Eating more leeks can improve sexual performance? I am afraid that men will be disappointed!

As the saying goes, “men don’t leave the leeks, women don’t leave the lotus roots.” Many men are superstitious about the saying that leeks are aphrodisiac. They think that eating more leeks can strengthen the yang, nourish the kidneys, and make men “rejuvenate the vigor”. Is this true? Want to know this question, We first need to know what are the main ingredients of leeks: 3 main components of leeks 1) Sulfide The most special component of leeks is sulfide, there are more than 20 kinds, which is the reason why we usually have a pungent irritation when we eat leeks . Various sulfides have certain antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and immune-enhancing effects. However, no one has been found to be related to improving sexual function and improving sexual performance. 2) Zinc Speaking of enhancing male sexual ability, the presence of zinc is quite strong. Leek also contains zinc, which is also the modern “foundation” that current “leeks aphrodisiac” call. But unfortunately, the zinc content of leeks is pitiful, with only 0.43 mg of zinc per 100 g of leeks. Not to mention the 71mg zinc content of the same weight of raw oysters, even the 8.6mg of shiitake mushrooms can’t keep up. If the zinc is really at work, men might as well eat two shiitake mushrooms and don’t bother to roast leeks. And science has shown that zinc does have a significant effect on the spermatogenesis of men, can improve sperm quality and reduce the rate of sperm deformity, but zinc supplementation has not been clearly confirmed. 3) Vitamin C In addition to the above two elements, leeks are also rich in vitamin C and polysaccharides, which can improve physical fitness and enhance resistance, but it is not directly related to male sexual performance. The real benefits of eating leeks are these! Although it is not reliable to rely on leeks for aphrodisiac, as the “king of green vegetables”, leeks have many benefits in improving health. (1) Reduce blood lipids. Chives are rich in potassium, vitamins and other elements, improve the balance of potassium and sodium in the body, promote appetite and reduce blood lipids, inhibit the absorption of cholesterol in food, and have certain effects on hypertension, coronary heart disease, and hyperlipidemia. (2) Sterilization and anti-inflammatory The sulfide contained in leek leaves can inhibit and kill bacteria, and have inhibitory effects on Staphylococcus, Escherichia coli, Proteus, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, etc. So eat more leeks, it has the effect of sterilizing and disinfecting and improving the body’s immunity. (3) Anti-fatigue leek contains alliin, this substance can be converted into allicin, and combined with vitamin B1 to produce allithiamine, and allithiamine has the same physiological activity as vitamins and can accelerate lactic acid (fatigue) Substance) decomposes, so it has an anti-fatigue effect. Healthy tips: When eating leeks, try not to eat them with cold foods. If you have not finished eating leeks the day before, try not to eat them the next day to avoid severe nitrous acid. To improve sexual abilities, it needs to be integrated! In fact, whether it is health preservation or medical treatment, all pay attention to a dialectical approach. Taking the sexual ability that men generally care about, the reason for the decline in ability may be physical fatigue caused by staying up late and working overtime, it may be the relationship between husband and wife, or it may be caused by various disease factors. Food to improve! As for the leeks, it is better to eat less, don’t be positive, and eat oil and harmful substances.

Can gout eat leeks

Leek belongs to the category of gout remedies. According to the treatment principle of TCM, Professor Zhu pointed out that gout belongs to the category of “arthralgia” in TCM, which is often caused by improper diet. Therefore, the development of good eating habits has a great effect on the treatment of gout. For help, the following is a detailed introduction of several uses of leeks.   1. Fried leeks with walnut meat: 200 grams of leeks, 50 grams of walnut meat, vegetable oil and salt. Wash the leeks and cut into sections for later use. Wash the walnuts and deep-fry them in fragrant fragrant fries, then add leeks and stir fry, add appropriate amount of salt, fry them and stop the fire. Eat it as a vegetable.   Second and third juice and stomach drink: 2 cups of leek juice, 1 cup of ginger juice, 1 cup of milk. Add ginger juice and milk to the leek juice and bring it to a boil. Swallow slowly while warm.   3. Leek porridge: fresh leeks and proper amount of japonica rice. Wash the leeks and stir into thin sections, set aside. Wash the japonica rice, put it in a pot, add water, boil it with a martial fire, then simmer for 10 to 20 minutes, add leeks to the rice. For breakfast and dinner or snacks, cooked and eaten now, not overnight.   Magical use 4. 1 cup of leek mashed juice, served cold in summer and warm in winter; yin deficiency and blood heat cause epistaxis, wash it with fresh leeks and mash it to block the nostrils.  Professor Zhu also reminded us that Chinese chive remedies can indeed have very good effects, but they can only play a role in relieving and controlling gout, and they must choose other more effective treatment methods. For the treatment of gout, if you see common medications, people ignore the side effects caused by medications. While reducing uric acid, it will also damage the liver, so long-term use is not recommended. Experts said, choose the right method The treatment of gout is critical.

