Do your teeth really look good?

Teeth are one of the organs of the human face, showing the image and temperament of a person. In this age of pursuit of beauty, everyone wants clean and beautiful teeth. Different people have different views on the concept of beauty. Some people think that clean teeth are beautiful, while others think that white teeth are beautiful. What kind of teeth are the most beautiful? As a dentist, I analyze dental aesthetics from a professional perspective, and teach you how to avoid pits and lightning protection in the process of pursuing beauty. You must know that being neat and white is not enough! No. 1: Neat and symmetrical. In our Chinese tradition, left-right symmetry is one of the criteria for measuring girls. People can see at a glance whether a person’s teeth are neat and symmetrical, so it is very important! But the neatness in the eyes of the dentist also includes normal overlying coverage, which means that the upper front teeth have to bite the lower front teeth and cover 1/3 of the lower teeth. If there are more, less, or left, it will not look good. These situations of deep overlying and deep over-covering need to be solved by orthodontics. Simply using braces, a cosmetic crown is absolutely impossible! No. 2: The shape of the teeth. Each tooth has its own fixed shape. It is scattered and formed into a curved curve. It is too large or small, and the height is the same. It is not beautiful. If the teeth are too small, the teeth can be repaired by veneers and porcelain teeth. No. 3: Clean! No matter how neat the teeth are, if they are black and dirty, they are no good. Dental calculus pigment smoke spot We can clean teeth, sandblasting, etc. to remove dental calculus, pigment, usually pay attention to oral care, quit smoking, eat less pigmented foods in order to have clean teeth. 4: Gum shape, normal gums are pink and tough. The free gums on the edge of the tooth are pink, thin and close to the tooth surface. The gingival papilla fills the adjacent tooth contact area without atrophy or swelling. Swollen gums, receding gums, and gum pigmentation. These need to be cured by teeth cleaning, periodontal surgery, oral laser, etc. No. 5: This is a problem that many people care about, and that is the color of the teeth. The concept of “one white covering a hundred ugliness” is deeply rooted in people’s hearts. Does white teeth mean beauty? the answer is negative. Our Asian teeth are naturally yellowish. As we age, our teeth will appear yellower. We can try some ways to make teeth white, but we have to choose the degree of whiteness according to skin color and age. The resin embossed teeth made by some dental beauty institutions are white and neat, but they ignore the layering of the teeth. The color and transparency of different areas of a tooth are different. The color of the cut end of the tooth has the best transparency, the tooth surface is whiter, and the tooth neck is slightly yellow. Teeth like 6D nano embossed teeth have no layering and look very rigid and unnatural! So be sure to go to a regular dental institution to do teeth whitening, veneers and other restoration treatments. No. 6: Tetracycline teeth, fluorosis teeth, enamel hypoplasia, dead pulp teeth, etc. Although the teeth are neat, the color and smoothness of the teeth are greatly reduced! Tetracycline dental fluorosis and dental enamel hypoplasia need to be repaired by porcelain teeth and veneers. The beauty of teeth is not simply neat and white. Aesthetics is a complex concept. Look at the shape of teeth, gums, age changes, layering, transparency, saturation, skin color, face shape, etc. Neat and symmetrical, smooth and clean, harmonious and decent, sometimes it requires oral multidisciplinary treatment. The blind pursuit of neatness and whiteness often backfires. It is necessary to go to a regular dental institution and have a professional doctor design an aesthetic plan to achieve the most perfect results. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.