Types and treatment of common scalp masses in children

The local scalp bulge is generally called a scalp mass. Scalp masses are more complicated: skin diseases; scalp hematoma; scalp infection; scalp lymphadenopathy; scalp benign lesions; scalp tumors; scalp vascular disease skull tissue lesions; even meningioma hematoma All can be expressed as scalp masses. The most common skin disease is that the warts are mostly benign. Other moles have vascular and non-vascular scalp hematoma. Most of them have obvious history of trauma. Hematoma without a history of trauma should be considered to be caused by blood diseases. The most common cause of scalp infection is lymphadenopathy caused by abscess and carbuncle or even fungal infection. Most infectious diseases include tenderness and swelling around the mass, and even fever throughout the body. The benign lesions of the scalp are mostly lipoma and fibrolipoma dermoid cyst sebaceous gland cyst. Common scalp tumors are embryonic tumors or metastatic tumors. Scalp hemangioma Hemangiomas can also manifest as scalp masses. The surface of this type of package is red or purple, and some have a sense of fluctuation. Skull tumors Bone tumors that occur in other parts can be on the skull. It is common for benign osteomas to have uniform growth density and uniformity. X-ray or ct can be followed up to determine. Langerhans histiocytosis of the skull is more common. Vascular lesions of the skull can also appear as scalp masses. Intracranial venous sinus dysplasia also appears as scalp mass. Scalp masses can appear in various tumor metastases throughout the body. A single hematological malignancy with scalp mass as the primary symptom has also been reported. The scalp mass should not be touched too hard; at least the tangential position x-ray should be performed before the scalp mass operation to check the relationship with the skull; the scalp mass must be pathologically checked after the operation. Treatment of lumps near the cranial sutures in children with possible meninges and brain bulges: In addition to lymphadenopathy, most scalp masses require treatment (including anti-infective treatment, surgical treatment, laser treatment)