In ancient times, they were single eyelids. Why do modern people treat double eyelids as beautiful? ❓

A Dream of Red Mansions often said: two curved willow leaves hanging eyebrows, a pair of Danfeng triangular eyes. Whether it is from the earliest murals to the pictures of beautiful women in the Ming and Qing Dynasties, or from the Terracotta Warriors of Qin Shihuang to the Tang Sancai, almost all the characters appearing in ancient literary and technological works are mostly single eyelid. Presumably everyone knows that the ancient Han people were the “pure line” Mongolian race, and the single eyelid is one of the characteristics of the Mongolian race. Because of the oppression of fat on the eyelid, a fold was formed, blocking the upper eyelid and forming a single eyelid. However, slender phoenix eyes and single eyelids became the aesthetic standards in the eyes of the ancients. Nowadays, people often say big eyes with double eyelids. In fact, from the later period of the Anti-Japanese War, it is not difficult to find that the individual albums are no longer just single eyelids, but have slowly changed to the direction of big eyes and double eyelids. In recent years, there have been substantial changes. Whether it is a star or an ordinary person, whether it is a photo or a poster, almost all the characters appearing in it are mostly smart eyes. People began to pursue fashion beauty more and more, the reason is not that the appearance of modern and ancient people has changed, but that the aesthetics of ancient and modern have undergone a major reversal. If you had a single eyelid in ancient times, it might be a beauty but it is quite different in modern times. If you have a single eyelid or small eyes, you may be said to be tired and lazy. In fact, it is not that you are really tired, or that you are lazy, but your eyes are half open and half closed. If you are a single eyelid, small eyes may be said to have eyes and no energy. Do you know the mystery among them ❓ is not really that your eyes are really indifferent ❗ but your small and single eyelids ❗ times have changed from ancient times Become modern, do you still want to stay in the era of single eyelid ❓ all the net celebrities in the popular small video apps are big eyes, double eyelids, are you sure you don’t want to make yourself beautiful? Now there are double-fold eyelid, double-fold eyelid, fixed-point double-fold eyelid for your choice, come and pick me, babies, let yourself counterattack as a goddess, come and pick your double eyelids, create a different you