Butterfly back, peach hips, female group legs-beauty or disease? !

Do you think the beauty is really beauty? Want to have a beautiful back to get such a butterfly bone? Many girls still want to have peach hips like this? Is this still the case? There are also the “manga legs” and “girl group legs” that girls are popular with. But is the beauty in everyone’s eyes really a problem? Today, let ’s talk about it. 01 Butterfly Back Definition of 01 Butterfly Back The butterfly back, also known as the wing-like shoulder blade, is actually a posture problem. When it is serious, it will make you dizzy and nausea, causing a series of neck and shoulder problems. 02 How to judge whether you are a butterfly back 1. Observe whether the medial edge of the scapula protrudes upward when relaxed; 2. When the arm touches the back, observe whether the medial edge of the scapula protrudes upward. A “butterfly back” can cause your shoulder blades to become unstable, which can cause your shoulder joints to snap and even cause pain later. Knowing that I am a “butterfly back”, what should I do? 03 How to solve the butterfly back 1. Stretching the front muscles 2. Back muscle training 02 Peach hips 01 Definition of peach hips Peach hips refer to a type of hip with more developed middle gluteal muscles, and the shape is on both sides of the hip No depressions. However, many people want to practice “peach hips” without success, but instead practiced “pelvic forward tilt.” 02 How to judge whether you are leaning forward? First, let’s judge if you are leaning forward. Find a wall with hips and shoulders close to the wall. Observe the distance between your waist and the wall. If it is just one palm away, it is a normal pelvis; if it is a fist or more, it is “pelvic forward.” Too. 03 Definition of Pelvic Leaning Pelvic leaning means that the strength of the abdominal muscles is poor, the transverse abdominal muscles are weak, and the lower abdomen protrudes forward, forming a “sucking ass” posture. Leaning the pelvis can cause many problems, such as low back pain, patella softening, and a series of knee pains. 04 Causes of pelvic forward leaning 1. Sedentary or incorrect sitting posture makes the iliopsoas muscles tense and gluteal muscles weak, causing the pelvis to lean forward. 2. & nbsp.Long-term bad posture, when walking or standing, the hunchback and waist collapse will slowly form “pelvic forward tilt”. 05 How to deal with the pelvis leaning forward The pelvis leaning forward for a long time may cause low back pain; because the center of gravity is forward, it may affect the knee, causing knee pain and injury, such as patella softening. So what should I do with the pelvis forward? 1. Stretching the iliac psoas muscle 2. Relaxing the erector spinae 3. Exercising abdominal muscles & nbsp.a. Abdominal breathing & nbsp.b.DyingBug dead worms 4.Gluteal muscle training 5.Improving daily postures Sitting posture Standing 03 Women’s group legs recently At a certain station, the girl group’s leg stretching tutorial was praised by many girls for punching exercises. After careful reading, they found that these movements are not suitable for everyone. It is very likely that the calf has not been thinned, and the knees are abandoned. . . (We will follow up the specific movement analysis, you can comment to express your doubts) We continue to analyze the leg shape, and searched a lot of pictures of the self-proclaimed female group legs and comic legs. The editor wanted to say: If you are not thin, you can say yourself Good leg type. Didn’t you find these problems with the knee overstretched and XO-shaped legs? 01 How to solve the knee hyperextension, internal buckle, XO leg internal knee buckle may cause damage to your knee cartilage, and even severe patellar dislocation may occur! How to solve the above problem? Here are some simple action recommendations for everyone. For details, please see the related articles of our previous subscription number ~ 1. Foam axis relaxes the iliotibial bundle 2. Hamstring training 3. & nbsp. Buttocks training 4. & nbsp. Four heads At the end of the inner muscle head training, the editor wants to say that the thinner the better, the health is the beauty.