What is the treatment for early vitiligo

Speaking of vitiligo, everyone is not unfamiliar. Vitiligo is easy to distinguish. The symptom is white spots on the surface of the skin. But what you may not know is that vitiligo is actually divided into many types. Pan-type vitiligo is one of them, and they are more. It is difficult to treat, so what is the treatment for early vitiligo?    One, timely diagnosis and treatment, and active medical treatment. When some patients learn about their patients with vitiligo, they will feel lucky and wait to see if they will get better on their own. This idea is wrong. The doctor pointed out that after learning that they are sick, they must Go to a regular hospital for treatment as soon as possible, and determine the treatment method according to your disease type. Don’t avoid doctors, or feel that your illness is too serious to be cured. Failure to seek medical treatment in time delays the opportunity for treatment.   Second, learn to vent depressed mood. If you encounter some unpleasant things in your life, you should learn to let go of things you don’t like, instead of being bored in your heart. Patients should learn to tell their good friends frankly about their difficulties and pour out depression, so as to release and reduce the psychological pressure caused by pan-type vitiligo, or perform appropriate exercises to resolve boredom, relax the mood and relieve psychological pressure by consuming physical strength.   Three, divert attention, forget the pain. For patients with generalized vitiligo, it is due to the developmental period. Vitiligo changes differently every day, and patients must learn to divert attention. Find something you like in your life to divert your attention and forget the unpleasantness in life, which will help you get better.   Fourth, keep a cheerful mood to prevent the disease from getting worse. According to clinical experience and related data, one of the reasons for the rapid development of vitiligo in many patients is depression. The depression, tension and other bad emotions produced by the patient will have a great impact on the overall function of the body. It may cause dysfunction of the nervous system and endocrine system, and reduce the body’s immunity. Moreover, bad emotions can also cause nerve endings to release neurotransmitters. Increase in quality, increase tyrosine consumption and reduce melanin synthesis. Therefore, patients should stabilize their emotions and maintain a positive mental outlook, which is conducive to controlling the deterioration of the disease. The above is the relevant introduction to “What are the treatment methods for vitiligo in the early stage”. Vitiligo is a relatively difficult disease to treat. The treatment is relatively slow. I hope that patients will be patient. Do not believe that some advertisements say that the effect is good and the effect is fast. It is because of your psychology and easy to be deceived, so go to the regular hospital system for treatment.

How to reduce children’s rebellious behavior

Reduce the child’s rebellious behavior and avoid yelling For parents of rebellious children, yelling is a very serious problem. Parents who often use yelling to restrain their children, educated children are more likely to have personal attacks, verbal attacks and social withdrawal, and lack positive behavior. When you yell, the child has found your weakness and successfully interfered with you. He has also learned to yell from you. Therefore, the more the parent yells, the more rebellious the child. How to get rid of yelling? There are three ways: ①Learn to be a listener and calm yourself down through understanding. ②Identify your own signs of anger, calm yourself down or leave early, and then solve the problem after you calm down. ③Use softly speaking instead of yelling, the smaller the voice, the greater the power.

