Russian women can get married at the age of 14 and have children. Are they born early or late?

For marriage, most of our people are cautious. After all, this is the most important thing in life, so we will not choose to marry prematurely. And our country’s laws also stipulate that men’s marriage age must not be earlier than 22 years old, and women cannot be earlier than 20 years old. This regulation is not only out of consideration of China’s national conditions, but also consideration of the physical development and intellectual maturity of the Chinese. Everyone also understands this regulation. However, different countries have different regulations on the legal age of marriage. Some time ago, when a country ’s newly revised regulations on the minimum age for women were announced, it immediately caused a commotion on the Internet, and many netizens who eat melons were shocked. Big teeth. This country is-Russia, and their minimum marriage age for women was adjusted to 14 years after the amendment of the Federal Family Law. At the age of 14, in our country, most people are still in junior high school, but in Russia, they can already get married, which makes some netizens unacceptable, who would want to get married at such a young age What? In fact, the reason why Russia encourages women to get married early is that it also has its “hidden secrets”. Russia’s land area is very large, but the population density is very small, it can be said that the land is sparse and the population is small. In addition, there are a lot of “Dink” families in Russia, and many young people also plan to become “Dink”, which is a headache for the Russian government, because the so-called “Dink” family is not going to have children after marriage. Don’t Child, how does the Russian population grow? In addition, the ratio of men and women in Russia seems to be somewhat imbalanced in recent years. The number of women is much greater than that of men. In the long run, the country will face the dilemma of “more women than men”, and many women are unmarried. Therefore, in desperation, the Russian government can only reduce the marriage age of women and encourage childbirth. But in the eyes of many netizens, even if Russian women get married early because of their specific national factors, it is still too early to get married at 14 years old. Women of this age are not fully developed. If they get married and have children right away, yes The female body may cause considerable harm. Therefore, many netizens can not help but sigh: it is still good in China. In fact, childbirth has its two sides, whether born early or late. So, to the extent permitted by law, what is the difference between having an early child and having a late child? 1. Different physical conditions Early birth: For women, the 20s is the best golden age for pregnant and childbearing. At this time, all aspects of the female body have been fully developed, and the body functions are in an optimal state. The body recovers after giving birth. It’s faster, and I have enough energy to bring my children. Late births: For women of childbearing age, especially after 35 years of age, they have become older women. Not only are all body functions aging, egg vitality will also be reduced, which means that the chance of conception will also be lower, and the age The greater the chance of conception, the smaller the chance of conception, and the longer the period of conception. In addition, compared with ordinary mothers, older mothers face greater risks, the body is more prone to pregnancy complications, and postpartum recovery is slower than when young, and the risk will increase with age. Continue to increase. 2. Different economic conditions and early birth: For young people, they have not entered the society for a long time, they may be in the stage of struggle, the salary is not high, and there is not much deposit. At this time, if they choose to marry and have children, the economy will naturally be more tense. . Late births: For those who have more late births, after working hard in their youth, they already have some savings on hand and have some work experience, and their income levels have increased accordingly. At this time, the economic situation will be more stable when they have children. . 3. Early childbirth: young people have children early, their parents-in-law are relatively young, and they have the energy to help take care of children, they will not be so tired, and they can free up their hands to busy their careers. Late birth: after 30 years of age, the age of the parents-in-law is generally older, and the physical conditions are not as good as before. At this time, it may be more difficult to help bring the baby, and the older parents need care. At this time, it may be necessary to take the baby and take care of the elderly. Well, the above is a summary of the difference between early birth and late birth. In fact, whether birth is early or late, there are pros and cons to each.