Talk about the tearing war of essential oils!

As a person of essential oils, we know that essential oils are professional, and we also understand the complexity of the essential oil market. Too much exaggeration of the role of essential oils, taking part in fakes, confusing, sub-charging good, using the wrong method of publicity, makes many people disgusted. Many doctors have also publicly criticized the lack of scientific basis for essential oils. Unilateral essential oils are irritating to the skin and are a common allergen. Some essential oils are even toxic. There are also people who really like essential oils, from skin care to physical and mental feelings. At present, foreign aromatherapy is also used as an adjuvant therapy, and even included in the scope of medical insurance. Doctors can prescribe essential oils for patients. Certified aromatherapists can equip consumers with compound essential oils for some health problems. These two seemingly completely opposite attitudes have their factual basis. This kind of controversy is just like the domestic controversy of Chinese medicine. Essential oils are very different from vegetable oils. Most essential oils are organic aromatic volatiles obtained by distillation of plant flowers, leaves, whole plants, bark, seeds, etc. There are other processes, such as supercritical extraction. It is obtained by pressing. The main components are alkenes, acids, alcohols, esters, ketones, aldehydes, etc. For example, there are more than 2,000 kinds of aromatic chemical molecules known as real lavender essential oil. The domestic standard for unilateral essential oil is GB / T26516-2011 massage essential oil. The document states that this standard applies to massage essential oil products that need to be diluted with massage base oil before being used for human skin massage and care. However, professional aromatherapy has a strict distinction between essential oils. Essential oils need to be properly labeled with Latin, origin, and extraction methods in order for buyers to truly identify the type and risk of essential oils. The supervision of essential oils by the China Food and Drug Administration has not been so strict. For example, we often say that lavender & nbsp. Essential oils are divided into head-shaped lavender, spike flower lavender, super striking lavender, Grosso lavender, real lavender, highland lavender and so on. Lavender Spike contains high ketone molecules. Too much dose may cause neurotoxicity. Children should be cautious or avoid using it. This is because the difference in the main aromatic chemical molecules contained in the essential oils extracted from different types of lavender has led to its different application conditions, concentrations, methods, and contraindications. Most of the vegetable oil is obtained by squeezing the seeds of the plant, and it is also obtained by supercritical extraction. The main ingredients are fatty acids and fat concomitant, such as various vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, carotene and so on. It has ingredients to supplement skin fatty acids. The quality and nutritional content of such vegetable oil is much better than refined oil in supermarkets, and the price is naturally much more expensive. For example, black olive oil in Provence in southern France, dual certification of organic and AOP, squeezed, VC is also very rich. The taste is warm and mellow. If you have the opportunity to travel, it is worth buying. The price is about 30 to 40 euros. It is suitable for cold fruits and vegetables. The current status of the market of essential oils in the essential oil market 111 & nbsp. / Excessive exaggeration / & nbsp. Essential oils are always connected with beauty salons, mint, ginger, and roses are very common, true and false. The young girl in the beauty salon has just been an apprentice for 7 days from the workshop production line to the beauty salon, and then took your hand and said eagerly, sister, ovarian maintenance, uterine detoxification, warming palace rejuvenation, abnormal leucorrhea, cervical erosion, essential oil treatment Illness can help you get pregnant. Women should treat themselves better and learn to love themselves. Taobao Yisou essential oil can not only improve breasts, but also make your nose thin and face thin, and also make your nose bridge taller and change genetic defects. A MLM essential oil also promotes direct oral administration of essential oils to cure all diseases, irregular menstruation, children’s inattention, eyesight, and treatment of various diseases. 121 & nbsp. / Sub-filled // nbsp. Super striking lavender or Xinjiang lavender Often you can get very cheap wholesale prices, bottling sales claim to be from France. Because these two types of lavender have higher esters and smell sweeter, close to the real lavender (higher price), it is easy to confuse the rose flavor as the type of rose essential oil. The extraction rate of real rose essential oil is low and the price is expensive (refer to the previous rose (Popular Science) Expired essential oils. After the tea tree essential oil is left for a long time, terpinenol will transform carvacrol. This ingredient has a strong irritant and is no longer mild and harmless. 131 & nbsp. / Synthetic essential oil / & nbsp. This is not a natural essential oil type,