[What is going on when children pee their pants during the day? 】

On Monday’s specialist outpatient clinic, the parents brought a 7-year-old girl who couldn’t control her urination during the day and peeed her pants inadvertently. The parents were very anxious and didn’t know what to do. According to the medical definition, this child can be defined as urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence refers to uncontrollable leakage of urine. Understand the normal development of bladder control ability The normal development of bladder control ability is from unconscious urination (urinary incontinence) in infancy to daytime control of urine. Under normal circumstances, this process can be completed by the age of 4, and finally at the age of 5-7. It can successfully control urination during the day and night [5]. Urinary abstinence is generally achieved after children learn to control their bowel movements during the day and night. The development of normal urination and storage capacity includes increased bladder capacity with age, increased coordination of bladder and urethral sphincter, and decreased frequency of urinary incontinence. Although there is no strict definition of normal urination habit corresponding to different ages, it is generally believed that normal urination means that there is no such dysfunctional urination habit. Bladder control and urination control The development of bladder control ability is a gradual maturation process. Children must first be able to perceive bladder filling, then learn to inhibit the voluntary contraction of the detrusor, and finally learn to coordinate the functions of the sphincter and detrusor. Children usually learn these skills around the age of 4, at least to control urine during the day. It takes months to years to learn night urine control after learning daytime urine control. Most children learn to control nocturia within 5 years old, and it is normal to learn night urine control only after 7 years of age. As the child’s ability to autonomously control the bladder matures, the bladder storage capacity will increase and the frequency of urination will decrease. Controlling urination relies on the complex interaction of autonomic nerves and somatic nerves, which is achieved through integration in the spinal cord, brainstem, midbrain, and higher cortical centers (Figure 1). Through the normal coordination of the central and peripheral nervous systems, it is possible to fill the bladder, store urine under low pressure and high discharge resistance, and urinate under low discharge resistance and continuous contraction of the detrusor (bladder wall muscle). Child urinary incontinence is divided into two categories: ●Enuresis or nocturnal incontinence Monosymptomatic nocturnal enuresis accounts for 80% of childhood enuresis. ●Day urinary incontinence Day urinary incontinence includes a variety of different diseases, usually referring to children 5 years of age and older, accompanied by persistent or intermittent urine leakage. Daytime urinary incontinence Among children aged 4-6 years, as many as 20% will occasionally get daytime urinary incontinence and wet clothes, and about 3% will have 2 or more urinary wet events per week. Suffering from day urinary incontinence refers to the occurrence of at least one urinary dampness event every 2 weeks. The older the child, the lower the prevalence: ●5-6 years old children –10% ●6-12 years old children –5%● Children aged 12-18 – 4% of the average age of primary school students included in an Australian survey was 7.3 years old, and 35% of the respondents completed the survey. Among them, 17% of parents reported that their child had a urinary incontinence. Urinary incontinence included Very light (urinary drips on underwear), 64% light (wetting underwear or pants), 15% medium (see leakage on outer underwear), 12% heavy (wetting on the floor or seat), 10 %. Risk factors for urinary incontinence include female, nocturnal enuresis, urinary tract infection and fecal incontinence. Day urinary incontinence can bring heavy pressure to school-age children, and the self-esteem of the children suffers adverse effects. Therefore, children with daytime urinary incontinence should be identified and treated as soon as possible. Daytime urinary incontinence usually has underlying bladder function abnormalities, which may include the following conditions: ●Overactive bladder ●Delayed urination and hypoactive bladder ●Dysfunctional urination ●Other causes of daytime urinary incontinence, including giggles Urinary incontinence, vaginal urination, and primary bladder neck dysfunction. These classifications are mainly based on the opinions of experts in the field of bladder dysfunction in children, and some diseases may overlap. In addition, as time goes by, the clinical symptoms will also change, so a child may have different types of characteristics. It can be seen that daytime urinary incontinence is a very professional problem, and you need to consult a professional doctor.

How do patients with vitiligo adjust their emotions?

   Although vitiligo leukoplakia is painless and non-itchless, it is nothing more annoying than psychological torture for patients. Vitiligo will erode their normal skin color and turn into embarrassing white patches, leading to inferiority. Don’t dare to be known by others, don’t want to listen to others’ words, and don’t want to be discriminated against by others. But such negative emotions do not have any benefits except for aggravating white spots, so it is important to learn to regulate yourself. So how do patients with vitiligo adjust their emotions? The appearance of leukoplakia has made a big change in life, but leukoplakia is only a part of life, and there are more beautiful things waiting to be discovered. At the same time staring at a problem for a long time, even a small problem will be magnified countless times, learn to divert your attention, don’t let yourself always think about white spots. You can go for a run, listen to music, and relax.   Properly vent    Negative emotions are suppressed in the heart, and they will indeed be blocked. Therefore, proper venting of negative emotions can also relieve them. Even if you cry, don’t feel ashamed. This is nothing. As long as it is a suitable method and can vent, you can give it a try. It is better than being bored all the time and causing other health problems.   Actively face leukoplakia    When leukoplakia appear, dislike one’s appearance, and care about others’ eyes, all kinds of invisible pressure will rush to the face and make people feel negative. Therefore, we must learn to face our own shortcomings. Now that we are suffering from leukoplakia, instead of blindly complaining about the injustice of the world, we should accept the disease and face it positively.   In order to recover from leukoplakia, sometimes mentality is more important than treatment, but it does not mean that other aspects are not important. Nursing work must be in place. Only in this way can leukoplakia recover effectively.

