The leech of impotence

Leeches, commonly known as locusts, are often used in the clinic to treat stroke hemiplegia, uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, diabetes, etc., “Medications in the West” contains: “Where the medicine for breaking blood is more harmful, Only the leeches are salty, and the blood is divided into the blood, and the qi is not damaged. And after taking it, you do n’t feel abdominal pain and do n’t feel broken, and the blood stasis disappears invisible, and it ’s a good medicine. ” The composition is as follows: 30 grams of leeches are cooked together with a rooster for one pound, once every three days, once a month for treatment. At first, I did not pay much attention to this side. We believe that impotence is caused by kidney deficiency, and the treatment of kidney and impotence is given. Either effective or ineffective, later met a friend, after nourishing kidney and impotence for more than three months, impotence has no improvement, then let him try a private prescription, and tell Yu ten days later, the effect is very good, and then use this side alone to treat the disease in clinic , All have different degrees of efficacy, so the leech is used as a special medicine for impotence. Some people ask, is the disease of impotence related to blood stasis? Because leeches are good at removing blood stasis, I am puzzled, Yu told me: the reason why leeches can treat impotence. Its efficacy is 31. In cases of impotence, there are also local blood stasis. 2. All animal medicines have heterosexual proteins, which is a good medicine for kidney. 3. The leech can stretch and shrink, and its shape is slightly the same as that of the penis. & nbsp. The disease of impotence, which has many symptoms, is even more difficult. The reason is that the local microcirculation disorder is caused by insufficient blood supply to the genitals. Therefore, the use of leeches to improve blood circulation in the genitals is effective. Experience comes from the clinical, and I feel the advertising know. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp.