Started school, for strict prevention and control, did you miss these things in my small yellow schoolbag?

The long winter vacation finally came to an end in early summer. My family, Momo Xiaohuang, with a sudden increase of 20 pounds, was about to go far away from the online class and return to the offline physical school. & nbsp. Ask him if he wants to? It’s still good for online courses, there is no serial weekly exam. & nbsp. Ask him if he is nostalgic? It’s better to take the net class, and get up earlier than the chicken every day. & nbsp. asked him what he wanted? It ’s better to use online courses, and sports run with ideas. & nbsp. Remember a psychological net class, the teacher: “Next, teach the students to relax, breathe calmly, find a comfortable position to sit well.” Xue Mo Xiao Huang consciously lay down on the bed, the teacher: “Feel Breath flowing in the nasal cavity … relax … “After a few minutes, I woke up the obedient classmates! & nbsp. However, Cosy Enron does not create a generation of back waves that can be tossed. Although, Xiaomo Xiaohuang has been lamenting that time has passed recently, and the deadline for returning to the cage finally comes. & nbsp. Schools are opening all over the country, but the old father still has a hint of anxiety. Professionals know that it is really difficult to prevent and control thoroughly. & nbsp. The old school father of Mori Mori prepared these things for the school review package prepared by Xue Momo Xiaohuang. It’s getting hotter, and the N95 mask with a lot of ventilation resistance and a lot of ventilation resistance is good for protection, but it is not conducive to breathing. & nbsp. According to the State Council’s “Technical Plan for the Prevention and Control of New Coronary Pneumonia in Primary and Secondary Schools,” students should carry a mask that meets the standards of disposable medical masks or equivalent protection levels; students on campus in low-risk areas do not need to wear masks. & nbsp. So I prepared a disposable medical surgical mask for Xiao Huang, and it is a hanging ear type instead of a lace-up type. It is convenient for him to use it repeatedly in school. Prepare 2-3 a day. Or pollution. & nbsp. As for what occasions you need to wear in the school, according to the teacher’s requirements, it matters. The school must have detailed wearing rules. & nbsp. Hand hygiene products & nbsp. Contact transmission is one of the main transmission routes of the new coronavirus, and is also the method of dissemination of many other pathogens. So hand hygiene is very important. & nbsp. What’s more, Xiao Huang is learning Momo. It is inevitable to be questioned by the teacher, criticized, unavoidably blushing, scratching his ear. & nbsp. According to a survey of 26 students in Australia, the average person touched the face 23 times per hour, 36% involved touching the lips, 31% involved touching the nose, 27% involved touching the eyes, and 6% involved touching Touch this one on your face. & nbsp. If the above behaviors cannot be controlled, hand hygiene is undoubtedly crucial. How to do hand hygiene? & nbsp. 1. You can wash your hands (clean water, soap, medicinal soap, toilet soap, hand sanitizer) Xiao Huang Opinion: Occasionally, you can do it. There is no time to go to school to wash. Huang Yisen’s opinion: You must wash before and after meals, try to wash at other occasions. & nbsp.2. Quick-drying no-handwash disinfectant (containing 75% alcohol) Xiao Huang’s opinion: It can be used, but it occupies a certain volume, and it sprays more. It will take a while for it to dry. Huang Yisen’s opinion: The use of such disinfectants depends on whether there is irritation to the children’s skin after use, especially children with allergies. In addition, educate your children to spray this away from the fire, and do not spray on the face of others. & nbsp. 3. Small yellow sanitary wipes containing 75% alcohol. Xiao Huang Opinion: This can be done. After wiping your hands, you can also wipe stationery and wipe the table. Huang Yisen’s opinion: It is best to use sanitary wipes containing 75% alcohol. The scope of use is determined to be used in human skin and in independent small packages. & nbsp. Food grade fresh-keeping bags & nbsp. Something to be brought to school is more complicated, such as chopsticks, spoons, energy-filled snacks, and various items such as fruits, bread, etc. can also be distributed in the fresh-keeping bag. & nbsp. Masks that need to be used repeatedly can also be stored in fresh-keeping bags. & nbsp. In public places or when encountering dirt, you can also use plastic bags as gloves. & nbsp. Huang Yisen feels that these are necessary, if you have any supplements, please leave a valuable comment in the message area. ————————————————– —————————–