I hope your suffering will not get worse from now on

Today a mother brought her 18-year-old son to my clinic for help. After a detailed inspection and understanding of the situation, the boy’s armpit and abdominal vitiligo were active and generalized. I saw the old mother’s anxiety and helplessness, and also felt the child’s psychological defense line close to collapse. According to the description of the mother and son, it was discovered at the beginning that purpura was treated in the local top three hospitals. The hospital gave oral medicine and Chinese medicine treatment for 2 months without any effect. After two months of treatment in mid-June 2019, he went to Beijing Air Force General Hospital for help. Since August 2019, he has been in Beijing for treatment. According to my understanding, there are several methods of treatment: UVA, oral Chinese medicine granules, whitening tincture, white spot cream and other effects are not very obvious. Later, Beijing experts learned that there is a hospital in Baoding, Hebei (referred to as our hospital) that the equipment and treatment methods are very systematic and perfect, and it is recommended to visit our hospital. After detailed consultation, I learned that the mother and child’s family conditions are very bad, and the old mother has just completed breast cancer surgery, and spent all her family savings for medical treatment. I am in a very heavy mood. I will try my best to help this poor family and strive to let my children see the hope of recovery as soon as possible. It is not terrible for doctors to suffer from vitiligo. What is terrible is that they do not accept formal systems and professional treatment, which leads to aggravated development of the disease. Therefore, we must choose a professional hospital and a professional team of doctors to have better results.

How people with hair loss build their self-confidence

I know that in many people ’s mind, hair loss is a dismal and inferiority thing, but do n’t be afraid, we can change it through hair transplantation, so how to rebuild our self-confidence from the psychological aspect, the hair housekeeper tells you a few methods. 1. It is not terrible to stop self-criticism with shortcomings. What is scary is that you use your shortcomings to blow yourself down. Everyone will reflect and criticize themselves in life, but people with insufficient self-esteem will magnify their shortcomings indefinitely, and then crush their self-confidence, self-denial, and finally fall into low self-esteem and cannot come out. How to stop, tell you a way: Write down all your self-criticism of yourself on this day, and then think about telling these words to your favorite people. Do you feel bad after doing this? How can you say these things to your favorite people? Then you should not be so harsh on yourself, try to be reconciled with yourself, be better with yourself, and inspire yourself like the one you like. Second, the use of actions to change mentality. Psychological research shows that body language and expression have a very obvious impact on mentality and emotions. As a chestnut, have you ever experienced such a scene, when you are in a strange environment, suddenly a stranger has been laughing with exaggeration, and finally everyone around him, including you, will also laugh. This is a typical example where external actions change the mindset. So do some confident actions appropriately to suggest yourself, and slowly you will become confident. Like raising her hands like a Hercules, showing her muscles. After doing so often, you will become more and more confident. You can also say to the mirror before going out every day, I am really awesome today, I am so charming today, how can there be such a good-looking person and other positive tone to cheer myself up. Finally, be sure to walk upright and look at the front, instead of looking at the face of the passerby passing you, but looking at a point in the distance in front of you, so that your brain will automatically ignore the expression on the face of others , You will not care about other people’s eyes, so you will find that walking is walking, your aura will come out. Third, take the initiative to speak out your shortcomings. As the saying goes that bare feet are not afraid of wearing shoes, you can tell yourself that you are losing hair, and no longer cover up, then no one can take you out. After all, what are you afraid of when you are “bare feet”? Know how to ridicule yourself and occasionally laugh at yourself. When you are able to take advantage of your shortcomings and make fun of others, in fact, others will only think you are humorous and you are a very generous person and will not laugh at you. 4. Continue to learn and add points to your own inner sayings. It ’s the old man who learns old, the interesting soul and rich inner are the reasons why others like you, and it wo n’t be because you lose hair, the other party wo n’t like you. Some people may feel that they have a headache as soon as they see the words on the book. In fact, they are not necessarily reading to learn. You need to change a perspective to look at things in life and think from another angle. Learn a lot of knowledge. Finally, let ’s summarize how to learn from life: one is to have curiosity, the curiosity of any novelty is the beginning of your progress, and the other is to fully collect data and information, take notes, and then summarize by yourself when you encounter problems. Think about it so you can learn a lot in your daily life.