The antipyretic medicine at home is turned on, can I put it in the refrigerator? Can it still be used?

There are many problems in the fan base, and there are a group of worried old mothers. &nbsp.Everything is for the child, Huang Yisen will answer seriously no matter how late it is. &nbsp.Is this color normal in the antipyretic drug ibuprofen? &nbsp. The unopened antipyretic ibuprofen can continue to be used if stratification occurs. Layering before opening is normal, just shake well before use according to package instructions. &nbsp.The antipyretic drug ibuprofen (Merrill Lynch) should be stored in a dark and airtight manner in accordance with the requirements of the instructions. It is generally recommended that the storage temperature does not exceed 20°C. &nbsp.Because of the special suspension state, it is normal for the suspension to have precipitates or flocs. It needs to be shaken before use, and the properties should be uniform after shaking. Because the drug particles will be uniformly distributed in the suspension system again. &nbsp. Generally speaking, the longer the suspension is left, the more obvious the layering phenomenon will be. It may need to be shaken several times to make it evenly dispersed. &nbsp. If the antipyretic drug ibuprofen that has been opened has stratified, you can shake it and observe it. Under normal circumstances, the antipyretic drug ibuprofen (merin) has an orange suspension and fragrance. If it is degeneration and stratification, after shaking the antipyretic medicine, the liquid medicine cannot be restored to its original status, and it can no longer be used at this time. &nbsp. So the question asked by the mother, ibuprofen is shaken after opening it, if it does not restore its original properties, consider changing to a bottle. &nbsp.Can the antipyretic drug ibuprofen be opened in the refrigerator? Can it still be used? &nbsp.The storage temperature of antipyretic drug ibuprofen does not exceed 20℃. If the ambient temperature exceeds 20℃, it can be placed in the refrigerator. &nbsp. Store in strict accordance with the storage conditions. If there are changes in characteristics such as stratification, precipitation, peculiar smell, or contamination, it cannot be used. &nbsp. Liquid preparations can be used within a certain period of time after being opened, but they are easily contaminated as the number of openings increases. Therefore, if they are not used for a long time after opening, it is recommended to store them strictly according to storage conditions. If the storage conditions are unstable or uncertain, it is recommended to use cautiously or replace the bottle with a new one after opening for a period of time. There is no clear time limit here. ————————————————– ——————————Fudan University Affiliated Pediatric Hospital (National Children’s Medical Center) Huang Jianfeng, deputy chief physician original. Welcome to forward and help more people. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.Huang Jianfeng&nbsp.&nbsp.Associate Chief Physician of Respiratory Department of Pediatric Hospital of Fudan University (National Children’s Medical Center) is good at bronchial asthma, bronchial pneumonia, acute and chronic coughs, repeated respiratory infections, and infants wheezing Diagnosis and treatment and assessment of lung function. Served as a member of the Children’s Pulmonary Function Collaboration Group of the Respiratory Group of the Pediatric Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, a member of the Expert Committee of the Chinese Children’s Asthma Action Plan of the National Telemedicine and Internet Medical Center, a member of the Allergy Physician Branch of the Shanghai Medical Association, and a youth member of the Shanghai Allergy Specialty. He has published more than ten papers including SCI, and participated in the compilation of many books such as “Children’s Asthma Clinic” and “Practical Internet of Things Medicine”.