What are the ways to freckle

When it comes to the method of freckle removal, the second best is laser freckle removal. Its fast and good effect is also welcomed and loved by everyone. Simply put, the principle of laser freckle removal is to irradiate the color spots to decompose the pigment and eventually excrete it with the metabolism of the human body. The laser beam only acts on the pigment particles and does not damage the epidermis, just like the flashlight is irradiated through the glass at night, and the glass has no damage. Furthermore, the area of ​​the laser beam is small, and it passes through the skin in a very short time of milliseconds, nanoseconds, or even picoseconds. The thermal damage to the epidermis is minimal, and no scars will be left after freckles. Frequently used freckle removal instruments: M22, super picoseconds.