Jiangsu, Shandong and other places have found that the pesticides of leeks exceed the standard, how to deal with it to avoid the accumulation of pesticides in the body

People who have lived in rural areas know that some vegetables need to be sprayed regularly in summer, otherwise the leaves will be eaten up by insects, or infected with some germs and rot easily. Many people think that the smell of leeks is weird, they don’t grow worms, and they don’t need potions to treat them. I have always thought of it the same way, and I often buy dumplings with leeks. It wasn’t until I went to a relative’s house in Yancheng last year that I realized that this was not the case at all. His family is a vegetable grower and leeks are the main variety. This relative repeatedly warned me not to buy leeks in the greenhouse in winter because the soil is buried with pesticides. It turns out that leeks are not used to cure insects on the surface, but from the root soil. The commonly used pesticide is procymidone. June 07, 2020 is the second World Food Safety Day. The website of the State Administration for Market Regulation issued the “Notice of the State Administration for Market Regulation on the unqualified status of 17 batches of foods, showing that the procymidone of the leeks sold in certain vegetable farms in Shanghai, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places does not meet the requirements of the “Food According to the provisions of the National Safety Standard Maximum Residue Limit of Pesticides in Food (GB2763—2019), the maximum residue limit of procymidone in chives is 0.2mg/kg. Procymidone is a new type of fungicide with low toxicity Fungicide. It mainly inhibits the synthesis of triglycerides in the bacteria. It has the dual effects of protection and treatment. It can be used to prevent gray mold in cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, grapes, strawberries, apples, peaches and other fruits and vegetables. Why is it called? Leek, which is “aphrodisiac”, is the king of pesticide residues? In fact, in the food inspection conducted by the Food and Drug Administration every year, leeks are always on the list, and often top the black list. The problem of pesticide residues in leeks is almost universal. During the growth of leeks, there is a deadly underground natural enemy-leek maggots. This pest specializes in biting the roots of leeks, causing the roots of leeks to rot, break and fail to grow. Botrytis cinerea is the primary disease in the production of leeks in protected areas. The occurrence is extremely common, and once it occurs, it is easy to cause serious yield loss. Generally sprayed pesticides are not effective to it. The pesticide must be applied to the roots of the leek to effectively remove the leek maggots. Especially after the summer, the pests are more serious, so the pesticides are also sprayed. It is extremely violent. This method of root irrigation is safe and efficient if it is operated in accordance with the standard. However, in actual operation, many people do not follow the strict dosage, which causes the pesticide residue to exceed the standard. It is almost a common phenomenon. And the growth cycle of leek Short, the so-called “cut one crop after crop”, in a short period of time, the residual drug concentration is relatively high. A small intake of procymidone has no effect, but if it is consumed over the long-term, it will affect human health. It may irritate the eyes and skin, or it may deposit quantitatively in the human body, causing harm to the human body’s nerve and blood system. I want to eat but I am afraid that the pesticide residue will exceed the standard, what should I do? 1. Try to go to regular supermarkets and vegetable farms to buy fresh vegetables 2. Do not cut off a 1.5cm section of the root of the leek; 3. Rinse in running water and soak in clean water. Add a small amount of baking soda to soak, wash and then cut. 4. Place in boiling water for 2 minutes and then remove it immediately, blanch it to let the pesticides lose Live, and then put it in a pot to cook into dishes.

Can allergic dermatitis be treated surgically?

