There is no harm in smoking, but is it too late to quit smoking?

Recently, the American Oncology Annual Meeting is being conducted online, and many latest research progresses have been released. Among them, I saw a latest report, this report believes that quitting smoking as early as possible can reduce the risk of death. Everyone knows the harm of tobacco to the human body. Smoking can cause cancer, lead to cardiovascular disease, and even lead to diseases of multiple systems and organs throughout the body. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, 6 million people die each year from smoking. Of these, 600,000, or 10%, do not smoke, but die from second-hand smoking. Therefore, from the data of the harm caused by smoking and the death caused by it, the evidence of harm to human body is conclusive. The latest study is a summary of 17 studies of the World Lung Cancer Research Association. After summarizing, they found that the sooner they quit smoking, the lower the risk of death. Even for those patients with lung cancer, if he had quit smoking before the diagnosis, his risk of death would be reduced. So this data tells us that if a smoking friend wants to quit smoking as soon as possible, no matter if he is sick or not, as long as he quit smoking at any stage, it will take longer than you to continue smoking. Therefore, this research result is also very good. It can clearly tell us to quit smoking as soon as possible and actively quit smoking, which has a positive significance for the extension of our life and health.