What kind of experience is wearing a wig?

The origin of the wig has a long history, and the great Louis XIII taught us: the hair is not enough, the wig comes together. Because of the severe hair loss and scars on his head, Louis XIII brought on a wig and opened the era of small fragments of men in medieval Europe. Louis XIV is the standard wig control, which can’t be reached by any lady in the harem-48 masters make wigs for him, and the wigs at home can be piled into a hill. In modern times, wigs have already entered our daily life and become a kind of “overhead fashion”. The public figures we often see may be wearing wigs. CCTV news anchor Li Zimeng, everyone should be familiar with it. In order to maintain a serious and dignified image, the style of wearing is relatively calm, so sometimes it is necessary to wear a wig hood. The picture below is what it looks like on TV. The picture below shows her original hair. In fact, the image of her with her wig removed is more lively. The current mainstream uses of wigs, such as covering hair loss, medical wigs, and non-mainstream uses, such as decoration, rich hairstyles, beauty, and anime wigs. Because of my career-related, I usually contact many hair friends who use wigs to decorate their hair. Wigs have many uses, and are currently used in several categories: 1. Cover hair loss or other hair problems. Mainstream wigs refer to traditional and practical products, such as cover hair loss, hair extensions, hair curtains, cover accessories– Horsetails, bangs, braids, medical wigs, etc. Many wigs are used because of hair loss. Wigs are already secrets in the entertainment industry. For example, Dong Zhou, Xue Zhiqian, and Koi Chao have all used wigs. In serious cases, wig sets will be used. The celebrity “Bai Zhantang” Sha Yi, who we know, was pitted by his son on the show. In fact, he usually wears a wig. 2. Image display needs, celebrities, celebrities and celebrities often use wigs, such as the image needs mentioned earlier. From the earliest drama, to today’s screens, screens, and stages, wigs have undoubtedly been an important prop for actor modeling. Fan Bingbing’s daily wig styling TV drama wig styling 3. Anime wig Anime wig, COSPLAY as the development of non-mainstream wigs, its design is bold and open, cold and stylish, in line with modern personalized social needs and spiritual yearning, is currently the world’s synchronous popular non-mainstream Logo products for wigs. 4. Anyone who has watched a Hong Kong drama in their careers should have noticed that Hong Kong’s “big man” (lawyer) wears a white wig when he goes to court? In fact, this uniform wig and wigandrobes dress is a solemn symbol, showing respect for the law. And the uniform professional dressing can also make people’s attention more focused on the case trial itself, rather than the strange dress of the lawyer. This habit originated in Britain. At that time, wigs spread to Britain. Rich merchants and royal nobles in England began to wear wigs. By 1660, many taller professions required practitioners to wear wigs, such as lawyers. Due to social development, lawyers in the Commonwealth countries were required to bring wigs to court. The British brought this tradition to Hong Kong, and the Hong Kong judicial community followed the British tradition. But now the UK is gradually abolishing this regulation. Since October 2, 2008, most judges and lawyers in the country can no longer wear wigs in court except for the judges who try criminal cases. In the future, you may only see court wigs on TV. The development of wigs is also based on people’s attention to hair. The reason why hair is important is because of its limited physiological effect. Compared with it, its symbolic meaning is more critical. A person’s hairstyle not only reveals his/her taste, but also reflects occupation, social class, etc. Just like many people ridicule, programmers with thick hair are not good programmers, they are both paragraphs and exaggerated reflections of reality. However, bad wigs, especially for people with hair loss problems, are likely to make jokes. In the Oslo race of the IAAF Diamond League, a very rare anecdote happened: when Nigerian player Okabarbare jumped into the bunker, the wig suddenly fell off. If you shake your head too much, you will easily drop your head, and the wig will also fall off. In this season, it is very easy for “accidents” to take temperature. Wigs are put on. Although wigs bring a lot of convenience, the pursuit of real hair is still the status quo of most people. If you can’t handle wigs well, it may be better to choose a hair transplant. For unusually sparse overhead conditions, you can