Nearly 80 million patients with rheumatism are disabled, understand 5 misunderstandings to avoid mistreatment and mistreatment!

There are as many as 230 million patients with various rheumatic diseases in my country, of which nearly 80 million people have long been accompanied by crutches and wheelchairs. Because many patients have insufficient understanding of such diseases, treatment is not timely, or there are many misunderstandings in prevention and health care, it is not uncommon to lose treatment and mistreatment. Today, Professor Huang Runyue, an expert in rheumatology in Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, answers the five misunderstandings commonly seen by most rheumatic patients. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp. Revealing the 5 common misunderstandings in the rheumatology department A large class of diseases such as cystic tendon and fascia; it covers a wide range of ten categories including connective tissue disease, spondyloarthropathy, degenerative or metabolic osteoarthropathy and infectious arthritis, including more than 100 kinds disease. Myth 2: There is nothing special to pay attention to in the diet Professor Huang Yunyue Answer: Many people think that rheumatic patients have nothing to pay attention to in the diet. In fact, this idea is wrong. Seafood soup and animal offal should be strictly prohibited for gout patients; for inflammatory arthritis patients, pork, beef, lamb, etc. “red meat” and sausages are recommended to eat up to 2 times a week, because animal fat contains A large number of ketone bodies, acids, arachidonic acid metabolites and inflammatory mediators, such as interleukin, etc., can easily cause and aggravate joint pain, swelling, decalcification of bone and joint destruction. Usually, low-fat milk, dairy products and fresh fresh fish are ideal protein supplements for rheumatic patients. These ingredients can relieve the pain caused by joint swelling in rheumatic patients. In addition, Chinese medicine pays attention to syndrome differentiation and chooses the correct diet according to its own constitution. For example, people who are hot and humid should avoid sweet and hot food, and people who are cold and humid must avoid raw fruits and food. This can be distinguished by a Chinese medicine rheumatologist and correct dietary guidance. Misunderstanding 3: Joint pain should be kept in bed. Professor Huang Yunyue answers: Some rheumatic patients dare not get out of bed for a long time because of joint swelling and pain. In fact, this kind of absolute braking is wrong. Persist in proper exercise to maintain physical fitness. And restore joint function, otherwise the body will become weaker and weaker, muscles of limbs and even the whole body will appear atrophy, joint stiffness, deformation, and become a lifelong disability. Rheumatism patients need to rest in the acute phase of joint swelling, and after the acute phase, they can do active or passive joint flexion and extension exercises on the bed, or they can regularly physiotherapy, and gradually increase the ability to wear, eat, take a bath and other living abilities. Myth #4: Rheumatism in confinement can be eliminated by re-pregnancy. Professor Huang Yunyue’s answer: People often say that confinement can be cured by confining confinement again. It depends on the specific situation. If it is a general joint pain caused by cold or postpartum qi and blood deficiency, it can indeed be improved by certain adjustments, but it does not necessarily have to sit next month. If it is a systemic rheumatism, such as Arthritis caused by systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatomyositis, etc. Due to the occurrence of these rheumatisms is related to the change of sex hormones in the patient to a certain extent, changes in sex hormone levels in the body after pregnancy and delivery may become rheumatic immunity The predisposing factors of the disease. Therefore, for patients with systemic lupus erythematosus, dermatomyositis and other conditions that are not well controlled, the second pregnancy should be carefully considered, there is a demand, and the condition must be completely relieved. During the period, you must also follow the doctor’s advice and regularly monitor. Myth #5: Drinking Bone Decoction can be used to supplement the shape and treat arthropathy. Professor Huang Yunyue’s answer: Many people think that enough calcium can be taken from Bone Decoction to achieve the effect of treating arthropathy. This is not the case. In fact, every 500 grams of bone is cooked for 2 hours, only 20 mg of calcium can be dissolved, and a glass of milk (200 ml) provides 10 times the calcium. For the elderly, the bone soup is dissolved A large amount of fat in bones, regular consumption may also cause other health problems such as hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease.&nbsp.For rheumatic patients, pay attention to eating less greasy food and insist on drinking milk (those with lactose intolerance can consider special milk powder) It is not advisable to consume too much protein and caffeine. Here, Professor Huang Yunyue advises the majority of patients to read more regular scientific articles and correctly understand such diseases

Gout gnawing like a tiger? 7 major tricks to reduce acid secret recipe

Every year on April 20th is the “National Day of Gout Care”. This is because “420” is the critical value for diagnosing hyperuricemia. Therefore, Dr. Huang Yunyue took everyone on the journey to fight against gout and entered health Small class, understand “gout”. Gout: Probably the oldest “rich and noble disease” This is the evidence that can be found in the ancient Chinese medicine books. In the Ming Dynasty, medical doctor Gong Tingxian called “greater disease”, “wine flesh disease” and “rich and noble disease” in “The Disease of All Diseases”. The disease is closely related to diet. Now, with the improvement of people’s living standards and high-quality diet, ordinary people have gouts everywhere. Gout: It hurts like a gout bitten by a tiger, commonly known as & quot.White Tiger Calendar & quot .. The pain of gout, the pain of the joints is like being bitten by a tiger, it really hurts! The occurrence of gout is caused by a substance called “purine”, because of abnormal metabolism of purine, excessive production of uric acid or less excretion, resulting in a kind of rheumatism caused by urate deposition in joints and other tissues. The most typical manifestation is the severe pain in the big toe at night when people are quiet. Look, the skin is red and local swelling; touch it, the local skin is hot, and most people can’t bear it. The little science about “gout” has said so much, what should I do if I have gout? Today, Dr. Huang Yunyue will give you 7 secret recipes for treating gout. In addition to the effect of clearing away heat and detoxification, it can also assist in the treatment of gout. Finally, remind that once the blood uric acid level exceeds 420, you should live a healthy life under the guidance of a doctor.