Uremia is mostly dragged out. When 6 lights on the body are red, be careful

Many people have heard of uremia. It is medically called advanced chronic kidney failure, which is caused by chronic kidney disease. When there is a problem with kidney function, other organs of the body can also cause various complications. Therefore, when there are abnormal changes in the kidney, it is necessary to be alert whether it is an early signal of uremia, and early detection and early treatment. Uremia is mostly dragged out. When 6 lights on the body are red, be careful. Early signals of uremia 1. Nervous system symptoms are destroyed by renal function, causing accumulation of toxic substances to cause cell changes and peripheral neuropathy. The sensory nerves are impaired, and glove sock-like sensory disturbances, numbness, and disappearance of reflexes appear on the ends of the limbs such as fingers and toes. There are also symptoms of drowsiness, anxiety, self-talk, muscle unconscious jitter, headache, dizziness, memory In the case of decline, severe cases even convulsions and coma due to increased intracranial pressure. 2. Digestive system symptoms Changes in osmotic pressure in the body can lead to increased intracranial pressure, accompanied by nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea. Too much urea is broken down into ammonia in the intestine and mouth, causing a odor of urine in the breath. In addition, the incidence of oral ulcers and gastrointestinal bleeding is higher. 3. Skin performance In patients with advanced uremia, a large amount of toxin accumulates on the skin surface, resulting in dull, dry skin, increased dander, and peeling. Excessive urea is excreted from the sweat glands, causing uremic dermatitis, itching of the skin, local skin immunity is reduced, and it is easy to cause skin inflammation. 4. Respiratory symptoms When the lung secretes too much fluid in the body, the permeability of the lung capillaries increases, causing pulmonary edema, which can lead to shortness of breath and shortness of breath in the exacerbation; uremia leads to slower breathing rate and deep breathing in acidosis Big. 5. Symptoms of cardiovascular system in the late stage of uremia can cause hypertension, hyperkalemia, accumulation of toxic substances and excessive urea stimulation can cause myocardial damage, arrhythmia and eventually lead to heart failure. Studies have shown that patients with advanced uremia who have secondary cardiovascular disease are 15-20 times more likely than normal people. Cardiovascular disease has become one of the most serious complications of uremia and the highest mortality rate. When the coagulation system is affected, subcutaneous bleeding develops and purpura appears. Renal function is destroyed, erythropoietin is reduced, causing anemia. 5. Skeletal problems In the late stage of uremic disease, renal bone diseases are generally accompanied, including bone softening, osteoporosis, and poor bone formation. The calcium content of the dialysate is high. If such patients usually have additional calcium or vitamin supplements D, may cause the parathyroid gland in the blood to be too low, resulting in the lack of osteogenic factors and poor bone formation. 6. Symptoms of endocrine system: Abnormal renal function, which can easily cause endocrine disorders, abnormal menstruation, increased blood lipids, hyperparathyroidism and other symptoms. It is difficult to cure in the late stage of uremic disease, and the cost of medical treatment is high. Many people are discouraged. How long can they live in the late stage has become a major concern for patients with advanced uremia. The most important thing about the life span of uremia patients depends on some indicators. For example, whether the kidney can still produce urine, and it can indicate that the kidney has a certain function. If this part of the kidney function can be protected, the life span can be relatively extended. Complications are an important cause of uremic death. Actively treating dialysis, reducing the adverse effects of uremia on other organs of the body, and reducing the occurrence of complications are also important factors for the survival of uremia patients.

What are the symptoms of vitiligo in the advanced stage?

   Anyone who is ill should be actively treated, especially vitiligo. If left untreated, leukoplakia will not only disappear, but will also spread. From the early stage to the late stage, not only will it be difficult to treat, but also the harm will be greater. But when it comes to this, it seems that there are still many people who do not know what the symptoms of vitiligo will be in the late stage. So, what will be the symptoms of vitiligo in the late stage?    1. The color of the white spot is different from normal skin. Vitiligo is a skin disease. White spots are the main symptom, but in general, the initial white spots will be lighter in color and can be easily overlooked. The color between these white spots and normal skin will not be too prominent. However, if the white spot is not treated in time, it will spread to the late stage. By then, the difference between the white spot color and the normal skin will be relatively large, and it will show a porcelain white, which has a great influence on the external image. 2. The leukoplakia covers a wide range, and the border is very clear. Vitiligo is not an advanced leukoplakia from the beginning, but spreads from the early leukoplakia. The advanced leukoplakia disease is very serious, then the leukoplakia is not like the early leukoplakia. White spots, late white spots through diffusion, white spots will gradually grow, and spread by dots into pieces, at this time there will be white spots in many parts, white spots will no longer be limited to a certain part, covering a wide range. And the edge of the leukoplakia is clear at this time, which also shows that the condition is very serious and needs the patient to be treated as soon as possible. 3. Melanocytes almost disappeared. Vitiligo is a melanocyte detachment disease. The leukoplakia appears because of the loss of melanocytes. After entering the advanced stage, there are many vitiligo leukoplakia, and the color is very dark, so it means that the underlying skin The melanocytes are almost invisible, and almost all of them disappear. This shows that it is not only difficult to treat vitiligo, but also has a long course of treatment.  What are the symptoms of vitiligo at the late stage? Vitiligo is still in its infancy at this stage. At this time, the condition is relatively mild and treatment is easier. The patient should be treated in a hospital in time, and there should be no opportunity for leukoplakia to spread.

