsp.

Seven years of glaucoma “tug-of-saw battle”, his only left eyesight could hardly be maintained

Mr. Zhao, 77, has been fighting with glaucoma for more than seven years. In 2013, Mr. Zhao went to Guangzhou for medical treatment due to blurred vision in both eyes. He was diagnosed with “primary open-angle glaucoma” in both eyes. Due to the late discovery, the disease was serious and there was no obvious improvement in medical treatment. Since then, although he has gone through several hospitals, after several operations, he failed to prevent the deterioration of his eyesight. At the end of November last year, when Mr. Zhao came to our hospital, his right eye had lost his vision, and his left eye had only 0.2-0.4 vision. His visual function was severely damaged and he had a tubular vision. (Mr. Zhao’s left eye field of vision) & nbsp. (Mr. Zhao’s right eye field of vision) Dr. Shi Feng, who is good at the diagnosis and treatment of complex glaucoma, found that at that time, Mr. Zhao’s intraocular pressure was as high as 40.0mmHg, and the medical treatment could not control the intraocular pressure. If you do n’t go down, the remaining vision may not be guaranteed. ” Dr. Shi Feng urgently performed trabeculectomy for his left eye. “The patient’s right eye has been blinded, so the operation on the left eye is of great significance. At the same time, the risk to be taken is also higher! If the intraocular pressure is not effectively controlled after the operation, his vision may continue to decline or even become blind.” Fortunately, Mr. Zhao’s operation was very smooth, his postoperative recovery was good, his vision was stable at about 0.3-0.4, and IOP returned to normal. However, the visual damage caused by glaucoma has no possibility of recovery, and the patient is very satisfied with the current treatment effect. “At least I can live like a normal person.” Dr. Shi Feng: “After the operation, his intraocular pressure will still There are fluctuations, and the remaining sight is like a “candle in the wind.” The purpose of treatment now is to preserve the vision of his left eye and to ensure a normal life. “Just when everyone was relieved, in December, Mr. Zhao returned to the hospital again due to “fuzzy vision”. After examination, it was found that Mr. Zhao’s left eye had a new problem-macular edema, so the doctor gave him vitreous drug injection treatment + anterior chamber puncture + conjunctival suture. After many twists and turns, Mr. Zhao’s left eye finally stabilized slowly, and a long monitoring period began. We will ask patients to come back every 3 months, because glaucoma is a very painful disease. It is not like the treatment of cataracts and other eye diseases. It can be cured after surgery. Patients with glaucoma, like hypertension and diabetes, have no possibility of cure, but can only preserve and maintain their remaining vision. Therefore, the general treatment of glaucoma is lifelong and requires long-term cooperation between patients and doctors. Glaucoma is related to myopia, and it may also be a warm reminder that glaucoma is related to myopia, especially people with high myopia. The probability of developing glaucoma is much higher than that of ordinary people, and glaucoma also has a certain heredity, so a professional eye examination . In particular, because open-angle glaucoma is related to myopia, there is a tendency to become younger, and it is necessary to conduct targeted professional examinations from childhood. The most important thing in glaucoma treatment is: early detection and early treatment. At present, the methods of glaucoma treatment are relatively diverse, and the measures that can be taken include drug treatment, laser treatment, and surgical methods. Doctors need to follow up patients for a long time, adjust different treatment methods or carry out combined treatment according to different stages and symptoms.

Eye drops dripping, almost blind

The 15-year-old Meimei fell at school and injured her right eye. Her mother bought tobramycin and dexamethasone eye drops for treatment at the pharmacy. After 50 days of dripping, her right eye was almost fine The left eye, which was originally okay, became more and more blurred, and it was full of pain and headache, so I came to the hospital for treatment! & nbsp. The doctor found that Qian Qian ’s left eye’s intraocular pressure was twice as high as normal! Finally diagnosed as late glaucoma, almost blind. After asking the details, Qianqian is accustomed to drop normal left eyes together with eye drops. Hormonal eye drops can reduce inflammation, but can also increase intraocular pressure, and can cause glaucoma after long-term use. Even with the correct medication, hormone eye drops are usually used for no more than a month, otherwise there is a risk of glaucoma. & nbsp. In general, hormone eye drops are not recommended to be purchased by yourself. Before using, be sure to consult a doctor, ask the dosage and duration, and the doctor will check the safety. Hormone eye drops usually have the word “loose” in the name of the drug. Beware of incorrect use. Refer to the picture below

