Reasons why schizophrenia is always incurable

Schizophrenia, a common mental illness, is mainly caused by the sudden splitting of the patient’s brain after a certain stimulation, so schizophrenia will occur. After schizophrenia, the patient’s understanding of the outside world and the definition of the world It’s different from ours. They have their own way of understanding. No matter how outsiders talk about it, they can’t correct it correctly. Schizophrenia cannot be cured. There are reasons for this. The reason why schizophrenia has always been unable to be cured is to distinguish between different types. Many people’s schizophrenia is inherited from birth. Naturally, there is no way to cure it after treatment. It is a genetic disease, which is inherently formed during development, and there is no way to slowly adjust it. Some people will only show up after being stimulated the day after tomorrow. For patients with schizophrenia, there must be one thing in their heart that cannot be touched, because after encountering these things, their condition will get worse, so when After seeing the same or similar things, or seeing the same things as yourself on TV, schizophrenia is the easiest to attack at this time, so that it repeats. Most patients with schizophrenia do not cooperate with the medication, because after taking the medication, the patient will feel very uncomfortable, because the sedative effect of sleeping pills is different from ordinary diazepam. After taking this medicine, it can be paralyzed. The patient’s nerves make the patient feel a little painful and uncomfortable every time, and it is not that he will get sleepy if he eats it. Frequent withdrawal of the drug will cause the patient’s disease to worsen. Schizophrenia is more harmful. It is recommended that you must pay attention to choosing a suitable and reasonable method for treatment. For some reasons why schizophrenia is always not good, we have made a relevant introduction in this article. These factors are common factors, mainly because he didn’t cooperate well in this aspect, and there were repeated reasons.

Is genital warts contagious?

&nbsp. Is genital warts contagious? One of the analysis theories. There are three main ways of condyloma infection. Mother-to-child transmission is generally caused by infantile condyloma acuminata or laryngeal papillomatosis; children’s condyloma acuminata will fetus during the birth process Infection caused by the birth canal after infection or the mother’s kind contact. Living with patients with genital warts, after using underwear, baths, bath towels and other close-fitting clothes together; they can also get infections, and infections can occur after using bath towels or underwear in public. This disease can also occur after having sex with a patient with genital warts. Generally, the disease is most contagious after 3 and a half months; it is most likely to occur in the process of sexual disorder.  &Nbsp. Is genital warts contagious? Analysis Theory 2    The treatment of genital warts is preferably a combination of comprehensive treatment and treatment of both Chinese and Western medicines. Local physical therapy. Laser, oral transfer factor, in traditional Chinese medicine, soften the firmness, promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis; the combination of internal and external functions to improve one’s own resistance. Patients should also maintain a positive attitude and be determined to persist in treating the disease for a long time. It is hoped that a way can be completely cured of this disease; and within a period of time, a fast curative effect is impossible. It is necessary for patients to continue to insist on medication, use physical therapy and other auxiliary treatments to cure the disease of genital warts. The majority of patients with genital warts live irregularly, irregularly, or are in a state of long-term mental stress, relapse or have a close relationship. The most important thing is that the patient needs to rest; to have a regular life. It is best to stay mentally relaxed and avoid being too nervous. It should be observed for six months after treatment, usually twice a week. If there is a possibility of recurrence, it is best to seek medical treatment immediately; to eliminate the germinating symptoms of genital warts. Can not continue to infect the surrounding mucous membrane or skin. It is best to do pregnancy matters such as family planning after the cure.

Fever convulsion does not mean epilepsy

 My child has febrile seizures, does it mean he has epilepsy?   Normally, most children with febrile seizures will not develop epilepsy in the future. Statistics show that children with febrile seizures have the same chance of getting epilepsy in the future (only slightly higher) than other normal children. Therefore, parents need not worry too much. The doctor will not consider allowing the child to take the medicine every day when the child has the first febrile seizure. If there are the following conditions, the possibility of epilepsy in the future will increase accordingly: before the occurrence of febrile seizures, the child has developmental disabilities; febrile seizures last longer (> 15 minutes), or have multiple seizures within 24 hours ; Febrile seizures affect only one limb; there are epileptic patients in the immediate family. However, even if your child meets these conditions, the chance of getting epilepsy in the future is not very high.  What is febrile convulsion?   Fever convulsion is also called febrile seizure. Simply understand that febrile convulsions are convulsions that occur during fever, and fever itself often cannot find a clear cause. Febrile seizures are the most common convulsions in humans. In general, 4% to 5% of the population have had at least one febrile seizure, which occurs in infants and young children between 6 months and 3 years old. It is generally believed that the main cause of febrile convulsions is that the child’s brain development is not mature or there are genetic predisposing factors innate, and convulsions are induced in the case of fever caused by colds.

