Receiving pelvis = sucking belly? How to correct the pelvis forward!

Some time ago, everyone was at home, and many friends reacted to sitting for a long time. After standing for a long time, they will have the pain of waist pain. This will mention the posture problem we often say. Adjust the pelvis to the correct position, relax the muscles of the lower back, and reduce the pressure on the lumbar spine. But there are many friends who do n’t know what is the relationship between the position of the pelvis and low back pain? What is the correct way to receive the pelvis? Today I will tell you this answer. What is the pelvic forward? The pelvic forward is mainly caused by the imbalance of the two groups of muscles around our pelvis that are antagonistic to each other. One group is the iliopsoas muscle and erector spinae of the forward tilted pelvis; the other group is the rectus femoris, hamstring and gluteal muscles of the backward tilted pelvis. When the iliopsoas muscle and erector spinae are tense, and the rectus femoris, gluteus, and hamstring muscles are weak, it will cause the pelvis to lean forward. The hazards of pelvic forward leaning 01 Most of the causes of muscle strain and low back pain when the pelvis is leaning forward are due to the tension of the erector spinae. When the pelvis leans forward, the erector spinae is under tension for a long time, causing muscle strain and resulting in low back pain. 02 Excessive pressure on the lumbar intervertebral disc when the pelvis is leaning forward. As can be seen from the picture, when our pelvis is tilting forward, the hips that are pushed back increase the angle of curvature of the lumbar spine, which in turn increases the pressure on the soft tissue around the lumbar spine and the disc The muscles of the lower back and the fascia are in contraction for a long time, and after a long time, fasciitis causes low back pain. This is the reason why we need to adjust the position of the pelvis when we have low back pain ~ How to judge whether it is the pelvic forward method-We can use two pens to place them on the joint of the anterior superior iliac spine and pubic bone, if they are in a straight line, then It shows that there is no problem of pelvic forward leaning. Method 2 is a simpler method to judge the pelvis forward. Under normal circumstances, the distance between the waist and the wall is about a palm. If it is greater than this distance, it means that the pelvis is leaning forward. The example of correct pelvis tightens the core, and the lower abdomen and the gluteal muscles simultaneously tighten the pelvis. It will not be possible to imitate Mike Jackson’s dance. ~ Wrong pelvic example. Most small partners receive a breath, so not only the pelvis If it is not transferred back, it may also affect normal breathing, and even make the muscles of the waist more tight, resulting in increased back pain. How to prevent and correct pelvic forward leaning 01 Stretching the iliac psoas muscle 02 Relaxing the erector spinae 03 Strengthening the core strength Abdominal breathing dead insects Bird and dog style Today’s sharing is over here, I hope everyone can get rid of the problem of low back pain, come on Yo ~ See you next time!