Classic Moments-The Tibetan-Dr. Haishu Rereads Internal Classic 0724

【Original】Small kidneys can be difficult to get dirty, and large kidneys are good for low back pain. If the kidney is high, there is pain in the back and back, so it is not allowed to lie back; the lower part of the kidney is sore in the waist, so it is not allowed to lie down, because it is a fox hernia. A strong kidney does not suffer from low back pain; a fragile kidney is good for the disease and easy to hurt. If the kidney is regular, it is good and hard to hurt; if the kidney is tilted, it will cause pain and waist pain. 【Translation】The kidneys are small in size, functioning normally, and are not easily damaged by evil; large kidneys are prone to low back pain and cannot bend forward and back and are easily injured by evil. High kidney position, often back pain and unable to pitch forward and backward; low kidney position, waist pain and unable to pitch, prone to form fox hernia of the scrotum. If the kidneys are firm, there will be no back pain and other diseases; if the kidneys are fragile, they are prone to deficiencies. If the kidney is in an upright position, the kidney qi can harmonize and benefit, and the evil qi is hard to damage; if the kidney is in a deviated position, pain in the back and buttocks will occur. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Haishu Press: The position of internal organs and the position of external muscles can influence each other. Is low back pain necessarily a problem with the disc? Good morning [rose]