Can allergic dermatitis be treated surgically? Clinically, allergic dermatitis is treated with drugs. In the case of mild symptoms, you can apply topical creams, and in severe cases, with oral medications, the treatment effect is very optimistic. Next, let’s take a closer look at the treatment of allergic dermatitis. Can allergic dermatitis be treated surgically? Allergic dermatitis is a very common disease. Twenty percent of people have skin allergies. From a medical point of view, allergic dermatitis mainly refers to when the skin is subject to various irritations such as adverse reactions of cosmetics, chemical preparations, pollen, certain foods, polluted air, etc., causing the skin to appear red, swollen, itchy, peeling and other abnormal phenomena . Sensitive skin can be said to be a kind of restless skin, a kind of skin that is always on high alert. 1. Leek duck egg white treats allergic dermatitis. Wash the fresh leeks, add duck egg white (to yellow) and rub the affected area. If the disease is serious, take the leek juice and duck egg white orally, and the internal and external application should be strictly separated. If there are no duck eggs, just rub the affected area with cleaned leeks. Or take appropriate amount of leeks and chicken feathers, decoct them and wash them outside. 2. Chinese cabbage treats allergic dermatitis. Use Chinese cabbage to mash the affected area to treat allergic dermatitis. 3. Treat allergic dermatitis with Mugwort leaf oil. The leaves of Compositae wormwood. The nature and taste are bitter, pungent and warm. Enter the liver, spleen, and kidney channels. Function to dispel cold and relieve pain, warm menstruation to stop bleeding. According to modern reports, mugwort leaf oil has anti-allergic effects and is clinically used to treat allergic dermatitis. 4. Use purslane to treat allergic dermatitis. Wash the skin with clean water, mash a small part of the purslane and apply it on the affected area. Boil the rest of the part and drink it. Put some soy sauce, vinegar and sesame oil on the removed purslane Mix and eat. 5. Treat allergic dermatitis with Bingboran powder. First wash the affected area with normal saline, and sprinkle an appropriate amount of Bingboron powder on the affected area after it dries, and apply Vaseline gauze for external use. 6. If the above methods are all ineffective, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital dermatology department for examination, you can do patch or light patch test. A set of patch test needs to check 20 items, including: rosin, fragrance, metal, preservatives, jewelry, formaldehyde, benzene, cosmetics, etc. The patch test can check out which things the patient is allergic to. These allergens should be avoided as much as possible in life to reduce light sensitive reactions. In the treatment of this disease, Chinese medicine for clearing away heat and dampness can be taken. At the same time, it can also be protected locally. You can rub calamine lotion (water powder). At the same time of treatment, you can also try diet therapy methods: 1. Barley, mung bean and lily soup, 50 grams, 25 grams of mung beans, 100 grams of fresh lily, and appropriate amount of sugar. Remove the inner membrane of the lily, add salt and pinch gently, and wash to remove the bitter taste. Barley and mung beans are boiled in water until half-cooked, add lily, simmer until cooked, add sugar. It has the effects of clearing away heat, detoxifying, diminishing thirst and diuresis. 2. Barley and Red Bean Soup, 30 grams of barley and red beans. Boil barley rice and red beans with appropriate amount of water, add appropriate amount of sugar, and take it twice a day for one month. It has the effects of clearing heat, diminishing water and dehumidifying. Mainly suitable for: eczema, skin allergic itching. Through the above introduction, we can know that allergic dermatitis can be treated with medicine, without surgery.

What are the effects of leek seed soaking in water? See what Chinese medicine experts say

