Simple and easy way to protect your throat

&nbsp.&nbsp.1. Yawn. A few more yawns can protect your throat. Because when using the throat or speaking loudly for a long time, the main work laryngeal muscles will become highly tense as the degree of use deepens, and the muscle tissues will be in a tight state, yawning can help the laryngeal muscles relax. Cooperating with stretching and deep breathing when yawning can help maximize the breathing volume, relax the larynx muscles better, and also facilitate the rapid replenishment of oxygen in the muscles. Generally speaking, you can relax your throat with 3~5 yawns and stretching. &nbsp.&nbsp.2. Rub your throat. You can use your index finger and thumb to press on the muscles on both sides of the Adam’s apple, gently, rotating the two fingers for about 3 minutes, and it can also relieve the excessive tension of the laryngeal and pharynx muscles. &nbsp.&nbsp.3. Apply a towel. When the throat feels uncomfortable, you can apply a warm towel on the throat for 3 to 5 minutes to help the blood in the throat muscles to circulate quickly, thereby accelerating the recovery of the throat muscles. &nbsp.&nbsp.4. Pharyngeal saliva. Can do one of the simplest movements-swallow saliva. Let the laryngeal muscles move one by one, like a massage, to help recover as soon as possible. At the same time, rest and drink plenty of water, these traditional methods of protecting the throat cannot be ignored.

How to protect the voice of patients with high blood sugar and diabetes?

Keywords: hyperglycemia, diabetes, throat protection Product name: Compound green olives and pharyngeal lozenges Hyperglycemia, the appearance of diabetes, and eating are also inseparable, so patients with high blood sugar and diabetes should also understand when choosing a diet to protect their throat Control your diet and maintain your throat while maintaining smooth blood sugar. Before talking about how to protect your throat, let’s first understand the high blood sugar and diabetes. & nbsp.1. What are high blood sugar and diabetes? (1) Hyperglycemia means that the blood glucose value exceeds the normal range. This normal range is mainly divided into two types. One is under the condition of fasting, and the normal value of blood glucose is below 6.1 mmol / L; the second is In the case of two hours after a meal, the normal value of blood glucose is below 7.8 mmol / L. Common causes are abnormal glucose metabolism regulation, insulin deficiency, etc., mostly in people with high blood lipid, hypertension and family history. (2) Diabetes is a group of metabolic diseases, characterized by high blood sugar, and the diagnostic criteria are also divided into fasting and two hours after a meal. The blood sugar during fasting is ≥7.0mmol / L, or the blood glucose after two hours is ≥11.1mmol / L, at this time can be used as a diagnostic criterion for diabetes attacks. Common causes include genetic factors and environmental factors such as overeating and decreased physical strength. Although both are not a disease, they are both related to blood sugar, so it is necessary to pay attention to changes in blood sugar. 2. What are the symptoms when blood sugar is high? Symptom 1: Accelerated heartbeat When blood sugar is increased, the heartbeat will be accelerated without vigorous exercise, and the breath will be slow and deep, and the phenomenon of difficulty in breathing will occur. Symptom 2: When weight loss and high blood sugar occur, anorexia will occur, the appetite is greatly reduced, weight loss, and weight will obviously be lightened. When doing things, you will feel that you have insufficient energy and show weakness. Symptom 3: When the blood sugar of polyuria and polydipsia rises, once the renal sugar threshold (8.9 ~ 10mmol / L) is exceeded, the amount of sugar excreted in the urine will increase, which will lead to an increase in the frequency of urination, increased urine output, and polyuria. In addition, polyuria is also easy to reduce water in the body. If there is a lot of water shortage, it is easy to cause excitement in the thirst center of the brain, which will cause thirst and drink more. & nbsp.3. How to protect the voice of patients with high blood sugar and diabetes? Method 1: Reduce the number of crowded places. Crowded places are generally more likely to cause infections such as bacteria or viruses. When blood sugar rises, the body’s defense capacity will decline, and this will be to a certain extent. Increasing the probability of germs invading, coupled with the need to wear masks when going out now, if it can not be replaced or worn improperly in time, it can also lead to the breeding of bacteria, causing people to have symptoms such as dry and sore throat, or even cause throat inflammation. Method 2: Adhere to a reasonable amount of physical exercise. Exercise can cause muscles and the liver to ingest a large amount of glucose to supplement the sugar source that is consumed, thereby playing a role in lowering blood sugar, and a reasonable amount of exercise can also help strengthen physical fitness, can help improve Immunity enhances the ability of the respiratory tract to resist viruses and bacteria, thereby avoiding or reducing throat discomfort, throat infection and inflammation. Method 3: People who strictly control the intake of sucrose and sweets with high blood sugar must limit sucrose and sweets, think of candy or sugary drinks, etc., after ingestion by the human body will be converted into “endogenous triglycerides”, and then Being absorbed by the body will not only increase the burden on the pancreas, but may also raise blood sugar. And sweet food also has a certain stimulation to the throat, so if you choose medicines when protecting your throat, it is best to choose sucrose-free. For example, Slow Yan Shuming Qinghou Liyan Granules are divided into lactose type and sucrose-free type. The ingredients of the medicine are the same but the accessories different. The sucrose-free clear throat and pharyngeal granule adjunct is sucralose, which has a good taste but does not cause a caloric burden. Throat health tips: Slow Yan Shuming Qinghou Liyan granules, clearing heat and throat, wide chest and moisturizing throat, used for dry throat and hoarse voice caused by external wind and heat. For more information, please visit Manyan Shuming Qinghou Liyan Granules. [Please buy and take according to the instructions of the drug or under the guidance of a doctor]