Bright Courtesy | Taiyuan Kangming Ophthalmology Department provides full femtosecond surgery for 4 medical aid workers in Hubei

Bright courtesy | Taiyuan Kangming Ophthalmology Department provides full femtosecond surgery for 4 medical personnel assisting Hubei! Under the epidemic situation, they faced the risk and went retrograde; they gave up their little homes for everyone; they healed the benevolence of the doctors, saved lives and helped the wounded, and protected life with life. In the past 66 days of the “epidemic” moment, the team members supporting the Hubei Medical Team were brave and retrograde without fear of risk. From March 17th, when the medical staff of Taiyuan City aided Hubei have been successfully triumphant, you and we are both doctors. Although we cannot go to the front line with you, as an ophthalmology specialty hospital, we can use our own expertise to be the heroes of the frontline triumph Say goodbye to myopia. | When I heard the news of your triumphant return, Taiyuan Kangming Ophthalmology Hospital reached a consensus for the first time-guarding the eyes of the medical aid personnel in Hubei Taiyuan, thank you for your hard work for us. The policy of free femtosecond surgery for the aid personnel of the hospitals under the Taiyuan City Health and Welfare Committee, and the preferential policy for the relief of the full femtosecond surgery for the hospitals under the Shanxi Provincial Health and Safety Committee After the news was spread among the medical teams in Hubei Province, as of now, hundreds of people have consulted and more than a dozen people have been inspected in the hospital. Among them, the eyes of 4 medical staff have met the requirements of full femtosecond surgery. On April 19, we performed full femtosecond surgery for the first batch of qualified medical personnel who assisted Hubei. They were Pang Yu, Guo Huiyan, Zhang Li of Taiyuan Central Hospital, Wang Hongxiong of Shanxi University Hospital, and Pang Yu before surgery. Vision of the right eye: 375 degrees myopia, 125 degrees astigmatism, left eye: 375 degrees myopia, 75 degrees astigmatism; postoperative vision right eye 1.0 and left eye 1.2 during the review on the morning of April 20; Zhang Li ’s vision right eye before surgery : 425 degrees of myopia, 25 degrees of astigmatism, left eye: 350 degrees of myopia, 75 degrees of astigmatism, postoperative vision of both eyes 1.2 at the time of the review on the morning of April 20; Guo Huiyan ’s vision before surgery right eye: 625 degrees myopia, left eye: 625 degrees Myopia, 25 degree astigmatism, right eye 1.2 and left eye 1.0 after postoperative review on the morning of April 20; pre-operative Wang Hongxiong ’s right eye: 375 degrees myopia, 125 degree astigmatism, left eye: 375 degrees myopia, 75 degrees Astigmatism, after review on the morning of April 20, the right eye 1.2 and the left eye 1.0 after surgery; although we ca n’t support the white armor in Wuhan, we can use advanced technology to let the heroes of the front line triumph from myopia, Taiyuan Kangming Ophthalmology will continue Open the door for the medical aid workers in Taiyuan City to Their eyes are responsible for the end, the best technology should be dedicated to the cutest person!

The second child is born but suffers from corneal leukoplakia.