Leek is a well-known vegetable. Some people call it “Viagra” in vegetables. It can be eaten by frying, grilling, and making into a leek box. But leek seeds may not be familiar to everyone. In fact, leek seeds are treasures, leek seeds are dried and mature seeds of leek, or a traditional Chinese medicine. They have been used to treat kidney yang deficiency thousands of years ago. So what is the effect of leek seed soaking in water? What is the effect of leek seed soaking in water? Leek seeds are warm in nature and slightly sweet in taste. They contain alkaloids, nucleosides, steroidal saponins, volatile oils, unsaturated fatty acids and other active ingredients. The content of unsaturated fatty acids is as high as 90%. In the theory of Chinese medicine, leek seeds have the effects of warming the liver and kidney, aphrodisiac solid essence, warming waist and knee, etc., and can be used for impotence caused by deficiency of liver yang, deficiency of kidney yang, cold pain of waist and knee, and sperm and enuresis caused by kidney deficiency. , Frequent urination, embolism. Leek seeds soaked in water can have the following effects: (1) Auxiliary treatment of stubborn hiccups 30g of leek seeds are dried and 300mL of water is placed in a pot and boiled, wait for the water to boil, change to a low fire and continue to cook for 1h, remove the residue and take water Take 3 times a day, 100mL each time, 1 course every 2 days, can be used to treat intractable hiccups. Take care to avoid cold air, dust and other stimuli during taking. (2) Auxiliary treatment of tooth decay Leek seeds contain volatile essential oils and sulfides, and the spicy smell produced has strong sterilization, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effects. You can take 15g of leek seeds and heat them with water to make a soup. Take a portion and smoke the mouth while hot, wait for a bit of warmth and spit it out after gargle. (3) Auxiliary treatment for kidney deficiency, cold spermatorrhea, premature ejaculation, excessive leucorrhea. Take 200g of leek seeds, wash it with white vinegar for about 30min, dry it with a simmer and fry it, grind it into fine powder, add appropriate amount of honey and water, Decoction into a paste (leek seed honey paste), 2 times a day, 2 teaspoons each time, served with warm water. Or 30g leek seeds, 30g psoralen, mashed, and finely studied. 9g per dose, taken with boiling water, 3 times a day. Although the leek seeds have the above-mentioned effects, the literature records that the leek seeds are irritating to the stomach and should not be eaten. It is best not to exceed 15g each time to avoid getting angry after taking it, and do not take it if the Yin deficiency is strong, so as not to affect the health of the body. . In addition, some people also use leek seeds to make wine, which is believed to have the effect of assisting yangjingjing, and can be used for premature ejaculation of spermatorrhea, soreness of waist and knees. Of course, whether it is really effective requires medical tests. Conclusion As a kind of food with the same origin as medicine and food, proper consumption of leek seeds can regulate the liver and kidney functions of the human body. In addition to soaking in water, it can also be made into porridge and wine. But its effect is not too magical. After all, it is just a food, which can only properly regulate the body, and be careful not to take too much. References: Li Huan, Zhang Mengfei, Miao Mingsan, etal. Modern research and thinking of leek seeds [J]. Chinese Medical Journal, 2017. (Part of the picture source network in the text, the copyright belongs to the original author, thank you for the picture author, If you find any violation of your copyright, please contact me and I will delete it.)

Leek aphrodisiac? Laxative? High pesticide residues? Which is the truth?

