How to get rid of workplace PUA?

First of all, what is PUA? I want to say that PUA is not a single incident, PUA must be a long-term mental injury that occurs to a person. The way your boss does things makes you uncomfortable, you tell him: doing so makes me uncomfortable. If the boss accepts and stops this behavior, and at the same time shows guilt to you. This is not a workplace PUA. It can only explain that there is a difference between your boss and your judgment on the same thing. The behavior that the boss thinks is OK, your judgment is not OK, this is normal. You come from different cultures, your educational background, experience, circle, and different gender roles may cause this difference. These differences need to be fully communicated, but they are not worth going online. Two people have these differences. It does not mean that the other party is doing bad things. In other words, don’t define it as a workplace PUA as soon as you get along with your boss. Maybe the other person is just used to his way of doing things, and (arrogantly) thinks everyone should be the same. PUA contains two elements: on the one hand, the other party makes you uncomfortable, on the other hand, it also makes you feel that you are uncomfortable because you are not right. Special emphasis should be placed on the latter: you are not comfortable with you. With this added, the thing that makes you uncomfortable is no longer as simple as an action/an occasional event/a cognitive difference. It makes you lose confidence in common sense and you begin to doubt your feelings and judgments. The second question is, how did this suspicion come from? I divide the methods of suspicion into three categories: deny feelings: you shouldn’t feel uncomfortable, “others are OK, why are you not OK?” This is your own question. Establish a universal norm, all inconsistent responses, and obliterate the legitimacy of its existence-don’t pretend, you have to learn to manage your feelings. Value kidnapping: Your feeling is uncomfortable, I admit, but the uncomfortable is for your own good. Don’t stay in your comfort zone, step out, in order to be a better version of yourself… This gives the injury a certain legitimate and irrefutable value. Yamy’s boss said that the artist ugly has to admit that there will be better development in the future, “ugliness is your advantage.” This argument is quite confusing, and I’ll talk about it later. Generic pressure: This is a unified rule. It’s the same wherever you go, you can’t escape (even others are not as good as me). Create a sense of isolation that “the world is so big, there is no place for you.” Just like some domestic violence men threaten each other: you go, you will not find a better man! The common feature of the three methods is to distort the cognition of the parties. Let people not know what is right and what is wrong; what should and should not be; what are rules and what is freedom. People don’t dare to resist when it hurts, and tolerate silently when it’s uncomfortable. Its harm to people is long-term, systemic, and more insidious. In terms of severity, even beyond the incident that caused the injury in the first place. For example, I was stepped on a foot. Does it hurt? pain. But as long as the other party realizes it and immediately apologizes, my pain is only temporary. But if the other party says: What hurts you calling, what hurts? Who told you to put your feet here? If you stand in an irregular posture, you will be stepped on. If you are not stepped on by me, you will be stepped on by others. I will step on your foot to teach you a lesson. Later, you will know how to stand well… These nonsense is not just a person. Say, everyone is saying that when it comes to I really suspect that I have a problem, I need to self-reflection and breakthrough. This injury is more profound, far more serious than the pain on the foot. It is deceptive. “Self-breakthrough” is right, but the question is not whether or not to break through, but that it is not “only” breakthrough. You have a choice. This is the key to how we judge a set of relationships—workplace relationships or intimate relationships—as “normal”: you are free. You have the right to choose. You choose to endure it for a certain purpose, choose to smile on your face, and choose to be strict with yourself and treat yourself harshly. At the same time, you know, you can also choose to leave! You can leave, but you choose to stay longer. This is the meaning of “freedom”, you are choosing, not “only”: you can only stay in the uncomfortable zone, you can only reflect on yourself, and you can only stay in this state (even if you don’t accept it, it’s useless ), your negative feelings can only rely on self-digestion… Those are not true! It is an illusion that envelops your whole body and mind, making you mistakenly believe that the current choice is inevitable and there is no other option. Once you have this feeling, when

What are the symptoms of infertility?

