How to treat sensitive skin?

This problem is not a complete treatment strategy for sensitive skin, but only a list of effective treatment methods: 1. Stop all cosmetics used before, wash your face with cold boiled water or saline, and be careful not to use soap and hot water; in severe cases, you can choose oral Desensitization drugs “loratadine, sunlit, VC, VB6, calcium gluconate” etc., fasting spicy food. 2. LED red and blue light irradiates LED light with anti-inflammatory and sterilizing effects, improving microcirculation, and improving skin resistance. 3. Intense pulsed light therapy can activate basal cells and fibroblasts, reduce the sensitivity of nerve endings to light and heat, and inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms in the skin. 4. Mesodermal Mesotherapy The mesodermal water-light therapy is used to activate the self-repair function of skin cells, improve the blood circulation of the skin, release the cell regeneration ability suppressed by hormones, and rebuild vigorous and healthy skin. 5. Botulinum toxin water injection uses the effect of botulinum toxin on nerve endings and autonomic nerve functions to reduce the sensitivity of the skin’s neurons and provide a better treatment window for the improvement of pruritus symptoms in sensitive muscles; 6. Chemical peels Skin (if acid, salicylic acid, azelaic acid, etc.) has the effect of softening the stratum corneum, correcting the water content of the stratum corneum and the epidermis below, and using these acid products to stimulate the proliferation effect and accelerate the repair. In this treatment, it is necessary to grasp the degree, and no exfoliation can occur. 7. PRP injection therapy uses platelet-rich plasma PRP autologous cells extracted from peripheral venous blood by centrifugation to promote skin cell self-repair and immunity, enhance the epidermal barrier function, and treat and repair sensitive muscles.