What are the sequelae after curing epilepsy

Experts say that the neurological sequelae caused by epilepsy refer to the irreversible and severe seizures caused by excessive convulsions that cause excessive energy consumption in the body, resulting in oxygen deficiency, ischemia and the accumulation of toxic metabolites in the body. Brain Injury. So, what are the sequelae after curing epilepsy?   Because of the differences between the drugs used to cure epilepsy and the physical body of the individual, what sequelae after curing epilepsy are related to the epilepsy syndrome that belongs to the type of seizure. The disease does not cause obvious brain damage every convulsion or seizure, nor does it mean that the brain damage caused by each seizure is irreversible. Only when frequent convulsions or prolonged epilepsy can cause an irreversible permanent brain. damage.  Experts said that what will happen after curing epilepsy is largely related to the condition of the epilepsy patient. For example, it belongs to primary epilepsy, such as loss of mind. Although the frequency of seizures is very high, as many as ten seizures per day, it does not cause brain damage and does not affect intelligence. And symptomatic epilepsy. Such as psychomotor seizures, even if the seizure frequency is not high, there are often mental and intellectual defects.

What are the precautions for using dental implants?

Dental implants can be used for up to 40 years under the condition of proper use. During such a long period of use, if we do not use it properly, even the best implants will be damaged and cause problems. Make good oral hygiene, wash your teeth regularly, especially around the dental implant, the periodontal is not good, and the stable position of the dental implant will also be threatened. Minimize the use of hard foods to reduce unhealthy living habits. Dental implants, like real teeth, can also cause problems. 【Choice of Stomatological Hospital】 Dental is an important tool for us to speak and eat. It is not a matter of completion after dental implants are completed. Good results also require good post-care care. Experts of malt stomatology in Shenzhen Dental Hospital reminded that good dental implants are not only good brands, but also the choice of the hospital. Implants are a highly technical operation. This is the key to successful implants. It is necessary to choose formal and professional In the dental hospital of our country, you can use it with ease and comfort by using an experienced implant specialist and careful post-care. There is no absolute thing in the world. Although dental implants are good, they cannot be used to bite hard objects at will. Once the health is lost, it cannot be recovered completely.

What should I do if my baby refuses to fall asleep?

& nbsp. & nbsp. & nbsp. Generally, babies after two years old sleep for about 10 hours. Of course, this is also different from person to person. Some babies will be longer and some will be shorter. But for most babies still need to take a nap, generally during the day nap is about two hours. As long as the baby develops a regular sleep pattern, he will start to sleep within a certain period of time, but if Mom ’s mother affects the baby ’s normal sleep pattern for various reasons, he will complain, even in the next few days. Difficult to fall asleep. But sometimes even if the baby falls asleep according to the prescribed bedtime rituals, such as telling the baby a story, listening to music, holding his favorite toys, etc., some babies may refuse to fall asleep. If the baby is lying alone in the crib, he will cry when unaccompanied, and even some babies will get up from the crib and cry. No matter for what reason the baby refuses to fall asleep, Mama Bao needs to do everything possible to let him slowly enter the sleep state, so as to develop the regularity of sleep. At night, you can also choose some safe objects or plush toys for your baby and sleep with him, which can alleviate your baby’s separation anxiety. If the baby is always crying and irritable, and does not fall asleep, then Mama Bao can give her a few minutes of quiet time to stop him crying. Wait until the baby is quiet or sleep well before leaving. If the baby wakes up just after leaving, you need to repeat the above process repeatedly. Of course, Bao Mama should pay attention not to rebuke him, but you ca n’t continue to let him breastfeed because of the baby ’s sluggishness, or stay with him forever, because these practices can easily exacerbate the baby ’s refusal to fall asleep of. (The pictures in the article are from the Internet, invaded and deleted)

0-1 years old | How long does breastfeeding add supplementary food

How long does breastfeeding add supplementary food? For mothers who are exclusively breastfed, it is best to breastfeed the baby until 6 months before adding supplementary food. Because breast milk can meet all the nutrition of the baby in the first 6 months, including water, and after 6 months, as the baby grows taller, more nutrients are needed, so supplementary foods will be added after 6 months. & nbsp. Supplementary food should be added step by step, first from water (vegetable water, fruit water) to muddy (rice flour, banana puree, sweet potato puree, mashed potato, pumpkin puree, liver puree, fish puree, etc.), and then to gruel , Rotten rice, boiled noodles, slowly transition to normal rice, probably about 1 and a half years old. & nbsp. Pay attention to the diet less salt and less sugar for babies under 1 year old, because delicate kidneys and liver can not afford salty and sweet food. Eat less and eat more meals, don’t give your baby too much, start to increase slowly in a small bite at a time, egg white is easy to be allergic, it is best to wait until the baby is one year old to give him whole eggs. & nbsp. * The content of this article comes from the Internet, only for sharing. If there is any infringement, please contact us to delete it ~