Want to lose weight and reverse the fatty liver that explodes? Let a Chinese doctor who helps patients lose 40,000 pounds teach you

Hello everyone, I am Wang Dian, a Chinese medicine studio with Taiwan characteristics. I have been practicing for doctors for the past few years. I have helped patients lose more than 40,000 pounds. There are actually a lot of myths about weight loss. For example, what should I do if my body fat is too high? How to reduce body fat? Then we must first understand body fat, its solid fat is divided into two parts of subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. These two kinds of fats are the places where our bodies store energy, but their characteristics are actually different. Too much subcutaneous fat will cause our body to be obese, but the beautiful apple muscles on our face and part of the chest, In fact, it is all subcutaneous fat. When we are slimming down, we actually don’t want to lose weight to these two parts. The visceral fat is mainly distributed around our internal organs, which can protect our organs and reduce friction. However, visceral fat is a risk factor for heart disease, diabetes, and high blood pressure, so for health reasons, we should reduce visceral fat as much as possible! What should we do to eliminate subcutaneous fat? Subcutaneous fat can cause our body to be more obese. The characteristic of subcutaneous fat is that its distribution is uneven. When we get fat, we will first accumulate in our waist and abdomen, buttocks then chest, and finally fat shoulders and face. But when we are thin, the whole process is reversed. Usually, you will feel that your face becomes smaller first, and then your chest begins to sag. Therefore, when we want to reduce subcutaneous fat, we must use the correct way to lose weight, so as not to lose weight to the chest in the whole process! But it is not really thin to the stomach, because of the relationship between hormones, so girls will accumulate subcutaneous fat more easily than boys, especially during pregnancy, even if we control the weight carefully, in order to protect the fetus in the abdomen, so The subcutaneous fat on our waist and hips will become thicker. Even if we only eat a little and only gain a little weight, the subcutaneous fat on the waist and hips will become fatter after pregnancy, so I want to talk to my mother here. Say you are really hard! There are two main reasons for excessive subcutaneous fat. The first is to make too much, and the second is to burn too little, because subcutaneous fat is a place to store energy, so if we eat too much, of course we will store too much Subcutaneous fat, another reason is that it burns too little, why does it burn too little? Here, Dr. Wang wants to remind everyone of a very important way to lose weight, that is to eat a small amount of meals. The reason is that even if we only eat a little bit each time, our body will always be in a state of absorption. There will be no time to burn subcutaneous fat, so we must use the correct way to lose weight to be able to thin to the subcutaneous fat we want to lose weight. How to improve the problem of excessive subcutaneous fat? We are mainly divided into two parts: exercise and diet. In this part of the diet, we must take as much protein and fiber as possible. We must reduce the proportion of starch intake and try to keep it at about 10% to 30%. When we want to reduce fat, the starch we choose should be whole grain or bean starch. Try not to eat exquisite pasta such as rice, then we can use brown rice instead or eat some sweet potatoes. The most recommended by Dr. Wang here is legume starch, because legume starch is not easily absorbed. It ’s less likely to raise our blood sugar. We can also eat mung beans or winter powder made from mung beans to replace the rice or bread we usually eat. Current research shows that white meat is actually harder for us than red meat. Weight gain. Therefore, chicken, duck and fish meat can be taken in moderation. As for red meat such as beef or lamb, we can reduce the proportion of intake. In this part of the sport, I hope that everyone will not only do aerobic exercise, it should be aerobic exercise and weight training can be parallel, so that we are in the process of weight loss. It will not lose weight to muscles, and it will not let our metabolism rate decrease. Follow me The next article tells you how to eliminate visceral fat? If you like Dr. Wang’s health knowledge sharing, welcome to follow and forward it to friends around you. I don’t charge tuition. I only pay attention. I don’t want fans. I just want friends. Haha, thank you all. & nbsp. & nbsp.