What women should pay attention to after genital warts surgery

Health Tips: Many patients now report recurring attacks after treatment of condyloma acuminatum or ineffective after treatment. The main reason is that they have not done good nursing work in the later period. The treatment of condyloma acuminatum needs to go to a regular hospital. I hope the above points can help patients and friends. The actual problems encountered after genital warts lead to ineffective treatment for a long time, increase family economic expenses, and lose confidence in the treatment of genital warts!    1. In the later stage of genital warts treatment, patients should be paid attention to personal hygiene and keep the external genitals clean and dry. Life, because sexual life may spread the virus to each other, and also to other places of your own.   Second, in the late prevention of condyloma acupuncture, try to wear cotton underwear, try not to wear nylon, synthetic fiber materials, so as to maintain ventilation and breathability. So wear less jeans.   3. In the later stage of treatment of condyloma acuminatum, the diet needs to be changed to enhance immunity and avoid infection of mold. You should eat less starch, sugar and irritating foods such as wine, pepper, etc., and eat more fruits and vegetables.

Tragedy of advanced cancer patients: they have nothing but disease

In China, 7 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, and 4 people die of cancer. Of these cancer patients who are in the countdown to life, no one knows which of tomorrow and the accident will come first. &nbsp. How to survive has become a topic that they cannot escape. However, in reality, due to discrimination, illness, poverty, and other reasons, the survival status of many advanced cancer patients is very painful, and some people choose to end their lives in some near-tragic way. There are still many kinds of medicines for physical pain, but medicines for psychological pain need to be given together by the whole society. &nbsp.◎In 2015, there were about 3.929 million cases of malignant tumors and about 2.338 million deaths, which means that on average, more than 10,000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day. /Data source: “Analysis of the incidence and death of malignant tumors in China by region in 2015″&nbsp. It is difficult to say that on this road of life, despair and hope can beat anyone. &nbsp.PART.1&nbsp. Cancer people who cannot integrate into society! &nbsp. Swallow describes: In the past four years, she has nothing but sickness. &nbsp. In 2016, the 28-year-old swallow was sent to the operating room for sigmoidectomy. After 4 hours of operation, when she opened her eyes after the operation, there was no one beside her and her parents still did not arrive. The doctors had heated discussions about her diagnosis. Half of them thought it was bowel cancer, and half of them questioned. How could she be so young? The doctor did not confirm the diagnosis until after the operation. &nbsp. For such a result, the Swallows were not surprised. When I was in technical school, I was suspected because of diarrhea and bloody stools. She had thought of going to the hospital in Guangzhou, the provincial capital, but there are 4 siblings in Shantou’s family who need to spend money to study. Her father asked her relatives to talk to her privately. Even if the clinic prescribes some medicine, the swallow will die after crying for a few days. But the situation of blood in the stool has not improved because of taking a few medicines, and even a few times the blood was dripping down the trousers along the legs, the conversation of the relatives no longer works, and the swallows hearted down from the classmates. Borrowed money to come to Guangzhou Hospital for treatment. Unfortunately, because of the lack of money for radiotherapy and chemotherapy, intestinal cancer has progressed in 17 years, cancer cells have invaded the rectum, and the anus needs to be surgically removed again. The cost of surgery is nearly 100,000 yuan. The mother discussed with her: “A girl It’s so ugly, don’t get married, or don’t have an operation.” The life is his own, the swallows won’t give up, and have done the second operation on the money they have earned from their hard work this year. &nbsp. Six months later, liver metastases appeared. “I have asked myself countless times if I am superfluous in this world, and God will always want to take my life.” In the colon cancer metastasis group of nearly 2,000 people , Yanzi learned that the Sun Yat-sen University Cancer Center has a clinical experimental group for advanced bowel cancer, and she begged the doctor to join the group. &nbsp. In the process of entering the group inspection, the mother returned home for excuses. Swallow had to take a long-distance bus between Shantou and Guangzhou for 4-5 hours a week. “I often go to the hospital alone, vomit on the bus, and suddenly faint in the subway. Every time I take the report, I am afraid that I will be eliminated from the group.”&nbsp.◎The incidence of colon cancer is hidden, and there are often no obvious symptoms in the early stage. Symptoms have progressed to advanced stages. Fortunately, this clinical trial played a role in swallows. The distant metastases showed signs of shrinking. Boyfriends who had been in contact for many years also proposed to break up at this time. “He kept crying, crying, saying I’m sorry, saying that his family can’t accept a girlfriend with cancer, and he can’t afford a cancer patient with his income after getting married.” Yan Zi said with a red eyes. &nbsp. She said that she knew it when she was discovered to be cancer. It was not easy for her boyfriend to survive the most difficult two years with her. “I have a stoma on my body. I dare not let him see it at all. I’m always afraid that he smells strange, and his intimacy gradually cools down.” Yan Zi said softly. “An old patient told me that for cancer patients, the problems encountered in the treatment process may be far less than the future life Some of the difficulties encountered in the game are basically confirmed by me.”&nbsp. But life still has to continue. In order to pay for treatment, the swallows voted online