It is said that the chives are the freshest in spring, so grab the spring tail and continue eating. However, friends who are looking forward to eating leeks for impotence or laxation will probably not care about the seasons and will eat them all year round. However, some friends are worried about the serious agricultural residues of leeks and dare not eat them. In this article, let’s talk about the right and wrong of leeks, and share some delicious ways to eat it. 1. Eating chives can aphrodisiac? You think too much. The main nutrients related to male reproduction are zinc and selenium, but unfortunately these nutrients of leek are not prominent in food. Its zinc content is only 0.25 mg / 100 g, not as high as Chinese cabbage (0.46 mg / 100 g), and it is only 0.35% of oysters. Its selenium content is only 1.33 μg / 100 g, not as high as cauliflower (2.86 μg / 100 g), and it is only 0.38% and 0.85% of Konjac powder and pork loin. The point is that there is no scientific evidence that eating leek can aphrodisiac. Do you think that eating leek can aphrodisiac because it grows faster? 2. Can leeks be laxative? It can only be said to be okay. Leek chews hard to chew teeth, always gives the impression that the dietary fiber content is very high, in fact its total dietary fiber content is only 1.8 grams / 100 grams, this amount is not enough lotus root, celery, green beans, yam, taro, water spinach diet Half the fiber content. The reason why it tastes chewy is because its dietary fiber is mainly insoluble dietary fiber. 3. Is the leeks seriously damaged? Exaggerated. The roots of leeks are prone to maggots. The leeks will make the leaves of the leeks wither and wilted, and they will rot in severe cases. Organophosphorus pesticides such as parathion and methyl parathion can prevent the leeks. [1] Therefore, although the state expressly prohibits the use of parathion and methyl parathion, which are highly toxic pesticides, in vegetables, there are still illegal use by vegetable farmers. However, with the development of the technology to control leek maggots and the strictness of national regulations, the situation of illegal additions by vegetable farmers is also becoming less and less. Some studies [2] randomly sampled leek production bases, large supermarkets, and farmers’ markets in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, and Shandong for four consecutive years from 2013 to 2016. As a result, the detection rate and residual concentration of organic phosphorus were greatly reduced. So you can buy leeks from large supermarkets with confidence. What if you are still worried about organic phosphorus pesticide residues? A study [3] showed that among the six cleaning methods of rice water, flour water, water, brine, vinegar water, and alkaline water, rice water is the most effective for removing organic phosphorus pesticide residues in leek, so you can use rice cleaning Soak in water for 10 minutes and rinse twice with running water. You can also add a little alkali when cooking leeks, because organophosphorus pesticides are also afraid of alkali. As for the B vitamins lost by adding alkali, you can eat other foods to make up. Adding alkali can also keep leeks green and look more appetizing. 4. How to eat fresh chives? Scrambled eggs with chives, tofu, pork liver, and shrimp skin are delicious. Scrambled eggs with leeks, leeks, tofu, tofu, fried with water, sautéed with leeks, minced garlic, salt, chili, seasoned leeks with dumplings, made as a leek box, spread into pancakes, and the noodles are super delicious. I have shared the practice of the leek box before the leek pie, link: another method of the leek box, without the alkali filling, it is also green, just these two tricks to share the practice of leek noodles today. A 2: 1 ratio of ordinary flour and water, add a handful of diced leeks, and mix into a dough, roll into slices, cut into thumb-wide strips, boil under water, add 1-2 times cold water, cook until no white core . When the noodles are cooked, if the noodles are sticky, just sprinkle dry flour, haha; if you like softer noodles, add more water. I like to eat leeks, do you like it? How do you eat them? By the way, there will be a taste in the mouth of the leek, how do you go, share the coup. References: [1] Jing Jianzhong, Liu Junli. Investigation of pesticide residues in vegetables sold in Binzhou city from 2016 to 2018 [J]. Forum on Preventive Medicine, 2019, 04: 306-308 + 311. [2] Song Dan, Li Chuanren, Jia Chunhong, Zhu Xiaodan, He Min. Residue monitoring and safety evaluation of five organophosphorus pesticides on leek [J]. Journal of Applied Entomology, 2016, 06: 1255-1260. [3] Li Yang, Ma Zhihong, Ping Hua, etc. Different cleaning On removal effect of organophosphorus pesticides in leek by different methods [J] .Journal of Food Safety and Quality Inspection, 2016, v.7 (02): 135-140.

Spring game

What are the game seasons in spring? Spring is the season of recovery of everything, not only the flowers and plants are recovered, spring is also a warm season, and some foods will also occur in accordance with the season. So, what food is good for you in spring? What are the seasonal vegetables in spring? Let Dr. Xinglin Dr. Cao tell you about it. The first leek. As the saying goes, “Spring leeks are fragrant, and summer leeks are stinky”. To eat leeks, you have to take advantage of spring. Leek is one of the best vegetables in spring, and some people call it the first delicacy of spring vegetables. Leek has the effect of warming the kidney and helping the yang, benefiting the spleen and strengthening the spleen. Eating more leeks can nourish the liver and strengthen the spleen and stomach. Leek is rich in dietary fiber, carotene, vitamin C, as well as fat, protein and spicy volatile propylene sulfide. Dr. Xinglin Dr. Cao reminded everyone: people with stomach burns should eat less. The second spring shoot. Spring is a good season for spring bamboo shoots. It was promoted as “the first vegetarian food” and “the king of spring”. The spring bamboo shoots are light and tender, rich in nutrients, and higher in content are cellulose and amino acids. Spring bamboo shoots are not only good vegetables or good medicine. Clinical studies in traditional Chinese medicine have found that spring bamboo shoots are sweet and cold, and have the effects of benefiting Jiuqiao, tonifying blood vessels, reducing phlegm and saliva, and reducing swelling. The third toon head. Toon is also known as “golden vegetables” and “tree vegetables”. It has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, strengthening spleen and regulating qi, sterilization and disease resistance. Not only that, it is rich in high-quality protein, vitamin C, calcium, phosphorus and other elements, is the leader in vegetables. The fourth dandelion. Dandelion has the effects of clearing away heat and detoxification, reducing swelling and loosening, and diuretic and leaching. It is suitable for diseases such as swollen boils, sore throat, red eyes, scabies, breast carbuncle, intestinal carbuncle, jaundice, fever and astringent pain. Dandelion is known as a natural antibiotic, with spectrum antibacterial and bactericidal effects, and the pectin content in dandelion is rare, which meets our demand for soluble dietary fiber. Dandelion is the most beautiful in spring, but her taste. Dr. Xinglin Dr. Cao told you a small recipe, soaking water with the roots and leaves of dandelion can treat fever, aphthous ulcers, sore throats, and lumps. Fresh topical treatment of postpartum carbuncle. Fifth shepherd’s purse. Shepherd’s purse is known as ground vegetable, thistle vegetable, ground rice vegetable and so on. It is a common wild dish, which helps to strengthen the body’s immune function, lower blood pressure, strengthen stomach and eliminate food, treat stomach cramps, stomach ulcers, dysentery, enteritis and other diseases. In the custom of “eating spring vegetables with spring equinox”, spring vegetables refer to wild vegetables that are just like spring buds. The most preferred vegetable for calcium supplement in spring is none other than shepherd’s purse. Shepherd’s purse is rich in nutrients, with high content of vitamin C, carotenoids and various minerals. Leeks, like spring bamboo shoots, toon, shepherd’s purse, etc. are all hairs. The above vegetables, except dandelion, are the foods with fever and wind. Some allergic people may experience uncomfortable reactions such as fever, itching, and grouping after eating. It can go away on its own after about 2 hours after stopping eating. If it is serious, you should seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Doctor Xinglin Cao finally told you: although wild vegetables are delicious, you must pay attention to allergies. If you want to eat game, and you want to avoid body allergies, please pay attention to my public number: Dr. Xinglin Dr. Cao. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.

