Being a woman will feel insecure

Earlier, I talked to a few good friends about “Is it necessary to write my name on the real estate certificate after marriage”. Everyone has their own opinions. Some people say that you must write it down, and some people say that they can still live a happy life without it. The important thing is whether the other party really loves you. In the end, a friend who got married very late told the truth: “After all, isn’t it a sense of security?” Two people get married and have their own names on the real estate certificate, which gives them a little more confidence. There is no need to have nothing after the divorce. And frightened. In fact, in this and many families, women keep asking their husbands: “Do you love me or not?” “Is there a woman outside when I go home so late?” “Why don’t you hold hands and kiss me now?” same. I have to admit that if it is a woman, there is no sense of security. My friend who got married very late once said: “I am not demanding, I am longing for a sense of security and belonging. Their likes are reduced by points, but my likes are getting stronger day by day.” Good marriage, It should be that both of them are ready to make sure that living together will be better and to provide each other with enough security. And the feeling of security is like the one written in “To the Oak”: You have your copper branches and iron trunks, like a knife, like a sword, and like a halberd; I have my red flowers, like a heavy sigh, It’s like a torch of bravery. We share the cold wave, wind and thunder, and the thunderbolt; we share the mist, the flow of rain, and the rainbow.

Why is vitiligo treated as soon as possible, the better?

  Why the earlier the treatment of vitiligo, the better? The treatment period of vitiligo is long. Many patients lose confidence in the treatment because they do not see a good treatment effect in a short period of time, and even interrupt the treatment. In fact, this approach is wrong. Regarding the treatment of vitiligo, clinical studies have shown that the earlier the treatment, the better the recovery. So, why should vitiligo be treated early? There are two differences in the treatment of early and late vitiligo:    one: different difficulty The treatment of early vitiligo is relatively less difficult, and early treatment is very important for the improvement of the disease. . If you actively cooperate with clinical treatment in the early stage, and assist with good daily care, avoid various incentives and stimuli from the external environment, generally 1-2 months can achieve good results. Due to the longer course of the disease and the larger area of ​​leukoplakia, the treatment time for advanced vitiligo should be longer than that in the early stage. It is recommended to adopt the following treatment principles, that is, the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, the combination of drugs and non-drugs, the integration of internal and external treatments, Combination of medical treatment and nursing.  2: The degree of cooperation is different.    Early vitiligo patients pay more attention to them, actively cooperate with the clinic, and even seek multiple treatments to implement them. It is easy to believe in various publicity treatments and drugs for the prevention of vitiligo. Therefore, we must avoid blindly abusing drugs to avoid aggravating skin damage.  Prolonged illness patients with advanced vitiligo mostly lose confidence, not only have an urgent need for cure, but also report confidence in all treatments. Intermittent treatment or intermittent inactive treatment is more common in patients with advanced vitiligo.   It is also worth noting that the younger the patient, because the body environment is active, the drug is absorbed more fully. Therefore, once vitiligo is discovered, it must be treated as soon as possible to avoid continuous increase in the difficulty of treatment.

Is the early treatment of vitiligo the same as the late treatment?

We all know that there is a difference between early and late vitiligo, and treatment is also different, and there is a big difference between early treatment and late treatment, do you know?   The difference in symptoms between early and late vitiligo has a big difference The difference is that in the early stage, only a small piece of white things similar to vitiligo appears on the body surface. If you don’t get treatment quickly, it will develop to the late stage.   Late vitiligo will become patches, or even a whole piece of spots that will spread throughout the body. Late treatment will be more difficult, not only increases the treatment cost, but also lengthens the treatment time. There is a big difference in mentality. Early vitiligo patients still fluctuate somewhat. Although they will actively cooperate with the doctor’s treatment, in order to recover quickly, blindly find some folk remedies, not only have no effect, but also make the condition worse. It’s serious. Patients with late-stage vitiligo suffer from degeneration, low self-esteem, and depression. Therefore, there is no hope for treatment. At this time, patients with vitiligo must adjust their mentality and only maintain a positive attitude. An optimistic attitude will bring certain effects to the treatment.  The difference in the difficulty of treatment  The spread area of ​​early vitiligo is relatively small, so it is easier to treat. If you can do good maintenance in daily life, you can achieve very good results. The treatment of late stage is relatively difficult, but it is not irreversible. Due to the longer course of the disease, late vitiligo needs to be patient with the doctor’s treatment. Don’t give up. If you give up, the doctor will not be able to cure it. Is his psychiatrist. Of course, you must trust the doctor and actively cooperate with the treatment.  The cost is different  Early vitiligo does not cost a lot of treatment fees. As long as you go to the hospital for treatment on time and take good care of it, you can get better after treatment. Late-stage vitiligo, because the spread area is relatively large, it is difficult to treat and the treatment cycle is long, so the cost of treatment is relatively high.   Warm reminder: Vitiligo patients must maintain a good mentality, not to have a fluke for vitiligo, and the vitiligo condition cannot be delayed, the earlier the treatment of vitiligo can be the earliest recovery, do not miss a good opportunity to treat vitiligo.

