40-year-old man with lung cancer made the wrong film and almost missed the best period of surgery

This is a middle-aged man in his 40s. He found an 8mm ground glass nodule in his left lung tongue during his physical examination last year. I once watched his film, he brought a film with a thickness of 5mm, so this result is not obvious, and the density is very light. We saw that the first film was a faint shadow of a nodule like cloud and fog, so we suggested that he observe and tell him that when he does follow-up review in the future, he should make a 1mm layer, very Clear thin layer CT scan. Therefore, he had a chest ct examination with a thickness of 1mm during the reexamination this year. We saw that this nodule was very obvious. It was a ground glass nodule with a hollow tracheal sign. It is highly suggested in imaging studies. The possibility that the nodule is lung cancer is very high, so he was given a tongue resection under the single-hole thoracoscopy of the chest. The operation process was very smooth, and the pathology during the operation confirmed that it was adenocarcinoma of the lung. There was no problem with the lymph nodes. It was just an early lung cancer, which was completely cured after resection. Therefore, from the chest ct for the examination of small pulmonary nodules, thin-layer ct scan should be done. Furthermore, from the imaging judgment, there are many small holes in the patient’s lesions. The bronchial signs are very obvious. This is also highly suggestive that it is a vicious sign. Although less than one centimeter, it is an early manifestation of lung cancer. Early detection, and then can be cured after surgery.