Are leeks “hairs”? Who can’t eat leeks?

& nbsp. & nbsp. I have previously analyzed the legend of “mung bean antidote”, and today I will see if leek is a “hair”? In dermatology, patients often encounter questions such as “what to avoid”, especially chronic diseases such as chronic urticaria, chronic eczema, psoriasis, and vitiligo. “Hair” chives are also one of the hot spots of concern. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Leeks can be eaten all over the country, and folks also have a legend about “the leek is the hair”. In fact, leek is not only a common vegetable, but also a Chinese medicine. They have the same aliases in different regions, such as: qiyangcao, lazy cabbage, longevity leeks, aphrodisiac, and linseed, which not only have rich nutritional value, but also have certain pharmacological effects. 1. Bushen Wenyang. Leek is warm in nature and has a spicy taste, impotence in the main kidney. & nbsp.2, Yigan Jianwei. Containing special ingredients such as volatile essential oils and sulfides, it emits a unique spicy odor, helps to relieve liver qi, enhance appetite, and enhance digestive function. & nbsp.3, disperses blood stasis and promotes blood circulation, and conducts qi stagnation. It is suitable for abdominal pain, nausea, chest pain, and bruises. & nbsp.4, laxative. Leek is rich in fiber, promotes intestinal peristalsis, prevents the occurrence of colorectal cancer, and at the same time reduces the absorption of cholesterol, and plays a role in preventing and treating arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease and other diseases. & nbsp. & nbsp.5, improve immunity. The main nutrients of leek are vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, niacin, carotene, carbohydrates and minerals, and its unique spicy flavor is formed by the contained sulfide, which has a certain bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Help the body improve its own immunity. & nbsp. & nbsp. Who is not suitable for eating leek? & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Although leek is everywhere, not everyone can eat it. The following people need to avoid it: & nbsp. & nbsp.1. Leek is warm in nature, partial to warm tonic, and easy to get hot if eaten more. It is not suitable for people who often have symptoms of constipation, dry mouth, mouth ulcers, etc. Some psoriasis (psoriasis) patients have this constitution. Because of their low resistance, children easily get angry and should not eat more. & nbsp. & nbsp.2, Leek is rich in dietary fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, but it is also not easy to digest. Those with stomach ulcers, indigestion, heartburn, gastrointestinal upset, and loose stools should not eat more. & nbsp. & nbsp.3, people who are recovering from serious illness and cachexia should not eat it, so as not to affect digestive function. & nbsp. & nbsp.4. It is not suitable for consumption during pregnancy, lactation and menstruation The leek excites the uterus, and eating leek during pregnancy can cause fetal movement. The oxalic acid contained in chives can cause the uterus to contract and cause miscarriage. Leek also has the effect of returning milk, and should be fasted during lactation. & nbsp. & nbsp.5, the elderly, children and people with calcium, iron, zinc deficiency should eat as little as possible. Because leek is easy to antagonize with some minerals, affecting the absorption of trace elements. & nbsp. & nbsp.6, people with herpes, conjunctivitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, carbuncle and boils should not eat more