What are the differences between early vitiligo and late vitiligo in Chongqing

Vitiligo appears in the onset of vitiligo, and in the early stage of the disease, the area of ​​the white spot is small, so many patients with vitiligo have such a mentality: the white spot is so small that no treatment is needed. The leukoplakia died when it was young. As everyone knows, after the leukoplakia spreads and the discoloration worsens, it will not be so easy to cure it. Listen to how the vitiligo experts analyze it. Chongqing Vitiligo Treatment Hospital: Early vitiligo is like this 1. It is easy to occur in the genitals and surrounding areas, as well as exposed parts of the face, neck, and limbs. 2. Early vitiligo often shows inconspicuous white spots and white spots. 3. Small white spots or leukoplakia are distributed in a single, light white color, and the boundary is blurred. 4. No pain or itching, no redness and swelling, white spots will respond to exposure to the sun, and have a certain degree of concealment. 5. The incidence of patients who lack exercise is relatively high. The incidence of vitiligo is high, and the incidence of people working under long-term outdoor sunlight is relatively high: climate change, sunlight exposure time, production and labor, and living habits are the main factors that cause the different incidence of vitiligo. Chongqing Vitiligo Treatment Hospital: The late vitiligo is like this 1. The color is porcelain white, the surface is smooth, the boundary is clear, and the skin color is clear. 2. There is no new hair skin lesions, the periphery of the leukoplakia stops spreading, tends to be stable, and the edge of the leukoplakia is pigmented Deepen. 3. Use physical methods to pat or rub, and the leukoplakia will not show any reaction, porcelain white color. 4. Increased sensitivity to sunlight, long-term exposure will have a strong tingling sensation, and may induce other diseases at any time. 5. The outpatient doctors should carefully ask about the medical history during the consultation, focusing on whether they have family history, external medication diagnosis and treatment experience, onset time, living environment, diagnosis and treatment process. Pay attention to skin rashes and related complications caused by vitiligo during physical examination. Differences in mentality between early and late vitiligo patients. Early patients: most of them seek medical attention, pay more attention to them, actively cooperate with the clinic, and even seek multi-therapies for implementation. It is easy to listen to various publicity treatment methods and drugs. But we must avoid blindly abusing drugs, so as not to aggravate skin damage. Advanced patients: Some have lost confidence in treatment, have an urgent need for a cure, and are skeptical of all treatment methods. Intermittent treatment or intermittent inactive treatment is more common in patients with advanced vitiligo. In late vitiligo, there are three major difficulties. One: The body’s immune balance and skin microcirculation are greatly damaged, and there are even some concomitant diseases that need to be treated and adjusted together. This greatly extends the course of treatment of vitiligo. Difficulty 2: The leukoplakia area is large, and there is no healthy skin in the leukoplakia, resulting in a lack of a source of melanocytes. Difficulty 3: The melanocytes in the leukoplakia are lost, and it takes a long time to recover the melanocytes. Early and late vitiligo treatments are different. Chongqing Vitiligo Treatment Hospital: The treatment of early vitiligo is relatively less difficult, and early treatment is very important for the prognosis of the disease. If you actively cooperate with clinical treatment in the early stage, and assist with good daily life care, avoid all kinds of incentives and stimuli from the external environment, generally good results can be achieved, and even some patients’ conditions will be well controlled soon. The treatment of late vitiligo is relatively difficult, but it is not incurable. Due to the longer course of the disease and the larger area of ​​leukoplakia in advanced vitiligo, the treatment time should be longer than that in the early stage, and one treatment method or one drug should not be overly dependent. It is recommended to adopt the principle of comprehensive treatment, that is, the combination of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine, Non-drug integration, internal treatment and external treatment are unified, and medical treatment and nursing are combined. Reminder: Early diagnosis and early treatment are the keys to the recovery of vitiligo, so it is important to choose the correct treatment method and actively cooperate with the treatment. Daily care should also be taken during the treatment period, because the skin immunity of the patient is relatively low during the onset of the disease. The patient should pay attention to avoid a variety of unfavorable life factors and environmental factors, develop good living habits, enhance the body’s immunity, and avoid multiple The emergence of complex lesions ensures that treatment can be carried out with less effort.

