Paradox of the pricing of myopia surgery

I often see the price list of myopia surgery in many private hospitals, which can be described as dazzling and dazzling. Take the LASIK price list of a private hospital as an example: corneal topography/aberration guided LASIK of Zeiss femtosecond combined with the latest model of Amax, 20,800 yuan/binocular Zeiss femtosecond combined with the aberration mode of the latest model of Ames LASIK, 17800 yuan / corneal topography / aberration guide LASIK of the latest model of Amarus femtosecond combined with Amarus, 19800 yuan / aberration mode LASIK of the latest model of LASIK, amalgamated by the latest model of Amaze Binocular eagle vision femtosecond combined with eagle vision excimer Q value guidance LASIK, 14300 yuan / binocular eagle vision femtosecond combined with eagle vision excimer aberration optimization LASIK, 13300 yuan / binocular Intralase femtosecond merged eagle vision excimer Q value guided LASIK, 11800 yuan/Binocular Intralase femtosecond combined with eagle excimer aberration optimization LASIK, 9500 yuan/binocular. Is it dizzy, is it dizzy? The price chaos gradually attracts charming eyes, I don’t know which one is suitable. I believe that no matter which myopic patient arrives at the hospital, his head will be big, his scalp numb, and he will be taken away. Don’t panic, let me analyze it for you. Through such a price list, we first know that this hospital is still quite powerful and local, with a full set of refractive surgery equipment such as ZEISS, Eagle Vision, Armas, Intralase and so on. Unlike some private hospitals that apparently have only one set of equipment, they list the price list of three sets of equipment, and they are clearly fooling people. Don’t you be fooled by your wealth? No, it may be even worse. If you want me to say that if a doctor is serious and responsible, and can eat the temper of every device, the aberration optimization LASIK at the price of 9500 can fully achieve the same effect as the 17800 aberration mode LASIK, because one is Amax Aberration optimization, one is the aberration optimization of Eagle Vision equipment, the only difference is that the flap making equipment is different. The same two Q-value guided operations are also different in valve making equipment, and the other are the same, but the price is 11800 and 14300, and the latter is not necessary to spend 2500 more. Speaking of which, it’s true that the refractive surgery is worth the price and the price is the same. As the saying goes, clever women can’t cook without rice. If the equipment is limited, it is really stretched. But there are too many devices and there are also troubles. Because each set of equipment can be operated correspondingly, how should it be priced? It can’t be the same, can’t explain it? As can be seen from the price list, the price setter has divided several brands into three, six, and nine in accordance with the mentality of the Chinese. For example, the latest models of Zeiss and Amers in Germany are the first, the German Eagle is the second, and the American Intralase is the third. Then there is the ridiculous price ladder above. I once wrote a comparison about the femtosecond platform, if you are interested, you can take a look. Department of Ophthalmology Dr. Zhao Wei: Nanojoule femtosecond, aerospace femtosecond, carved green femtosecond, 3D full femtosecond, silly and unclear-Femtosecond platform comparison is completely different due to femtosecond valve control , But why was it used by merchants to harvest leeks? The blame is only on the mentality of the Chinese, not seeking the best, but seeking the latest and most expensive. This is also the price people pay for pursuing vanity. One of the most critical paradoxes of surgical methods is, how do you know whether you should do corneal topography-guided surgery, Q-value guidance, or aberration optimization? As can be seen from the price, topographic map guidance>Q value guidance>aberration optimization. According to the logic of the price maker, that is to say, topographic map guidance is the best and aberration optimization is the worst. In fact, it is the same. From the three surgical methods, the degree of personalization is the highest, and the remaining two are reduced in turn. That is to say, the first kind is more tailor-made, the second and the third kind are standard operations, and the degree of personality is low. Of course, if you are suitable for the first kind, then of course suitable for the other two. As a result, when you arrive at the hospital, there will inevitably be a sales nurse who will advertise the benefits of the most expensive one. To put it bluntly, such a large surgery price list is actually for the first surgery. Of course, as far as you choose which kind of surgery to do for you first, the two say

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Recently, I saw a chat history of a patient consulting a doctor in a famous hospital in China. The patient has myopia of more than 900 degrees, and the consultation method is good. The doctor recommends all-around or ICL, and directly denies femtosecond lasik. Of course, the femtosecond lasik in his mouth is “half-fly”. Not only buckle a hat with the word “half”, then step on one foot and say, “Half-fly is too old! If you only have half-fly there or ICL!” A line full of “hyaluronic acid” can be felt between the lines Fei second laisk sniffed. It is easy to tell patients that half-fly is too old for only two reasons. Or, there is no hair on the mouth and the speech is not firm. Or, it’s a good student in a short time. Chinese colloquialisms are generally blunt. The common saying is that there is no hair on the mouth and the speech is not firm. It is about those who are fledgling and unprepared, one bottle is dissatisfied, half a bottle sloshing. Such people are often the most arrogant and vain. Especially in the face of patients, such misleading words can be said in such a big way. The “half-fly” in his mouth is actually a name that femtosecond lasik has been misled by some people and manufacturers on the land of China. For details, you can read my series of articles, which will not be repeated here. Regarding the comparison of smile, lasik and ICL, I have also compared articles. There are advantages in several ways, and it is impossible to draw conclusions about who is too old and who is outdated. On the contrary, among these three surgical methods, only femtosecond lasik can achieve the ultimate personalized cutting and achieve the best visual quality. What’s more, there are problems with other surgeries, and femtosecond lasik’s technology is needed-excimer laser to perform synergistic surgery. If you are old, you can only say that lasik surgery did come out earlier, and it is a grandfather compared to smile and ICL. However, ginger is still old and spicy, haven’t you heard this sentence? Finally, telling a joke may explain why he said so. When I was in graduate school and watched the World Cup chat, a classmate said that before seeing the idiom “overall in one stroke”, I always read “one in one”. Because that is how their class teaches when they go to school. So that they have graduated for many years, and on some occasions they heard someone say “just one step”, then it is true that they met old classmates. I hope that students in this class will not go out and say “just one thing”. I also hope that this doctor will stop saying “half-fly” too old in the future. Because shame~