No one makes you angry, it’s because you can’t look at each other truthfully

Autumn is here and the leaves are falling. How do you feel when you see the leaves falling? Perhaps most people will feel bleak. So why do you feel bleak? What is the relationship between fallen leaves and desolation? Did the leaves fall to make us feel desolate? Actually, this is not the case. This is just an ordinary natural phenomenon. We feel desolate, not the fault of fallen leaves. The inner desolation has nothing to do with the fallen leaves, nor does it lie in autumn. It is a fact that despite this, we are still used to blaming the desolation on the fallen leaves and autumn. In fact, bleakness has nothing to do with autumn. This is just our own feeling. In the same way, when a wife complains about her husband and says angrily: “Husband drinks late and makes me angry.” In fact, this is not the case. The husband didn’t make you angry, and no one made you angry. So, what is the truth? Seeing her husband returning late after drinking, “I” was angry. We often paint the image of the other half as we like, and even question why the other half is not what I depicted. Think about it, we believe in drawing each other’s hands, but blame each other why they are different from ours. Therefore, if a person can’t look at each other faithfully, this psychological illusion will cause greater pain for himself and the other party. From “The Art of Marriage”