What is premenstrual period, late menstruation, and irregular menstruation?

Premenstrual period means that in the menstrual cycle (if 28 days is a menstrual cycle), the date of the cramp is more than one week earlier (that is, the cycle is less than 21 days), and more than two consecutive menstrual cycles are less than 21 days. This is a gynecological disease characterized by changes in the menstrual cycle. Contrast with late menstruation and irregular menstruation. Therefore, the late menstrual cycle means that the error is more than 7 days after the menstrual cycle (that is, if the cycle is 28 days, the menstrual cycle exceeds 35 days), and it occurs more than two consecutive menstrual cycles. Even 3-5 months of menstruation belong to the latter stage of menstruation, but if the menarche is less than a year and the perimenopausal cycle is delayed without any physical discomfort, it is not considered disease. Irregular menstruation means that the menstrual cycle is advanced or delayed for more than one week and more than three consecutive cycles. Early menstruation and irregular menstruation can develop into uterine bleeding if the menstrual volume increases, and the menstrual cycle is even difficult to calculate, and it can develop into amenorrhea if the menstrual cycle is low. Today, these concepts are broken off, because in the outpatient clinic, once asked about the menstrual situation, some patients are stupid and confused about the menstrual cycle. Obviously, it is the late menstruation period when menstruation is wrong every month, even once every 2-3 months. When asked about the menstrual situation, the answer is “sometimes early and sometimes wrong after menstruation (menstruation is irregular)”. Please remember, especially for young ladies, there is a reference for menstruation sequence. This reference cycle is the cycle of the moon’s profit and loss, which is also the origin of the menstruation name. After, often too. There is fixed and unchangeable meaning. Corresponding to monthly profit and loss, there is a fixed cycle, also called monthly letter. If the menstruation has been more than 28 days and only once, or more than 35 days only once, even if this time is shorter than the previous cycle, as long as the menstrual cycle is not less than 28 days, it is called late menstruation. It should not be called irregular menstruation. Because there is a clear difference in the connotation of the two as mentioned above, the disease has the opposite outcome and cannot be confused. Let’s briefly talk about the treatment of these three diseases: The main pathogenesis of premenstrual period is Qi deficiency and blood heat. This sequence is the intentional arrangement of the current textbook editors of the Chinese Medical College. I think it is true. However, in actual work, it was found that many patients were treated according to blood heat. Although the blood tends to act rashly due to heat, it is now seen that many more people suffer from qi deficiency and cannot take blood. They are divided into lung and spleen qi deficiency and kidney qi deficiency. Because many women are addicted to food and cold, not only weak spleen qi, even weak spleen yang, diarrhea and stool, or constipation, stomach support, cold limbs, so that the lungs and spleen qi deficiency, spleen and kidney yang deficiency, even if there is blood heat, it is mostly because The cold and dampness caused by the obstruction of food, cold, dampness, and dampness prevents heat, its heat is the standard, and its Yang Qi is not the basis, so Meng Lang should not think of blood heat regardless of the Yang Qi root. Moreover, the patient’s tongue and pulse do not see heat signs, let alone the treatment of heat syndrome, which makes the patient lose the foundation. Syndrome differentiation is not based on imagination, but there must be actual evidence. This is syndrome differentiation, not endorsement to see a doctor. So-and-so argues that bleeding is fever, purpura is fever, and it is hot in the early stage. Talking on paper is not enough. If there is blood heat, the tongue and pulse are also red. &nbsp.&nbsp.&nbsp.So is there a possibility of blood fever? Of course there is. For example, the body of Yang Sheng or over-eating Xinzao to help Yang, this is Yang Sheng blood heat. rarely seen. &nbsp.&nbsp. There are also yin deficiency and blood heat, liver stagnation and blood heat, these two are relatively more. The development of late menstruation may mainly develop into amenorrhea, and the above reasons are actually the reasons of late menstruation. In the late menstrual period, there is more deficiency and less substance. Deficiency often causes kidney deficiency due to overwork and proliferation, and poor diet will cause blood deficiency or blood cold. The evidence is mostly Qi stagnation. As Professor Chai Songyan said when discussing premature ovarian failure, today’s people damage yin and blood and contribute to yin and blood loss. The reasons include: first, vigorous exercise, sweating and damage to body fluid; second, diet to lose weight; third, excessive seven emotions, although modern women Not in a high-wall hospital, but modern society has new conditions that make women emotionally ill; fourth, excessive sexual intercourse and excessive lust, and other overwork injuries caused by bad living and eating habits. As we all know, these living environments or living conditions gradually accumulate diseases in normal life. Therefore, patients should also pay attention to improvements in these aspects. Doctors who treat diseases should understand these reasons and should advise them or urge them to reflect. The most common clinically irregular menstruation is liver depression and kidney deficiency. In short, these three different diseases are a kind of disease from the usual law of onset.

