5 characteristics of depression recognition

   There are 5 characteristics in the recognition of depression? Depression is a very common mental and emotional disease, which is very harmful to people’s spiritual world. If symptoms of depression appear, they must be treated in time. Then what are the symptoms of depression? Today, the editor will explain to you that there are 5 characteristics in the recognition of depression:    There are 5 characteristics in the recognition of depression:   1, change: the personality has changed significantly, and the front and back are different.  2. Worry: Many patients with depression will experience depression and pessimism, depression, lack of confidence and vitality, and a sense of despair. The medical education network collects and organizes feelings of depression, depression, lack of interest in all things outside, and feelings of a lot of physical discomfort.  3. Laziness: Laziness is a typical feature of patients with depression. This type of laziness is sudden fatigue and weakness for no reason, consciously lazy and incompetent, even lazy to cope with daily life, simple work or housework.  4, dullness: reduced movement, dull and passive movement, slow thinking, difficulty in conception, decreased memory and concentration, and significantly decreased understanding and brain function.  5. Worry: think too much, anxious, crazy, restless, or helpless, often blame oneself, and low self-esteem. Generally speaking, long-term treatment is difficult to heal, or insomnia of unknown cause, which lasts for several weeks or even months, may be an important signal of depression.  Depression not only has the above five symptoms, some people with depression may feel unwell, but physical examination will show that they are physically healthy.   In summary, there are five characteristics of the recognition of depression as mentioned above. If you have the above symptoms, you must pay attention to it and do not let it go, otherwise it will cause serious mental harm.