There should be a cute baby in every family, so this baby is the binder of the family, but there are also many families who have no way to have their own baby. That is because one of their couples may have a physical problem. , Leading to infertility. If the symptoms of infertility occur, it will have a serious impact on both people, and it may even cause the family to be fragmented. Many women said that their bodies did not have any symptoms at all. That is because everyone is infertile. The symptoms are not understood, let’s take a look at what are the symptoms of infertility. 1. If there are uterine fibroids, if you suffer from uterine fibroids, it will cause irregular holiday, and even abdominal pain or swelling. There will be abnormal bleeding, frequent urination, leucorrhea, and constipation, which will eventually lead to infertility. 2. Dysmenorrhea is particularly serious. When you come to menstruation, you must observe whether it is very serious. If it is unbearable, it will often cause nausea and vomiting, and your face will be pale and you will sweat. This situation is one of the phenomena of infertility. 3. Inflammation is also very common in women with inflammation. The main feature is that the leucorrhea is increased, just like a very thin foam, or the leucorrhea is very heavy and thick, it may be odorless or smelly, and women will feel itchy. Or pain, pain, and abnormal urinary system. 4. Amenorrhea is caused by lesions in some parts of the body, so that women have grown up but still have not taken regular leave, or have regular regular leave, but later did not come for regular leave for more than half a year, because the gonads have not developed healthily or endometrium suffer Damage, etc. Tips: There are many reasons for infertility, and there are many symptoms. Therefore, it is recommended that everyone should pay attention to the treatment of infertility and choose the appropriate treatment.

How many chances of conceiving a woman’s life

Pregnancy and childbirth are the natural instincts of women. But some people get pregnant only once or twice in life or are infertile for life, while some people can give birth to more than a dozen children. Excluding various self-factors, how many times can a woman conceive under normal circumstances? How many times can a woman conceive in a lifetime? How many children can be bred at most? -500. Normal women usually shed one egg during a holiday period, and a single female will shed two eggs. The normal period of normal girls’ menstrual leave is between twelve and thirteen years old, and menopause when they are nearly fifty years old. Once a month’s official holiday, every time I lay an egg, accidentally two. Then a year is 12 dooms, and a lifetime is more than 400. How many chances of conceiving a woman’s life? Because a woman has a total of more than 400 eggs throughout her life, that is to say, a woman has a total of 400 chances of conception. However, due to women’s reproductive years and other factors, are there really so many chances of conception? In fact, women’s chances of conception are far less than 400 times. A normal woman, usually the best childbearing age is 23 to 29 years old, assuming 12 eggs a year, then 23 years to 29 years at this time, only 84 eggs will be discharged. For example, if a woman gets married immediately at the age of 23 and immediately wants a child, her best chance of conception is only 84 times. And in the usual days, we may not be prepared every moment, so in these 7 years, almost half of the eggs will die in time, then correspondingly, the best chance of conception will be greatly reduced. . The actual situation is that the actual age of marriage of many women is mostly at the age of 25-26. Therefore, every woman must cherish every chance of conception when planning to have a child, so as to avoid missing the golden age of pregnancy.

Relative to queuing in the clinic, I recommend you to see a doctor on Weibo.

Now that everyone is paying more and more attention to the disease, so whenever there is a serious illness, everyone runs into the hospital. Although many people do not know what department to hang, it is easy to take time or take time off to the hospital. Consult again, register again, queue again, wait again, and check again, so that one day will soon be used up. Now everyone’s time is precious. Sacrifice a day or leave a day for no reason, then the loss to a person is very huge! Therefore, there is a more convenient way to see a doctor is Weibo. Now many doctors open accounts on Weibo, accept everyone’s consultation, you can save a lot of time, and can support anytime, anywhere within 24 hours, which is more worthwhile . For example, young people’s neck pain caused by working at their desks for a long time or when they often play mobile phones with their heads down. This phenomenon is very common. Muscle strain is common, so this very light and light case does not need to take leave Go to the clinic to see a doctor, just consult on Weibo. Give those limited resources to the elderly who really do n’t know how to use modern software or smartphones, and those who go to see doctors in other places. It is not easy for them to come to the hospital, and these young people can choose to consult doctors online through their mastery of modern technology. If it is not possible, they can come to the hospital for targeted examination because they have asked clearly before they come. What subject to hang, and then what to check, so that along the way, it will be much smoother along the way! Those young people who often work at their desks have neck pain, so they usually consider neck muscle strain. If these mild cases are not used in hospitals, they can be consulted directly on the Internet. If there are no other bleeding disorders, you can Cupping through acupuncture or scraping the symptomatically … well, surely, everyone should know how to do it, weigh their time, choose the most suitable way of seeing a doctor … I am waiting for you on Weibo!