What women in Chongqing Dibang should pay attention to in the third trimester

Pregnancy is the most important for women and the most important for families. At this particular stage, women’s resistance and immunity are very weak, and they should pay more attention to diet. So, what should women pay attention to in the third trimester? What women should pay attention to in the third trimester 1. Eat more vitamins Pregnant women and friends should eat more vitamin K foods in the third trimester, because it can effectively prevent hemorrhage during childbirth and prevent babies due to vitamin K deficiency causes intracranial and gastrointestinal bleeding. Foods rich in vitamin K include broccoli, cabbage, spinach, lettuce, cheese, liver, cereals, etc. 2. Need to add iron Female pregnant friends eat foods rich in iron, vitamin B12 and folic acid in the third trimester, such as animal blood, liver, green vegetables and so on. , This can not only prevent the pelvic blood of pregnant women, but also prevent the occurrence of iron deficiency anemia after birth. Therefore, pregnant women must pay special attention to their food, not to delay the health of the fetus because of poor food. 3. Eat less salty foods Girlfriends and friends should pay special attention to the diet of late pregnancy, do not eat salty foods, do not drink too much water, prevent hypertension syndrome, and pay attention to eat energy-rich foods. Especially in the third trimester, as the fetus grows, the sleeping posture of the pregnant woman is also very important. In order to allow the fetus to better exchange gas and substances with the mother and obtain oxygen, it is recommended that pregnant women sleep on the left side. What women should pay attention to in the third trimester Many pregnant women have constipation in the third trimester. The more severe the symptoms, various methods have been tried, but the effect is not obvious. In the third trimester of pregnancy, due to the reduced activity of pregnant women, the gastrointestinal motility is also relatively reduced, and food debris stays in the intestine for a long time, which will cause constipation and even hemorrhoids. If hemorrhoids occur, it should be highly regarded, which has a certain impact on the fetus and pregnant women. After a female friend becomes pregnant, as the gestational age increases, the fetus becomes larger and larger. The larger uterus constantly squeezes internal organs, especially the stomach. Therefore, many pregnant women lose their appetite during pregnancy and cannot eat. When the fetus enters the pelvis, the position will move down and the squeeze on the stomach will be released, so that the pregnant woman’s appetite will become better. The expectant mothers of most pregnant women feel stomach upset during the last three months of pregnancy, which is normal. This is a reaction caused by uterine contractions. When the stomach is tight, they usually do not feel pain, sometimes they feel mild menstrual pain, and each time is short, less than a minute, and often occurs after the pregnant woman is tired. Related introductions that female friends need to pay attention to when eating in the third trimester have been discussed with you. I hope that the above introduction will be helpful to everyone, so that pregnant female friends can receive corresponding protection in the last three months of pregnancy. In addition, during the last three months of pregnancy, the pregnant friend must be accompanied and protected by her family. Ready to give birth at any time.