“I’m sorry baby, I didn’t give birth to you in the best years, so you have only one eye to see the world.” Mother Yang from Hunan hugged her second baby (alias: Xiao Chong) tightly and said for two years , The experience of seeking medical treatment for Xiao Chong … Two years ago, mother Yang, in her forties, as a senior maternal, gave birth to Xiao Chong with excitement and expectation, but did not expect that he was born and suffered from left eye Congenital leukoplakia makes mother Yang blame herself. Because Xiao Chong is too young, the risk of surgery is greater, and the local medical conditions are limited to surgery. So Yang mother took Xiao Chong to go around many places and went to many hospitals for treatment, but still failed. Two years later, Xiao Chong’s left eye was significantly smaller than his right eye, which made Ms. Yang more worried. After much inquiries, a friend suggested that Ms. Yang try Xima Ophthalmology. The congenital leukoplakia of the second baby caused the left eyeball to be stunted. “Even in his lifetime, this child does not have the opportunity to feel the feeling of the two eyes looking at the world, and hopes that he can look like ordinary people.” In early November 2019, Yang Yang took When Xiao Chong came to Shenzhen Xima Ophthalmology Hospital for help, he talked to the director Yao Yong. Director Yao Yong ’s examination found that “affected by congenital leukoplakia and corneal sclerosis, Xiao Chong ’s left eye is stunted, and the eyeball and cornea are smaller than the normal right eye.” & Nbsp.After a series of examinations, the results showed: The left eye of the patient could not follow the light and the object. The cornea of ​​the left eye was about 9mm in diameter (the normal value was greater than 10mm). Among them, the white spot of the cornea was as high as 8mm × 8mm, and the whole cornea showed neovascular invasion. The rest of the structure was obscured due to the white spot. . & nbsp. ▲ Preoperative conditions & nbsp. Finally, Xiao Chong was diagnosed as: congenital leukoplakia in the left eye and anterior iris adhesion in the left eye. & nbsp. There was an unexpected situation during the operation. The successful transplantation of the cornea changed the surgical plan. According to the situation of Xiao Chong, Director Yao Yong took into consideration the seriousness of the left eye corneal leukoplakia. After consulting with his family, he decided to conduct a left In the “penetrating keratoplasty” of the eye, a full-thickness (a total of 5 layers) normal cornea is used to replace the full-thickness (white spot) diseased cornea. & nbsp. On the day of the operation, Director Yao Yong operated, but unexpectedly happened. Director Yao Yong found in the operation that Xiao Chong’s left eye had severe corneal sclerosis, and the degree of adhesion of the left eye to the back of the corneal endothelium was more than expected. If penetrating keratoplasty is still performed, you may face a severe post-operative anterior chamber inflammatory reaction and a high likelihood of secondary glaucoma. & nbsp. “Compared to adults, children’s cornea is softer, thinner, and more congenitally abnormal, and the incidence of postoperative rejection is higher.” Director Yao Yong explained. & nbsp. If the surgical plan is changed to “deep lamellar keratoplasty”, not only does Xiao Chong retain the original two-layer cornea, but also greatly reduces the risk of rejection after corneal transplantation. & nbsp. Despite encountering such an intraoperative emergency situation, the experienced Director Yao Yong immediately decided to change the surgical plan. After obtaining the consent of his family, Director Yao Yong performed the “deep lamellar keratoplasty” for the left eye. & nbsp. ▲ Xiao Chong after surgery & nbsp. Fortunately, the operation was smooth, and after B-ultrasound examination, Xiao Chong ’s left eye retina showed no abnormalities, and there was no retinal choroidal detachment sound image. Everything was going in a good direction. . & nbsp. Three days later, when she saw Xiao Chong unraveling the gauze and looked at his left eye, which was like a normal person, Ms. Yang sighed in relief. & nbsp. After returning home, Ms. Yang specially thanked Director Yao Yong, “After a period of recovery, the situation is very stable, Xiao Chong is also very lively, really thank Director Yao Yong.” & nbsp. ▲ Ms. Yang My circle of friends and thanks to the formation of congenital leukoplakia. Congenital leukoplakia occurs mostly in the center of the cornea, but it can also occur around the cornea. The effect of corneal leukoplakia on vision is related to the location and severity of the leukoplakia. The closer to the pupil, the deeper the leukoplakia involves the corneal stroma, the greater the impact on vision, and the involvement of the pupil area seriously affects vision. & nbsp. Director Yao Yong explained: Congenital leukoplakia is mainly related to abnormal development of lens vesicles during fetal period, and can also be caused by birth injury, keratitis, and corneal ulcers. & nbsp. The main causes of congenital leukoplakia: & nbsp.1. Scleralized cornea: mainly for the peripheral part or all of the corneal sclera,