My grandson was poisoned by her grandmother ’s “leeks”, claiming 500,000 from her neighbor: you ’ll have to pay for the vegetables

When it comes to the elderly taking the baby, most of the voices of Tucao are on the Internet. The Tucao old people take the children to dance square dance and run away. The Tucao old people are too spoiling their children and the children are always self-centered. It is caused by the elderly, because the educational background, life experience and even value orientation of the two generations are different. Intergenerational education often brings trouble to the three generations of a family. Nowadays, the pressures of young parents’ life and economy are relatively large, and the pursuit of their own careers. Many young parents have to give their children to the elderly to take care of themselves, work hard in the workplace, and make money to support their families. Young parents do n’t have so much time to accompany and take care of their children. It ’s a frustrating thing to hand over to the elderly. At the same time, it is also quite unfair for children. The child is naturally affected by it, and his own quality will not be too low, but if some grandparents are not too high due to the education level and living environment, the quality is actually a disaster for the child. This is the case with Aunt Wang. Because the parents of the child work outside, the child is usually brought by Aunt Wang. Some time ago, Aunt Wang ’s grandson wanted to eat dumplings, and they also needed leeks. Aunt Wang had no leeks at home. She had to go to the market to buy some leeks. She saw that the leeks in the neighbor’s house were growing happily. In order to save trouble, she secretly picked some “leeks” from the neighbor’s house and returned. But what was unexpected was that her baby grandson shivered and foamed after eating dumplings with leek, and the whole person was confused. This terrified Aunt Wang, and quickly took the child to the hospital. After the doctor’s examination, the child was found to be food poisoned. Aunt Wang thought that she did n’t eat anything today, so she ate dumplings made by the neighbor ’s “chives”. She thought it might be that the neighbor deliberately poisoned the vegetable field, so she hurried home and went to the neighbor to ask for an explanation and opened her mouth. Claim 500,000 from the neighbor. The neighbors were ignorant after hearing this, and said angrily: “You have cut the vegetables of my family and it is reasonable? Besides, you are not cutting leeks at all. That is ocean narcissus. The child must be poisoned when he eats. Without knowing it, you will not be compensated for any loss. “But Aunt Wang insisted:” You must pay for the vegetables you plant “, insisting on compensation from neighbors. After this matter was posted online, many netizens were also filled with indignation. They thought that Aunt Wang was simply unreasonable. She clearly made mistakes and stole other people’s “leeks” and dared to claim compensation from others. It was too unreasonable. Moreover, the style of Aunt Wang will affect the child subtly, and the child grows up under this “distorted wind”, and it is difficult to form correct values. We often say that the child is a mirror of the parent. The child will follow what the parent does. However, for many families, due to limited conditions, intergenerational parenting is also impossible. Therefore, young parents should still communicate more with the elderly and reach a consensus on the matter of parenting, so that the children can be correct. The road ahead. 1. For young parents, family and career are often incompatible, but as parents of children, they should still accompany their children as much as possible. Especially in the years after the child is born, take more time to accompany the child, let the child develop good habits, help the child establish the correct values, and let the baby have a sufficient sense of security, which is the basis for laying the child’s character and ability. Will therefore be used for life. 2. For the elderly at home, as children, we should first respect and affirm the contributions of our elders and express our gratitude in due course. For the problem of raising children, we can communicate and communicate more with the elderly, make it clear that everything is for the good intention of the child, and seek solutions together. 3. Due to the differences of opinion between young parents and the elderly, occasional arguments are inevitable, but parents must pay attention to controlling their emotions and not evolve into quarrels. In particular, do n’t quarrel in front of the child, which is not good for the child ’s mental health. 4. Parents have time to pay more attention and learn more about the scientific parenting video or audio of some experts at home with the elderly. Spend time with the elderly and children. In fact, the old people are not reluctant to learn and accept new knowledge, as long as it is beneficial to their children, I believe that once they understand, they will execute faster than young parents. Actually, whether it’s parents